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  1. Suggestion Name: First-person Weapon Stains Suggestion Type: Mod Addon Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1786804187 Addon Pack File Size: 0.116mb Reason: It's a small addon that helps add some extra visual immersion. Shooting someone from very close would normally spray a little blood, or walking around in mud should kick up dirt, and so that should be shown on our weapons. Having dirty/bloody weapons helps show that you've done something, been active. It is first-person only and your dirty weapons can't be seen by other players, but it's still a nice thing to have to help get people immersed in the server. It can also easily be toggled on/off by a client if they don't want to see blood/dirt on their weapons. It's compatible with most weapon packs, including CW2 which this server uses. Screenshots:
  2. So we don't get it because the damage is low? I'm not fully understanding your reasoning here. The idea isn't just about equality among officers/chiefs, but also a way to test the tools each class gets so we can help promote the idea of players sticking to classes within our regiments, instead of looking toward other regiments. If we, as leaders, have access to the donator-class weapons, we can promote the usefulness of these weapons, and encourage more people to donate. Really it's a win-win scenario for everyone involved.
  3. Any staff confirmation on map rotation? Different map every 2-3 months?
  4. So your implication is that because it's OP, the high ranking chiefs/officers who worked hard and had to prove themselves skilled without these weapons should now be given them, because they're OP? I 100% agree. +1
  5. +1 to this. Negotiating for the release of known Taliban causes US/Spets to assume the negotiator is also Taliban, and that results in either capturing or killing the negotiator. Being able to raid Spets to free a captive Taliban will help avoid the above issue. Most importantly, it means that Spets get more roleplay and gameplay other than being some US offshoot that doesn't do anything other than events.
  6. Even 1/4th the price wouldn't be bad. Feral can also use this opportunity to find the most under-performing weapons, and look to tweak them.
  7. Suggestion Name: Ability To Sell Unused Weapons Suggestion Type: F4 Menu / Weapon menu Addon Pack (Optional): Addon Pack File Size: Reason: We all have too many weapons. Many people can agree we have too many weapons filling our loadout menu. Most of those weapons don't get used because they are rather weak. Having the ability to sell those unused weapons will help with clearing up our loadout screens. Screenshots:
  8. Oh ISIS isn't elite anymore. They'll just accept anyone into their ranks. It's like the modern-day KKK.
  9. GIT GUD Legit though I agree with Cap and Canoon. The RPG was massively overpowered before. I can't say if it's in a good position right now, may need some very minor tweaks, but it's better now than it used to be. As for the grenade launcher, I think either that needs a slight nerf, or thrown frag grenades need a small buff. Someone with a grenade launcher can clear an entire objective solo in events, meanwhile frag grenades don't seem to do much- if any- damage at all. Staying on topic though, the RPG does not need a buff. -1
  10. I didn't know about that. But that's good to know.
  11. This also seems like a cool idea, but I think the perma props will reset. I'm not sure though. If this does get done, you could do seasonal maps, like gm_balkans_snow during the winter months.
  12. I want Forest Strike for events, but not as a main map. I prefer Jungle for the main map. +1 for event map, -1 for main map
  13. I support this, although it'd probably be smoother if the devs opened a second server for this, with restricted content to help with load times and FPS. It can probably also be streamed if anyone has Twitch or YouTube. Winning team can get a small reward of some kind. Maybe access to exclusive weapons or something cosmetic. +1
  14. I don't like the idea of having another pack where 70% of the weapons are duplicates of what's already on the server. However I do like the idea of having C4, IEDs, RPGs, as well as a customisable MP-40 and M1 Carbine (I used those a lot back when Insurgency first released). Maybe the staff can pull the pack apart, keep specific items, and add them to a smaller content pack that we can download. +1
  15. Suggestion Name: Prestige Pistols/Secondaries Suggestion Type: Weapon Addon Pack: Any that the server devs see fit Addon Pack File Size: Reason: We're grinding away prestiges for primary weapons, but secondaries seem rather lacklustre. Perhaps something as simple as knives or pistols with skins and stat bonuses similar to the primary weapons would help make them more interesting and sought after. Even if they aren't extremely powerful, having unique pistols or knives would look nice, and fit a certain niche for some players. Who doesn't want a Gold Deagle? Screenshots (Optional):
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