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  1. we need more Taliban pictures, US sided
  2. Been done in the past and don't see why we can't do another +1
  3. This was me when you wanted to get into isis
  4. neutral on prone but for sure gotta bring back the kill feed 😕
  5. Sloppy

    buff GHB

    shut up pay 2 wins
  6. The number of players on at the time does not excuse the fact that what you were doing was classed as Q menu abuse, myself this is one of many times now I have seen/heard about Ghett abusing his Q menu privileges, clearly his past warnings/demotions have not got through and helped him stop this sort of thing and I believe that a much more serious punishment is required. Edit: I thought I may as well bring this into the light now since we are on the topic...
  7. +1 ID's could help a lot with tali and us RP, with the killfeed I gotta give that a neutral cause myself I like to see my name in the kill feed when I wipe 4-5 men in a row 🙂
  8. +1 this application is very well written and he has a wide variety of knowledge about Wrestling 🙂
  9. -1, The App is Rushed and you have even missed some of the general questions. I also recommend maybe extending your responses as Tander also stated. I will consider changing my response if I can see an improvement. GL
  10. Thank you nSkillz for highlighting the best US regiments, if I ever decide to join I know what regiment I'm joining for sure!
  11. *dodge* miss me with that gay shit