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  1. I mean if you’ve got a problem you can message me, can you not? Lmao
  2. Stop trying lmao, this happens every time. You’re gonna get denied again, as much as you want too, the staff at this current time have a negative mindset against you. I, personally believe in you since you’ve changed since your bad days as staff, but current staff will think different
  3. L four times on this month and haven’t seen him. He maybe active on discord sure, but I haven’t seen him on or heard anything that’s come from him
  4. Snake


    This hasnt been locked lmao
  5. Take a shot every time you’ve left :pepela:
  6. Ah shit, here we go again +1, is good boy, would never exploit under map
  7. +1 Mr Linus is quite active with the discord. He’s extremely helpful towards players and is super friendly. He is fitting for this position as right now, the discord team is a bit iffy. I believe my friend Minus Lexican should be accepted to the team and help sort them out
  8. ? I don’t see how? I’ve voiced my opinion on the staff to Ian
  9. Snake

    Wolfie ran event

    That girl is a real crowd beater
  10. A lot of current staff, are indeed quite immature. I shall also not name names due to my currents status within their minds (that I’m currently living in rent free)
  11. He was admin at the time, me being below him lmao. I think you read that wrong
  12. - your activity as staff does affect it though, as believe it or not. It wasn’t too long ago you left and lost vet due to time expiring on it. Views gave you many times to fix up your activity and you didn’t. - it isn’t really ‘proof’ that you still won’t do things last minute. There was lots of times you’d complain you didn’t have a ticket for the week or events. Even on the RP side, I saw officers more activity than you when you were GOA. How do we know you won’t do this again? While yes you’ve been active as of late, there still isn’t that proof of you doing things last minute. - when you were delta gen you threw a hissy fit when pancreas demoted you for getting a whole regiment to dance at debriefs. This doesn’t show any form of maturity to me, I don’t know if you have matured or not as I’ve stepped back from the server, but I know for a fact you don’t take your discord admin role seriously as you sleep on it, and don’t see you actually in the discord.
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