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  1. Dom

    ive fallen

    Gonna miss you man. Thanks for all the memories
  2. +1 #buffshed If you decide to instantly leave a community because one guy is better then you at pvp, then you are an idiot.
  3. Dom

    Warn Appeal

    +1 I am confident that this man has learnt his lesson and will not spawn camp during late night hours
  4. SteamID: In-Game Alias/rank - Chief of Ghabb Who warned you? King pimp BananaKing Exact Warn: Why should this warn be removed? I am deeply apologetic for my absolutely irresponsible and outrageous behaviour Demonstrated on the server, spoiling the endgame is bad
  5. +1 good bloke and would do well in the role
  6. +1 has experience and did well when he had the role, and I have no doubt that he would be good for this role again
  7. privilege to be on the podcast man
  8. Dom

    adios bb gril

    goodbye you were a lad when you played, cheers for being a real nigga
  9. Dom

    Cya LGBTQIAPP++ Kids

    OI BUDDY CUNT love you
  10. +1 not sure what you were expecting when adding a weapon like the jihad, of course there will be team kills every now and then when using this weapon.
  11. what the hell man I was buying a new phone
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