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  1. +1 Zamels has been apart of the community for a while now (training Mr UN leader man Ross) so in his time he’s seen the events. Your event crafting is pretty good and if accepted I’ll be happy to play them and help out
  2. +1 Russ has improved more than his last app, it doesn’t matter what Hubert said about you having many roles within the community (As I have senior admin, RPO and discord admin) it won’t hurt you to pick it up. Russ shows dedication to this, and has changed his ways compared to when he first applied. Showing his willingness to bring the discord server to ease, as he is also helps in help desk as much as he can when discord staff aren’t there. He won’t be a dictator about the rules, but will still enforce them to his ability. Events have been greatly improved since last time you applied,so the new responsibility wouldn’t hurt you, while yes it is your primary job to do the events, it’s also admins job to pay attention within the server, and if you can balance events and discord admining, you’ll be right.
  3. I mean what did you say exactly? I feel like once the big man does it, you’re kinda gone unless it goes well. Alternatively if you’re gonna get banned should be by me xd. But yeah, dm me what you said and I’ll see what I can do.
  4. Delta force operation “MKULTRA” As the 1Lt, I ran a black ops mission that has yet to be released to the higher US. I got a squad of 4 and an unmarked car and drove into the local “civilian outpost” and told my squad to get everyone into the local town square. When all the civs arrived, the bomb specialist told me he had finished planting all the boys, and I started asking in Arabic where the Taliban are. Everyone kept saying there weren’t any in the region but one civ tried to attack me, so I ordered the squad to gun them all down. After that we left and blew up the outpost leaving nothing but rubble
  5. smh my one got removed “With this balaclava, it hides my face from my victims that get burnt alive” born in 1992, Codename “Snake” lived a simple life until he got enlisted into the military. During this time, he managed to go undercover inside taliban ranks and leak information to the US armed forces, which led him to go undercover in the PLA climbing the ranks before he had to pull out. Snake then climbed the ranks of the 75th rangers getting into 1Lt, but with that he got sent back into taliban to spy more which didn’t last long and got sent to the AUS 2nd commando spot. Aus lasted a while but then the US marine corps needed him to boost the numbers and moral. After that Snake applied for the UN to take down war criminals, but with this came [Redacted section]. This led to the movement to registan as a 1Lt of US army, and now he is in Delta Force.
  6. Photo or it didn’t happen
  7. Yooo it’s a Mazda atenza
  8. Can this one be waited on too? +1 surely let him be em
  9. Not really unjustified. You pulled a massie, and the first one got denied. Why re-apply again? who told you too?
  10. You’re reapply after the ban appeal got denied? Sit out the week, it was a massie. And with prior behaviour upto this point, a week off won’t hurt you
  11. So, advanced gun crafting with micro management of sorts? If anything, this seems more like a DarkRP suggestion
  12. -1 as good as your answers are, I barely see you in any other channel besides huberts private channel, I don’t see you in general chat talking or anything. Your ranked 191 on the mee6 leader board which shows that you’re not the most active in it.
  13. -1 your answers are copy paste from other apps. You’ve had prior mutes and warns to this app too within the last week.
  14. If you get accepted I’ll be happy to take you under my wing and get you in the mindset and watch over you
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