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  1. -1 This was sent few minutes after this ^
  2. Sloppy

    My Time Has Come

    nobody wanna see ur burnt face
  3. Although nomad is suspicious at times having 300 ping constantly and being able to do as good as he does but this certain scenario he is not cheating and the reason how he could see you is explained above @Feralswan pls nerf this
  4. others much worse have been given 2nd chances, give syn the same chance +1
  5. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. +1 was always good seeing my name spammed, if it was to be added back maybe have it smaller than it was before and have it under the bounty system
  7. studying his pharmacy degree last seen:
  8. +1 will join back to tali if added
  9. Sloppy


    about time
  10. +1 NIGHT JUNGLE/FS2 - Both sides had helis = Server population high DAY JUNGLE/HIGHLANDS - Only US have heli = Server population low Coincidence?
  11. One of the biggest raids i'd ever seen