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  1. where we all settled issues Can we get the Intervention Sniper rifle into the game please?
  2. +1 do you need to even think about this one? Has tons of experience with not only building but running events. Nice guy and good and consistent with his events
  3. +1 this guy knows how to build Just look how beautiful his wedding venue was!
  4. Dom


    The Pure Irony is delicious
  5. Dom

    Stepping Down

    Alright, I don't want to draw this out too much but as of this moment I am no longer an Admin/RPO on Colossal Gaming. The Proximity of my resignation was nothing to do with Mundys, I just feel that I'm not performing my job as an Admin as well as others because of my lack of enthusiasm to play on the server at the moment. I want to thank all the guys in the staff team, you have taught me a lot and its been a pleasure working alongside you guys And all the players I have met on the server, you guys are awesome. I'll treasure my time as 82nd commander, USAF Lt and arguably most important Governor of Combat Medics (Always better than Quickhells medics) I want to thank Feral/Badger and all the other higher up guys that made Colossal such a fun place to play on. I will be on the server still. But not as frequently. Love you all. - (Grandpapi) Dom
  6. was ok, but I was afraid that you were about to drown on your own saliva halfway through the song, but the tune is kinda sick
  7. Just going to drop these here
  8. -1 no need to make a weapon that is arguably one of the most powerful on the server even better. If your regiment prides itself on being elite, than I'm sure you can make do with the RPG you have atm
  9. Dom

    The Dayz

    The joke was more so aimed towards the picture, not having to feel the need to flex because you have played on a gmod server longer than someone else, but whatever floats ur boat I guess 😞