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  1. i got foxtel

  2. Sloppy

    colossal rewind

    @Quickhell video0.mov
  3. Sloppy

    Go to KFC Order?

    Johnson normally gets the whole menu he told me
  4. Agrreeed, i think the majority of the new weapons added with the prestige 11-20 are extremely poor in terms of stats and not worth the time/money at all. I'd recommend that the staff in charge of weapons stats and what not sit down and go over each gun 1 by 1 and balance them properly. I understand that would be extremely boring and doesn't sound fun but if they need extra hands i'm sure plenty of people (mainly Taliban) including myself wouldn't mind helping whether it be helping them decide the stats or even just testing them before they bring it out to the public.
  5. Takes a lot of courage to admit your mistakes its great to see you want to make a change for the better keep it up
  6. Hey, I am Amin Yashed i'm sure you all know who i am by now. I have been playing Colossal Gaming since the first week the server came out around either 2016 or 2017 Its been brought to my attention recently that I have been quite toxic to certain players of the community. Recently after coming back from a big break I have gathered 2 warnings and a few verbals from staff for various reasons regarding my behaviour and actions. These warns have forced me to take a step back and look at myself and how i am acting. I have come back to the server with the intent of sticking around for as long as i can, so from now on, I will do my best on the server to reduce my toxic comments and unnecessary actions. It is not fair for the community or any of the staff members to put up with this while they are trying to enjoy the server. If you see me doing anything that isn't allowed or I have said something that you think shouldn't be in chat please feel free don't hesitate to message me as soon as you can either in game or over discord @Sloppy#2131 to stop it. Thank you to those who spent their time to read this, I hope we can put all of this behind us and move forward and enjoy this community together. Sincerely, Amin Yashed
  7. You were meant to be a doctor not scientist!!! -_-
  8. ISIS win its over lol ez
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