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  1. Sloppy

    The Dayz

    Hey this is my screenshot :)))
  2. Sloppy

    remove p2w JUGG

    +1 give them 100hp and maybe buff flamethrower that's enough
  3. lol ikr just flex on all these broke nibbs
  4. Amin Yashed needs 11 more followers to become a twitch affiliate! pls help tell ur friends or if not already following me do it! https://www.twitch.tv/not_sloppy *EDIT: Posted wrong area pls move to off topic lol :3
  5. Sloppy

    able introduction

    please update your signature, it is currently incorrect!
  6. Sloppy

    Support The EGG

    Can we get this egg the most reacted forum thread?
  7. Your kind isn't welcome here be gone faghetts...
  8. Let these SAVAGE MEMES be a WARNING to EVERYONE not to mess with the DREAM TEAM!
  9. Must be the spot where DEAD GANGS go to rest?
  10. I mean I was able to get about 40k within like a day or two of grinding/afk, but yea another method of earning money would be good too