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  1. I'm sorry, but i don't even know why you would do that, it doesn't take very long to level up
  2. Did some one say RIOT REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE But on a serious note this is a great idea
  3. +1 His inactivity is only rivaled by his US counterpart also he is a meme
  4. +1 ”vies is mummy and daddy” yoo were a good EM before you resigned, and I believe you can continue to be a good EM if given He chance “What do you mean!!!” both quotes from helium
  5. +1 THE GENERAL OF TRAINEES He is a mature, but laid back guy, who follows RP and rules all the time, helps out when we he is asked, and would make a great trial moderator (he is already an honourary mod in my mind, his late night RDM’er cage is genius, and he helps sort out issues when he can :D) #GOT4TMOD
  6. Neutral Event Crafting needs more work, go to some accepted EM apps and see the quality those were, and emulate the quality (Don't copy the Event Crafting though) other than that, you are a nice guy, and with some improvements, i think you could be a good EM
  7. TBH, one of the best mod apps I’ve seen, Answers are full and detailed, and he definitely seems to know his stuff, can be a bit Mingy (especially during events) but overall he is a solid dude +2
  8. Its my understanding that the Admins could change what weapons are compatible, so this shouldnt be an issue :)
  9. RIP helium, that’s why he left the EM’s, he was inhaled
  10. Yea, to be honest, I would rather the health set to 9999 and have no pistol with it, then be able to use a gun, but have it breakable
  11. Suggestion Name: Precision Shields Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/4081/precision-shield-this-is-how-shield-should-be Addon Pack File Size: I was unable to find any label showing how big it was (Sorry) Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The current shields that the Riot Control have access to are fairly underpowered. you can be shot while holding them, and when placed down, dont act as any other prop, as cars can go right through them (i know they would drive through a shield IRL, but still, it needs to be balanced). These shields, shown in the Precision Shields addon, are bulletproof when holding, but cant be placed down, which makes it so new Riot Control, unaware of the "Shield Boosting" rules yet, wont get in trouble for it. it also has the option of wielding a pistol while holding the shield, which i think would be good RP wise, but would need changing to keep it balanced. i doubt anyone would want an invicible shield coupled with a Sig Sauer running at them. These shield can make a highly Immobile regiment, into what they actually should be, front line guards, being able to protect the team behind them with there shields. Screenshots (Optional): Internet was slow at the time of writing this, so no images were loading, apologies Thank you for Reading
  12. Ill see you all on "The Voice"
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