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  1. Most of yall know I left AUS and the staff team last Night so now here I am. Been in CG for a while now but im gone again. Server community getting toxic, events are stale as shit and i want to focus on more RP Driven roleplays so I am taking my leave, still going to be around the community but this is a formal bye. thank you to everyone who has played during my time, and those who have been my officers or under me when I was officer those times.
  2. now adding to my first response, this mans is intentionally breaking rules at this point, no way this stays up lmao.
  3. Nep is gonna make Sec Ops active with simps
  4. Message me on discord (Kiba#9314), some of these ideas are actually really good.
  5. +1 No idea where to start, As much as the server wants to be a Serious RP focused server its never going to happen, people just prefer PVP more and apart from small periods where the UN Gets super active because a few PVP'rs join it it really is almost always dead because no-one really can enjoy RP due to the fact people try and then others dont partake in it. As much as i say there should be a RP focused faction it just doesn't fit with how the servers playerbase has played the server. The suggestion is well thought out and has taking everything into consideration so, oh well. +1
  6. -1 So correct me at my discord if I'm wrong (Kiba#9314) But didn't you only return to the server a week or two ago? I would suggest waiting a fair while before putting a application up even if you have [Insert Time] on the server, Aside from this you are a extremely mingy person on the server and constantly spam OOC and Global chat with random bullshit even after being told to stop, you have been improving on this don't get me wrong but as of recent I don't think your attitude towards the server and its players its one fit for a staff member who is representing the community. Secondly as Candiey said above and ill be stealing something I saw on a different sheet (Thanks Yunder) your application is exactly like what under said in a different application "Your application is like your teacher asking you to write a 1000 word essay and you hand in 100 words." most of if not all of your sections are completely under developed and have barely or not at all hit the requirements given. I don't know if its just a lack of effort or you genuinely couldn't think of anything else for it but it isn't a good look at all for a sheet. Either way good luck in your Application -Kiba
  7. Sped moment, he didnt deny it XD He was saying thats what Ian said on your last app
  8. +1 Misset/Kitty Has been trying to get unbanned for ages at this point, it has been a fair while and I've as of recently been chatting with him myself. He seems genuinely honest that he just wants to get back into the server and try and rekindle himself with the community. In my honest opinion and with what I've read, been told and found out while investigating myself some of the reason he was warned/banned that led up to his commban/perm are just retarded. In regards to probably one of the more dominant ban reasons which was him 'apparently' spam pinging on the main CG Discord, after having a chat to him himself it wasn't even him who did this and was someone else who had changed there account name and profile picture to be similar. If this wasn't checked before he was banned I'm genuinely confused as to what the fuck happened with this, A lot of his ban reasons have no proof behind them apart from 1 persons word against another persons words. I'm well aware he has had a 'lot' of chances but the mans has been banned for almost a year and a half by this point so if there was any time that he would be able to show his change in personality it would be now. I was there when Kitty was a fucking sped minge and after having talked to him recently the change is noticeable. He has literally no reason to waste, over a year of effort getting unbanned just to dick around and get himself fucked over royally again, In regards to him gassing AUS base, was there anyone who even took into account it was most likely a accident? Because after having a long chat to him about the entire situation over multiple occasions he stated that it was a mistake and it seems truthful, If this shit gets denied purely cause management hold a vendetta against him I'm really disappointed. Now for the big boy of the situations, Misset hacking into the Staff discord, the entire situation is a fucking mystery, because even if misset somehow hacked into Deku's account and made him send a discord link to himself, Deku at the time would have been incapable of making links to the discord server due to his rank, He joined the server on accident under the guise that it most likely was a joke/prank or a alt server made in irony of the staff discord, and even though he joined it isnt like he even saw anything since the staff discord requires ranks for you to even be able to see shit inside of it. Multiple of his warns and bans were over exaggerated as he has stated with his RDMx3 purely to make it seem worse for unknown reasons, (I don't know why I wasn't staff at the time) As i have said various times over in my response to this, the mans has put up like 8 applications not to mention direct chats to management and higher up staff position, there is no sane way he would have wasted that much time just to throw it away even if he got a chance, Dont bullshit saying that the community doesnt want him so a majority of the community dont even know who he is. - Yuichiro < 3
  9. Kiba

    ban appeal

    +1 Pretty much what midday said, the ban was from ages ago and in that time I know for a fact people can change completely, he has been getting shit from people in his responses and has kept a level head and is acting mature, I don't see a reason to not give him another go at the server.
  10. +1 Probably a meme but really isnt a bad idea all things considered, as stated in the submission it will definitely add a whole new page to RP inside of the server and even gives regiments like UN and Sec Ops something to actually work towards, For example Sec ops having to try and root out the influence of drugs within the US. If this actually gets passed through and gets used in a certain way it could definitely be useful and help RPO's come up with new ideas instead of the basic "Oh Civilian enters US base with a bomb vest that needs defusing" or the classic heli repair every now and then. -Kiba < 3
  11. 3 times as oppressive
  12. -/+ If the warn for the ban is true then a fat -1 but nothing has been proved nor denied about the reasoning, I would go to views or Ian about your ban and talk to them about it since its likely you will need proof against the ban put in place, i am not going to say why you got banned here in the forums but if you want to know, Dm Views or ian as I stated before, Good luck in the application -Kiba
  13. +1 Mans pulled a really fucking stupid stunt in what he did, But i do believe that he can change and has actually changed before when he was officer of PLA is the time i was talking about, the man wants a second chance and i dont see a reason why that shouldnt be given, if he does some dumb shit again then just reinstate him but i do believe he has genuinely changed despite the time period being relatively short, I hope if he does get back, Like everyone else that he will follow up on what he said. Itd be good to see some actual RP being put into factions and i feel like this might be a very rare chance. Good luck in your appeal man,
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