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  1. besides from only knowing you a short time, you were an awesome person to be around and have fun with on the server. My channel is always open if you wanna vibe in it o7
  2. smh minge, now who’s gonna randomly ping me saying forum>discord finna miss you
  3. +1 shitcunt does a vorteke. For real, asatru has been working hard on the maps (got me to test one of them) and they’re really good. The flow of them for RP will be great. This man has helped me when I first became mod, and I wouldn’t have made it this far without him. He put so much work into the server when he was Head admin and got me to test out a few things for him then as well. With the sudden departure of one of the devs, accepting asatru would be great.
  4. smh should’ve pushed you onto the nade. gonna miss you man.
  5. Snake

    Furdy 2

    Not all furries are like this? If anything that’s the stereotypical go to for them. I’m on there for the meme at this point, but I support them for what people do. It’s their choice.
  6. Snake

    Furdy 2

    If no one votes for me. I’ll be upset
  7. o7 treat the kids well
  8. Snake


    Glad to see I’m not on here
  9. Post must get all the reacts
  10. Snake


    Signed by snake
  11. Adding to this. People have talked to me about the helicopter rule of spawning, Ian messaged me this “If it’s by staff or officer not in flying regi , it’s to the pilot. If by flying regi, it’s by the Officer/Chief who spawned. Meaning a SAS or al-s officer“ so I believe this should also be added to the rules for not just new players, but older players too.
  12. Didn’t you want king react
  13. +1, made me sing I want it that way by the backstreet boys for a debrief once. Would trust quigg with my life
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