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  1. Missin the homie good luck with the studies bro!!!
  2. +1, good role player (helped me find my kid). Very enjoyable guy to talk too and hang around in game. Definitely would love to see him as a new event master
  3. Snake

    go to fruit beer

    Water melon
  4. Pre New Zealand level 4
  5. +1, dudes tried and tried again to get unbanned. If that doesn’t show how committed he is, then i don’t know. Free the homie
  6. +1 would make good mod, I’m not late to the party or anything
  7. Neutral my man. Good written app, but having to type for a sit as an admin can be frustrating. It’s easier to communicate verbally since you can have more control. Sits can get pretty out of hand if the culprit doesn’t like what is happening and having that mic can make all the difference. I’ve seen you more active than other members in the actual server, going around rping and everything, and that’s a big part for staff too. Keeping role play situations going, and not just focusing on pvp. Good answers for the scenarios, the second scenario is a big thing. Having staff input is key, but the decision rests on you. good luck with the app, - Snake
  8. Neutral from me bro. you are a good player and would make a good staff member, but the thing putting me off is the whole em situation. I was looking forward to a Kiba event. Other than that you would make a great staff member, you enforce the rules around US base and to newer players too.
  9. Mine is the Jack Daniel whiskey burger with extra bacon
  10. Caltex sucks. this post was made by shell gang
  11. I’ll walk across stage just to tell you Indigo
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