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  1. It hasn’t been two years btw. we don’t want you back, you were overally toxic, constantly rule broke (iirc the most warns/one of the most warns) and were not an easy person to get along with. You lied your way out of situations that came back and bit you in your ass. Take the hint your server ban appeal for when you got permed last year (less than 10 months ago)
  2. Don’t diss the malteasers wdym
  3. It doesnt matter if there is a sit room, as long as the sit is dealt with outside of the playable map then its allgucci +1 good app, you can do it purplex
  4. Hear me out While yes he’s been on Alts during that time, he followed the rules more than other players. Give him a chance and make a rule list for him to follow (like having OOC off for x amount of time) and watch hypear carefully
  5. Snake

    Unban Appeal

    Nothing came through on my end
  6. Snake

    Unban Appeal

    He was actually talked too, I always ask if I get no response and I still didn’t get one and I took my time writing the warn. with your past warns Elmo, it should be something you’re watching over with a prior massrdm ban
  7. I mean you’re ex staff, are you not? do you know what happens when stuff like this happens?
  8. where is hubert silenced!!! do not hide under the map to gain EXP finna miss u on CG tho
  9. -1 why do you keep applying when you get denined. staff dont want you for a reason, you were not a good staff member and within recent times you havent been smart on the server, and the forums too, commenting on apps for example "no... no just no". as cool as it must be having friends on the team, it isnt for you. Actually give it time too, instead of crying to views to apply again
  10. Don’t know how this is allowed when it doesn’t even say anything to the app it self, just “no” +1, while yes crisis can be a bit of a hothead, he’s proved himself as staff time before. When crisis was staff while I was senior, he was sensible and understood what he needed to do. Nothings wrong with the extra hand
  11. -1 is NOT the real rank in game he says, he is SOD +1, vmite is a chill person to work with and has knowledge on being em from his other staff runs (sure it was mod, but still) so he knows the basics, but with him gettin em he can bet higher up more
  12. Snake

    unban appeal

    +1 if we were to ban all of Taliban for tking, there wouldn’t be anyone in taliban. Staff even do it so what’s the change?
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