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  1. I’ll give you sloppy top but for the actual app, -1. player harassment is a big nono
  2. Snake

    unban pls

    you had it coming, you're an "old" player, you know the rules, and you've got how many warns? -1
  3. There’s are cool, but we’ve had a few this year, bobby and I hosted a couple on discord and you did the one on the actual server, I’d save it to around December for the holidays
  4. +1 he would never get involved with Lindy and having no textures stubbs (corny) is a good player, while he can be a bit of a monkey at times (who isn’t), he is definitely one to be a good EM. He would make a great team mate for the ems
  5. tf you mean legal? they were under 18? hence why it is called CP
  6. -1 Literally posted CP on the server. i dont know why this got removed if im the one who banned you
  7. -1 you started showing lack of interest within the staff team as I got senior over you, going around shit talking not only me, other staff members and the server as a whole. You then proceed to not take on any criticism that came from your senior and chose to sit your channel and stream all day. You picked favourited and decided to defend them when you were staff, and now that you left, you’re after power on another cg platform. you recently got in trouble for doxxing a member of the current staff team, and deny it but also accept it????? i dont know why you are trying to go for a staff rank after you tried to start a CG killer and started showing toxicity not only towards players, but the staff team as a whole and management included.
  8. Snake

    quick poll

    hi bobby, i put it here so you dont ylel aty me
  9. -1 literally no. You don’t RP on the server, in fact you crow inside US base all day talking shit about being good. you’re one of the most toxic people I’ve met on the server, kicking out people from chief in your regiment while in malaminge due to them not sharing views like you. You go out of your way to get people banned or warned which is a clown thing to do, ive seen you get warned recently as well. I’m surprised you’re attempting this with how unliked you are on CG
  10. +1 taliban at times share the same brain cell and will deliberately go onto a team mates nade or slam. So realistically they should cop a punishment as well
  11. -1 Make up your mind lmao 6 days btw on your last em run
  12. Neutral, I’d say+1, but with the sudden influx of the TOS enforcement and random people without apps getting discord admin, there’s enough on the team
  13. +1 yells at me Mundy is an excellent member of the community and a great staff member at that. When I first got accepted he helped me with some situations I wasn’t too sure off, and walked me through it.
  14. +1 good guy, is very trust worthy and a good role model
  15. +1 More trust worthy and reliable than some discord staff, like gizmo for example. will also free birch
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