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  1. Roleplay name: Dom DiscordID (Ian#8208): Dom#5685 Current rank (including faction): TAL ISIS FNT Do you understand the R&R's?: Yes
  2. I feel like you struggle with this, any time you are tked or killed in an event or in pvp you will generally have a rant at them and just chuck abuse at people. I think before you go onto this role you should control your temper more because there will be far more stressful situations then being tked in an event.
  3. +1 I was friendly with Syn throughout his time playing colossal and he was an actual lad, super nice and a cool guy. I am aware that he has been toxic to other players he has not been as friendly with but has since aplogised in this appeal. I see no reason not to unban him and watch him strictly from a staff perspective. Also he makes Fire funny moments videos
  4. Dom


    boys locker room:
  5. +1 this guy was my buddy cop, how are we going to make trashy buddy cop movies without this guy?
  6. we have both had our ups and downs I'm sure. But thanks for staffing and being a cool guy
  7. Dom


    a bit off topic, but is salary still at thing?
  8. +1, although previously mentioned staff team numbers are abnormally high, I would like to see you as moderator, you have former experience and seem like a sensible guy.
  9. Then what's the point of the minimum hours to apply for the role being 60? Surely it should be bumped up more if its something that can get you 1ed?
  10. do we really need any TS administrators? the only people that use it are staff (for events) and like Smiddy said CGX. who are predominantly TS admins anyway TS is dying sorta lmao
  11. In this situation Crysis was not open to any suggestion or feedback or give any valued feedback. He simply threw the responsibility to a different staff member and teleported him back. Gives you a perspective about his work ethic and his positivity towards the role he has
  12. Dom

    Ghett Mug

    thinking of buying this merchandise
  13. +1 was good bring it back
  14. Dom

    spooky ghost

    yeah, probably could of explained it better but apparently it was requested by higher ups that people got banned for this