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  1. aight but as long as you don't use it for mentioning that your were PFC that one time in about 547 other regiments tho
  2. wouldn't just deciding to wait for your mates at spawn do the same thing without having to wait for them to die be easier tho?
  3. +1 good lad give him a chance
  4. Dom

    ive fallen

    Gonna miss you man. Thanks for all the memories
  5. +1 #buffshed If you decide to instantly leave a community because one guy is better then you at pvp, then you are an idiot.
  6. Dom

    Warn Appeal

    +1 I am confident that this man has learnt his lesson and will not spawn camp during late night hours
  7. SteamID: In-Game Alias/rank - Chief of Ghabb Who warned you? King pimp BananaKing Exact Warn: Why should this warn be removed? I am deeply apologetic for my absolutely irresponsible and outrageous behaviour Demonstrated on the server, spoiling the endgame is bad
  8. +1 good bloke and would do well in the role
  9. +1 has experience and did well when he had the role, and I have no doubt that he would be good for this role again
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