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  1. +1 still waiting for the day we fight in a parking lot somewhere
  2. -1/Neutral I am conflicted. Your event ideas are OK. Not the best I have seen, but they suffice for CG standards I guess. However, your attitude and behavior when interacting with members of the community hardly shows that of a staff member. You have consistently broken rules which you then turn around and berate others for doing the same. You have been openly venomous towards myself and other people who disagree with you when it comes to your behavior. I was originally going to neutral this application, because I thought that these experiences were personal, and isolated towards myself. But now that I see this is an attitude you bring to other members of the community, I lean now towards a -1. Good luck regardless.
  3. Big +1 Bizza knows when to keep it serious, and when to have a bit of fun. Balancing that can be difficult as a moderator. Bizza has already been staff on CG, so he has the experience needed to make it not a nightmare for higher staff. this also confirms the fact that Bizza is a robot. CG standard says this makes Bizza a perfect candidate for Mod. Good luck big man.
  4. -1 People have put into words what I would say about russ far better than I could've, but I suppose my thing will get removed if I don't add a comment. You can barely keep up with being an event master, I see you once, maybe twice on the discord and you add nothing to the conversation beyond an emoji, or one word response. I would recommend improving your game with your current staff positions before reaching out into completely new positions. The things that you have described that you would do as a discord Admin are tasks easily fulfilled by people in the positions you're trying to get at. We have 8 discord admins, unless you bring something new to the table I don't see why you should be added to the team.
  5. This was made because of porb
  6. +1 Big man is responsible, kind, and gives a shit about the server. Qualities that are supposed to be given for Moderators. Maybe now you can get more expensive shoes you bum
  7. Drill SGT Demonic Known Aliases: JohnnyCan'tHear, Goodgodwhatareyoudoingtothosetrainees, dmonic "Don't ask any questions about the trainee responses and we'll get along fine." After fleeing a life of brutal cartel work, Demonic found himself in the grip of a full conflict between the Taliban and US forces on registan. He was offered a desk job, which he quite enjoyed until the General of Armies found his criminal record. Nowadays, he serves as a Drill SGT, training the US forces into their best shape. After his hair routine completely fell through, he has taken an usually violent route to take out his feelings on the poor trainees. Occasionally punching up to high command itself when the time calls for it. He also needs new hearing aids.
  8. Before the hate mobs of mindless drones shuffle in to -1 this app en masse, I'm going to Neutral this app. Gubbys doesn't have the best reputation with the greater majority of the community. In fact, Gubbys has a rather abysmal reputation from his time in Secops. Some part of the flak was deserved, but a good portion of it was just people crying about small things that Secops do anyways in their day to day. The reason I mostly support this application is because Gubbys continued even in the face of that kinda hate. He did his job, even when his job involved a lot of shedding tears. The reason I do not +1 this app is because I am undecided as to how you will take the neutrality of being a mod. You pick favourites a lot, and tend to say no to one person, and say yes to another. Qualities that a moderator shouldn't be showing in sits and otherwise. I like you, as a person. And I do hope your application gets accepted. There are genuine reasons why a person wouldn't be in favour of your application, which when I come back to this app in a few days I'll read over to see if I +1 or -1 your app, but for now it's a neutral. Good luck
  9. +1 Accept or deny the homie already. Apps shouldn't be in stasis this long.
  10. Everyone's already put what I wanted to say on this much better than I could've. +1
  11. +1 In almost every circumstance, I would -1 this application. Cheating in itself is a severe rule break on the server, and it was justly met with a fitting punishment: you being banned. But that shouldn't mean every door of opportunity needs to be slammed in your face. You have shown a willingness to partake in this community that is very unusual in banned cheaters. You take part in discord, engage in friendly discussion, you make jokes with your friends, all that fun stuff. But the part that makes me +1 this is you do not bring up your appeals in any of those conversations, unless someone else brings it up. You are not in those discord calls to be unbanned, you are there to socialize with a community you have now asked 3 times to come back into. If you do ever get unbanned, and you for whatever reason decided to cheat again I don't think I'd be able to tell if you were the stupidest or the smartest cheater CG's seen. I personally don't think you'll come back on to cheat, but others may disagree. What's the worst that could happen? Er... Good luck.
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