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  1. studying his pharmacy degree last seen:
  2. +1 will join back to tali if added
  3. Sloppy


    about time
  4. +1 NIGHT JUNGLE/FS2 - Both sides had helis = Server population high DAY JUNGLE/HIGHLANDS - Only US have heli = Server population low Coincidence?
  5. One of the biggest raids i'd ever seen
  6. -1 told me he is gonna give himself levels when he gets em
  7. Sloppy


    rip I got my hopes up
  8. Photo resolution almost as low as your IQ lol
  9. Please STOP, these memes contain high amounts of cringe. Any more and I will be forced to report you to forum staff!
  10. LOL the resolution of your memes are funnier than the meme