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  1. Discord ID (name#2003): duck#8508 Discord alias/rank: duck What happened in your perspective?: i just posted this meme that I laughed at and then i got perm banned from the discord Why should we unban you?: i just laughed at a meme then posted it and it wasn't even nsfw!! Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  2. thank you man for being a great guy when dragoul and the others were either banned or had left have fun in ISIS
  3. this is goodbye post number 2, i finally got permed (i wanted it that way) I'm not going to make it long so that some mod can delete it goodbye it was fun in the first half, then it just turned to shit.
  4. I agree with middayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy -1 bad appeal and i have seen you talk in discord (not very good)
  5. have fun kiba hope you stay good.
  6. +1 idk doesn't seem like he did too much and seems apologetic
  7. I agree with this good sir also edgy profile club
  8. +1 very good man better than me in every way
  9. dook

    Furdy 2

    don't worry
  10. dook


    Signed by the official Lord of Racism
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