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  1. ISIS win its over lol ez
  2. -1 As Bob Jane said there are already plenty of Communication Staff and the TS is dead the only people who use it are staff so :?
  3. -1 Having a AR a Sniper and your Special Classes Weapon would be too OP you are meant to sacrifice one for the other. The reason the dart gun comes already equip is because its the only secondary sidearm of all the special class weapons -_-
  4. +1 will be better then all the current moderators especially _____. lol
  5. +1, Why is the grenade launcher still on the server?
  6. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:146752150 In-Game Alias/rank: Amin Yashed Who warned you? Runner Exact Warn: Late night spawncamping. Cant really get the exact warn at the time of writing this Why should this warn be removed? The warn states that i can get it removed if i admit i know not to do it again something across those lines. Yes i have learned from this mistake and will not spawn camp late night anymore.
  7. -1 Cheating is very not good, anyway appeal is not gonna cut it, you gotta speak to big guy feral
  8. +1 honestly when CG CloneWarsRP was introduced the first time it was very enjoyable due to how different it was from the Military RP. I would love to see it return
  9. -1 This was sent few minutes after this ^
  10. Sloppy

    My Time Has Come

    nobody wanna see ur burnt face
  11. Although nomad is suspicious at times having 300 ping constantly and being able to do as good as he does but this certain scenario he is not cheating and the reason how he could see you is explained above @Feralswan pls nerf this
  12. others much worse have been given 2nd chances, give syn the same chance +1
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