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  1. theres a different outcome for the outcomes that have happened before. in full knowledge, it was aware and known to me that it would've turned out into this outcome. overall, i still believe and know i've phased out from being a hacker. a hacker is a hacker, but some can say that people change from that perspective. so the rock can still be carried, crushed or not.
  2. how far does it account for if i didnt stream it? it would make a huge difference if i didnt, but either way, i still got caught, and i own up to it. i dont get how "hacker is a hacker" can count for everything. its like saying a rock is a rock and can never be moved.
  3. I believe around early March, last year. EDIT: I think it was the 14th of March, 2020.
  4. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165176179 In-game alias/rank: AT TIME OF BAN 2LT Isaiahh US Army Infantry Who banned you?: AT TIME OF BAN Speed Hause Fosbruh (Munted, Mundy, Mango, etc.) Ban Reason: Cheating (Appeal on Forums) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Ban What happened?: Yet again, it's a simple event to explain. I cheated during an event, I was caught, brought to a sit, assured it would be a permanent ban and got banned. I set up an apology right afterwards, then went on a six month hiatus from the server before I would set up my three appeals, all in total spanned over another few months, being brought closer to a year off the server, as well as denied. Why should we unban you?: Just last night, which was the last day of school, I entered the CG's Got Talent event in the Discord server. Having to participate was a great experience, and it felt like I was apart of the community. Feeling and knowing that, I want to go back to the server and just have fun again. I can't dismiss the fact that I'll be just called a cheater or anything like that, not like I really have to care about it anymore. I don't mind it, because that just lets you know not to cheat. Overall, I have nothing else left to say. All my effort to try and get unbanned has already been used in my other appeals, and to use it again will result in the same DENIED. If I had something to say IF I had to, I'll just want to keep trying. And since it's the school holidays now, I got two weeks to integrate myself with the community more to pass the time. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Nothing. I'll keep adding more and more detail to the appeal, but not an entire novel. I have nothing else left to say but a request back into the server.
  5. I'll be honest, I don't exactly know why I was cheating. I'm not gonna say I wasn't thinking straight, but I'll just say I wasn't really in the right mindset when it was regarding PvP on the server. I guess the reason I was cheating was because I believed I was at a disadvantage and grew really tired of it. I won't do it again because all I want to do is go back into the server and play for my own enjoyment, I don't want to be competitive or try and be the best PvP player there is, I just want to play, chat with people and just roleplay for the fun and immersion. I already consider the fact that there's gonna be better players than me and I'm not gonna embrace cheats just to try and get top frags again. But now that I think about it, if I don't mention about streaming myself using cheats, it might make it worse so I'll do that. Also, I appreciate the fact that you like me as a person, so thanks.
  6. I didn't include the part about leaving the game server before seeing the ban ticket because I believed it wouldn't have an effect on anything. I chat and hang around in the CG Discord to show that I'm still wanting to hang around. But really, I just wanted to get back with the playerbase and all that, but can't really seem to be included since I haven't played on the server in a while, missing out on a lot and haven't caught up with them. When I got denied the first time, I got a bit down afterwards, especially with the points made by Bob and Ian, but I think I remember sticking around with some of my other friends from CG, just not in the Discord. When I was denied a second time, I, again, felt a bit down, but Ian's response radiated a bit of a negative vibe, so I decided to let off from the Discord for a bit and see what else is there to try out. It was only yesterday that I decided to appeal again because it was just after a month since Ian denied me. I also heard that Views became Head Admin, I felt a bit confident with appealing, so I appeal. tl;dr - leaving part felt unimportant, didnt talk in discord because just felt down after denied appeals, first denied was reassurance, second denied felt negative to me, so i took a breather from cg.
  7. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165176179 In-game alias/rank: 2LT Isaiahh US Army Infantry Who banned you?: Speed Hause Fosbruh (Munted, Mundy, Mango, etc.) Ban Reason: Cheating (Appeal on Forums) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permanent Ban What happened?: If you have gone through my last two ban appeals, you will know that the reason I was banned was because I cheated on the server, and it was during an event that I was caught. Earlier before I was eventually banned, I was caught streaming my cheats, but the community was actually considerate to just warn me not to use them, instead of straight away reporting me, which was extremely kind of the playerbase to do. But I was selfish at the time and during an event, I locked onto an invisible no-clipping EM or Staff, and soon afterwards, I was brought to another room. I was assured by Munted that cheating is not tolerated and that the punishment would be a permanent ban. I owned up to it and asked if I could leave because I didn't want to see the ban ticket on my screen, which I will admit, is a bit confusing because I own up to it but didn't want to see the ban ticket. After that, I went to the forums and put up on apology post to at least let you know I feel regretful. And realizing that the community literally warned me about the consequences, I feel extremely guilty and idiotic for being neglectful to those guys, and I really am sorry for disappointing you. Why should we unban you?: I think I should be unbanned because I believe that the cheating is in the past, and I understand if you still think that the damage is still affecting the community and the playerbase in a way. I did use a cheat client and streamed it, and it was a stupid move. But I still hope that I can be accepted back in to play on the server; start over, try other regiments and the new guns that have been added, because to be honest, I have missed out on a lot of cool stuff that I want to try for myself. I also believe that a majority of the playerbase is willing to let me back in, at least the ones who remember me or the ones I've interacted with. I've already moved on from cheating, it wasn't right, and it isn't right. Nobody shouldn't be doing it anyways, and you can take it from me. Nobody should be cheating nor having the intention to cheat. I'm willing to actually use my head again, to having common sense and think stuff through. If I do end up being accepted, I'll be extremely happy to be let back in. If not, I'll just keep trying, even if it takes a while, I'm willing to keep trying. I don't want to give up because I enjoyed this commmunity more than anything else. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Nothing. Note: I'm sorry if I didn't word it out properly or explain myself effectively, I didn't want to make my post look like a copy from other appeals or my older ones.
  8. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165176179 In-game alias/rank: US Army Infantry 2LT Isaiahh (at the time when I got banned) Who banned you?: Speed Hause Fosbruh (Munted, Mundy, Mango, etc.) Ban Reason: Cheating (Appeal on Forums) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Indefinite Permaban What happened?: One event, I was caught cheating; aimbot and ESP. I was switching between cover and prefiring around every corner with an enemy there. However, I accidentally locked onto a cloaked EM/Staff and shot at them. I quickly stopped but it was already too late to try and take it back. I was pulled into a sit with Fosbury, and with the ESP I could see other members of staff. I was assured that cheating is a permaban offense and Fosbury told me I can put up an appeal to get unbanned. Why should we unban you?: Right after I got banned, I put up an apology post regarding to my damage done to the community, and six months later, I appealed to get unbanned with lots of positive feedback (thanks guys) but I got denied after being assured by Ian and Bob Jane that I was streaming it one time in a public VC and I had opened the menu (I cannot remember whether if it was unintentional or not) but I messed up either way and still gives me bad feels when I think about it. But I'll say it now than later, I wasn't flexing. I wasn't showing what good things cheating can do, it's just me being an absolute nonce back then. I still say I regret it, even if the damage has already been done, at least I would try and show you I am regretful. Some other things influenced me into cheating hard as well, but I can't rest my blame on that because I let that thought tempt me. I promise that now, I'll be more careful with what I do that can affect the community, because all I want right now is just to play the server again. There's a lot going on in life and I try out other servers but didn't give me better vibes than CG did. Evidence in your favor (Optional): N/A. The only thing I ask in return is just your ability to avoid looking at me as some cheater who ruined your fun for the benefit of my own. I want to move on from that since it's still a sensitive topic, and by just playing CG again without any reminder of the events, I might just grow out of it.
  9. hi, am way to late to make this but i am duff i saw hello to everyone in the server
  10. god damn, you were great. im still banned but still hope you do well in the future.
  11. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:165176179 In-game alias/rank: US Army Infantry 2LT Isaiahh Who banned you?: Speed Hause Fosbruh Ban Reason: Cheating (Appeal on Forums) Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permaban What happened?: I was caught cheating on an event, simple as that. I was aimbotting on a floating EM, realising I messed up, Fosbruh TP'd me to a dark room. I instantly gave into cheating. He assured me that it's a permaban offense, to which I agreed to but didn't think about. He told me if I wanted to appeal for it, I'd head over to the forums. After that, I was banned. Why should we unban you?: School holidays started just yesterday on Friday and I was near damn exhausted. I realised I didn't really have that much of a game library so I only stuck to games like Battlefront 2 and ROBLOX (unfortunately). I didn't really have much of a choice with playing what I really wanted on Garry's Mod. DarkRP was a grindfest and StarWarsRP was just SSDD. Other MilitaryRP servers that I joined in other timezones were great fun, but for some reason, they just shut down in favour of another game mode. Being on Colossal Gaming was really fun, but the only reason I used cheats was that I just have a competitive side to it, and it's not nice. It influenced me negatively and sort of ruined the day for other players. I can say that I've outgrown it, only wanting to still play today just to have fun, get on with mates and just have fun in general. CG was and still is a fun monkey's playground. I might not even be liked by half of the community still there, but I wouldn't care as long as I'm not nudging them and vice versa. Now finally, I figured that in the past six months, a lot of newer players would've joined and I'm interested in meeting some of them. As well as the newer players, I'd like to be unbanned to play with some of my old mates on the server; Gaz, Hound, Zynix, DeathFromAboveYolo, all them. Hell, even Asatru. Just coming back for the shits 'n giggles, nothing much. Edit: I was also banned from the Discord server but I'll just use my alt account: sai#4227 Edit: Asatru isn't here anymore :C Evidence in your favor (Optional): N/A
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