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  1. So here it comes. I dub myself, king of the king reacts
  2. Prior hackers haven’t been unbanned, it won’t be different for this situation. Once you hit the download button and inject on our server, you’re at fault no one else.
  3. I was trying to avoid commenting on this, but i will. It won't get accepted. You didn't have a good name within the community, and you knew that ban evading was against the rules. You say you were still playing by the rules as "Tony" yet it was still a rule break via ban evading. You knew ejecting was also against the rules, so the weight of hacking should be above your head. It was your choice to do so, tickets could've been made and (i might be wrong by this statement) the OOC remover was added prior to your ban. You could've avoided it, yet you clicked the download button and ran the program. You ran the risk of it and you shouldn't be surprised that you got banned. adding onto this: joining a call with a senior admin & discord admin to use a voice changer wasn’t the smartest idea, you didn’t even listen to me when I said stop. So I don’t think thIs community is for you.
  4. If allied to main factions, you can train
  5. I’ve had a talk with my fellow senior admin, and this is our conclusion: due to prior behavioural issues we come to the discussion of leaving you banned. If you can make a name for yourself within the community and show to us you’ve changed we can look into it further. Please re-apply in a months time, and thank you for your patience.
  6. The problem with it is that all the hours people have invested into the leveling system would just be thrown out the window. People who’ve grinded hard for their levels or afk will just lose them and lose all sense of achievement for hitting prestige 20. It’s a upper cut to the chin. While it would be nice to see the new weapon system, it’ll do more damage than good for some people and will probably make some people leave fully.
  7. dm me on discord Snake.#0001
  8. So you’d wanna make the community lose all the levels again, bring in a new system which will take a while to actually balance everything. Rework every regiment, have attachments get removed and added, and lose all the work you’ve put into the gun sheet?
  9. Fuckin message me whenever o7 much respect for you, and thanks for the laughs
  10. Gonna be honest here, it isnt even the right discord #
  11. Snake


    When you touch fortnite once
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