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  1. yo pretty cool yo yo yo... Anyway, definitly seems mature, and easy to get along wiht.
  2. +1 Pretty good character development that has happened here. He has finally proven to be responsible and mature. I think he is now worthy of discord administrator.
  3. how do i make the killfeed work. It is not coming up on my screen
  4. pretty cool ghuy. I would trust him as a staff member.
  5. Knows quite a lot about mapping and editing code. Definitely is worthy to be part of the developer team as he is a jack of all trades.
  6. welcome to the community asatru!
  7. Hi my name caastle and i new to server. single - 20 - male I like long walks off short piers and i like to get lost in nature (of afghan desert). Make it count, Play it straight. Don't look back, Don't hesitate. When you go big time. Whatcha want, Whatcha feel. Never quit, Make it real. When you roll big time. Hey! (oh) hey! (oh) Listen to your heart now! Hey! (oh) hey! (oh) Don't you feel the rush? Hey! (oh) hey! (oh) Better take your shot now Oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh. Go shake it up! Whatcha gotta lose? Go and make your luck with the life you choose, If you want it all, Lay it on the line. It's the only life ya got, So ya gotta live it big time. Step it up, Get in gear. Go for broke, Make it clear. Gotta go big time. Make it work, Get it right. Change the world over night. Gotta dream big time. Give it all ya got now Hey! (oh) hey! (oh) Isn't it a rush? Hey! (oh) hey! (oh) Finish what you start now. Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh…
  8. I know this is petty, but death sounds are dumb. We should have actual death sounds in-game like TTT has. The flatline sound is just very unrealistic and kinda annoying. Just something I thought of today. Nothing important or urgent, just quality of experience.
  9. I do agree with this, as the rotors would catch the parachute cords and kill whoever was parachuting. Possibly also wrecking the blades. +1
  10. Really responsible dude. I'd trust him with the server in his hands.
  11. I personally think we need buffs on vehicles to make them more realistic. I’m talking about humvees with guns to defend, and possibly better speed for them too. LAVs shouldn’t be so weak either. But if you give health to the LAV make it slower as it’s unrealistically fast. I know I usually have an obnoxious opinion and sometimes too much to say/contribute to what you could do better. I just want to make the game more fun for everyone. I also think explosives should always one shot on direct hit. Maybe make people walk slower if they’re wounded below 20 too. Another idea is not balancing, but maybe people should be given guard/patrol/capture duties for payment too. OK ENOUGH RAMBLING! I’m finished. Sorry for such disarray in suggestion order. Don’t feel like I’m complaining, I’m just suggesting things that could make the server more fun
  12. To be fair I think the jeeps are nice to drive, but I can see where you’re coming from. They should also buff the acceleration/top speed of the humvees, or give them more pushing power, or maybe even give them defenses like in real life (mounted guns that work). People need to remember that this is an RP server, not a pvp server. And things aren’t balanced to be fair in real life.
  13. I agree with this. The maps should be fine with 50 or less props give or take honestly. If a map is open don’t choose it. Also if you’re using a huge map that you only need 10% of, don’t use it. Start blacklisting non-optimized maps and start finding other optimized ones to replace them in the pool.
  14. the hits really don't register... I just thought I was bad at gunning. IRL a cannon would rip people and vehicles to shreds
  15. Despite your age I think you're a very good option for mod. You're very mature and you were an excellent officer when I was in Delta. Good luck.
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