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  1. For the benefit of my physical and mental health, I'm going to be stepping away from CG for the foreseeable future. I don't know when, or if I'll be back, but it won't be for a while. @silenced @Yapopey @Dr. No Pancreas @Miller @Linus @Aracard @Cap @Merlyn @Kruuze @Erik Fox @Snake @Yapopey @Views sorry to anyone I've missed, I'm really tired. Thank you for being the building blocks of this community, and helping set a foundation for me to come out of my shell and have a lot of fun with you all. I will try and keep in touch with you as best I can. For the people that I've had some drama with in the past, or think I dislike them, I apologize. I want to focus on whats in front of me first, not on you. It's all water under the bridge. Alright, I don't want to make this too sappy. Later
  2. +1 Silenced has proved himself as a capable and responsible moderator. In spite of some mingey periods, he's picked up his act a lot since he got a leadership role in marines, and shows a talent for taking on responsibilities and handling them well. Silenced would be a great fit for moderator. Good luck!
  3. You were one of the first lads I met when I went into AUS on my first month of the server. We had a good time and it was a lot of fun. It's sad to see you go. Even if you're leaving me an Beijing in ruin. o7
  4. goodbye deeth ill miss you pounding me in events it was fun pvping with you
  5. We have some pretty neato people in Colossal Gaming who can make videos, edit screenshots, design graphics all that cool stuff. And yet there is no real centralized recognition for these people (:OO) I'd like to suggest having a 'media' role or something like that for people who create content (outside of dev work) for cg. Maybe stuff like regiment videos, compilations, tutorials. Stuff that people can be apart of. attached to this suggestion you can see my blueprints for what an average cg media user would look like, PLEASE NOTE this is early development: thank you
  6. -1 Not for any attitude reason. I've hung out with Logic probably more than most people who see this application will. Namely because I hang with Carlen Lucifer and the lads in SAS discord, which Logic also hangs in. However, the position of discord admin requires basically 1 thing to work out; experience. You do not have experience, and as much as 'wanting to learn' will get you anywhere else, it gets you nowhere when there are people who have already learnt the things you'd be lacking in, and make far better candidates. Hang in there big man, just keep at it, and you'll get there in the end.
  7. -1 would be a waste of time and will offer nothing to pvp or the game beyond roleplaying the sas just play the game and get 20th prestige 4head
  8. +1 still waiting for the day we fight in a parking lot somewhere
  9. -1/Neutral I am conflicted. Your event ideas are OK. Not the best I have seen, but they suffice for CG standards I guess. However, your attitude and behavior when interacting with members of the community hardly shows that of a staff member. You have consistently broken rules which you then turn around and berate others for doing the same. You have been openly venomous towards myself and other people who disagree with you when it comes to your behavior. I was originally going to neutral this application, because I thought that these experiences were personal, and isolated towards myself. But now that I see this is an attitude you bring to other members of the community, I lean now towards a -1. Good luck regardless.
  10. Big +1 Bizza knows when to keep it serious, and when to have a bit of fun. Balancing that can be difficult as a moderator. Bizza has already been staff on CG, so he has the experience needed to make it not a nightmare for higher staff. this also confirms the fact that Bizza is a robot. CG standard says this makes Bizza a perfect candidate for Mod. Good luck big man.
  11. -1 People have put into words what I would say about russ far better than I could've, but I suppose my thing will get removed if I don't add a comment. You can barely keep up with being an event master, I see you once, maybe twice on the discord and you add nothing to the conversation beyond an emoji, or one word response. I would recommend improving your game with your current staff positions before reaching out into completely new positions. The things that you have described that you would do as a discord Admin are tasks easily fulfilled by people in the positions you're trying to get at. We have 8 discord admins, unless you bring something new to the table I don't see why you should be added to the team.
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