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  1. Wikka


    Looks like a 60 year old whore house, and that's the crazy bitch that runs it.
  2. Wikka


    I can relate. Need assistance with that?, I have bleach n shit ready for this moment if ya need help.
  3. +1 the Mx8 is a great gun and would do alot better than the de shit. Also the smoke grenades would help as you can hide in smoke and ya know 'Assassinate' people. It would be good to recruit members as the current guns is kinda aids as it has no attachments.
  4. Look i was explaining me and ellion have dealt with you in the past about you're warns because the only warns you have are from us thats all i was saying about them noting bad about it at all. I'm not going to make anymore comments until this issue is resolved.
  5. Ok so i told you what Ian told you before he left, I also said Its 1:30am and people don't Rp at this time. 2 I said I've been here for 2 years and people will know who i am because you were asking for my Teamspeak UID and my Discord ID when i know that people know me. 3 Also you were complaining about Rp then i was arresting you for unlawful discharge of a firearm in base, then you ran I then tased you and you FOB abused, you also had no respect by demanding things. Oh i also forgot to add you were whining saying "Do you're Job you're a mod" and complaining and telling me to do my job
  6. Wikka

    The Dayz

    F good old days
  7. Sal

    wikka is a shit mod last night i was banned for an hour for shooting team mates in spawn fair enough, but just then i was banned for a day for shooting a team mate when another team mate was saying "sal get him get him get him" and it was just me the guy who told me to kill the other guy and the guy i was told to kill then wikka comes to me arrests me i explained it to him a lot of times and he was not listening and i kept on explaining it to him and he didnt say anything about what i just explained to him then bans me for a day even though i explained the situation multiple times


    1. Wikka


      I'm not going to even argue, you did it 8 times the day before i banned you.

  8. +1 Since I have changed back to us I have been able to see what he has been like, He has changed a lot since a while back and I think he is capable of being staff.
  9. +1 Is a good kind person, He is active, and does not minge. I think He's changed a bit from a while ago when he was a bit of a minge and he could be a good event master.
  10. -1 Get you're activity up and get known by a few more of the people of the server.
  11. Wikka

    Enough said

  12. Can't say much for yourself can we? (+1 He's a good guy (not a minge) from what I have seen and has good creativity and is active)
  13. -1 In my opinion I think you are cheating. I have cheated on gmod servers before and I've seen damage logs regarding this. Reason 1: The damage logs say every shot I saw you take on red rock was a headshot maybe 2-5 body shots which its hard to get headshots consistently from the distance you were shooting from. Reason 2: I've also seen you 1 tap people with the t-5000 while hip firing and while jumping sometimes.
  14. -1 For now have not seen you on much and not as well known to players in the community. P.S even I didn't have enough balls to put an 8 even knowing I've been in the community for 2 years XD
  15. -1 From what Ian has said as he was the manager from the server you used to be staff on does not sound good, I have also heard from staff who had played on the server when you were staff an said you were abusive.