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  1. Dom

    The Dayz

    The joke was more so aimed towards the picture, not having to feel the need to flex because you have played on a gmod server longer than someone else, but whatever floats ur boat I guess 😞
  2. Dom

    The Dayz

    if you remember this legend your entitled to a veterans discount
  3. +/- Your application needs expanding on. You have left your answers somewhat short and vague. Because of the spelling and unthoughtful answers your application can come across as done with not much care to the role you are asking for. If you want to earn your spot in a already busy staff team, Your application needs to stand out from others and be spotless of mistakes. Ingame you come across as a nice guy and I would like to see you in more senior ranks to see how you perform, Would be also good to see you on the TeamSpeak a bit more, as that is the main type of communication that the staff team uses. Good luck!
  4. +/- For your questions you need to elaborate a bit more, can you explain a bit more how you impacted the server positively with the "Lindy and friends saga" as at the moment its left a bit short and blunt. Your Scenarios need expanding as well. But the main reason I'm commenting on this app is an experience I had with you on the server when you were my superior in the Security Ops. As you would know you have to read out a prisoners rights when they are being arrested, which I myself in this instance did perfectly fine. You then came and asked me if I had, to which I responded yes. But as soon as the prisoner said No (which was a blatant lie) you instantly let him out of jail without discussing with any other MPs or looking for any other evidence apart from that. This does not fill me with confidence if you were taking control of a sit. Other than that you seem like a really cool guy but try and learn up as much as you can on how to handle situations that a Moderator experiences, as at the moment I don't think with your knowledge you are ready for the role. Good luck!
  5. I actually loved forest strike, it was a case of being simple but effective. Had good base layouts too
  6. not really sure what to say about this
  7. +1, although I never experienced what the 3v3 tournament was like, everything I have heard about it has been positive, you could include the "gangs" of the server in it too!
  8. if you want better chances of getting this done then you should probably use the template provided
  9. he's not hacking its just all that hide and seek training coming to good use
  10. +1, was given an opportunity to assist recently and performed well, super chill guy and perfect candidate for Em
  11. +1 seems like a cool guy and would make a good fit in the staff team
  12. +1, can handle stressful situations like user complaints very well. And is a hardworking moderator in-game, I think he would excel in this position and thoroughly deserves it.
  13. +1, really cool and calm guy and a naturally hard working individual, has a good work ethic when doing his events and would do well in this position
  14. I myself have only known Papa for a brief period of time, but seems like a cool guy with a good background of running events/staffing. He is a respectable player that would perform greatly in his role given the chance. Good luck Papa! +1