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  1. Reply with a picture of your go to beer dont post any fruit beer I'll start off
  2. the sparkling water is cheeks
  3. hxtp u cannot be unbanned after showing them disgusting nudels
  4. +1 Silent was my old captain in PLA he is the most professional person I know, his EM application is good and he is fit I know why he was inactive and it wasn’t his fault at all I had the same probe in my computer broke and had to resign from staff. Give this man a chance at EM
  5. +1 - The Event Master team currently only has 3 ems so I feel as if you should have a chance at EM but you would need to change ur act up a bit and mature other than that the app seems good.
  6. +1 Imo it should have stayed the same because its an optional spawn where u do not have to spawn there and making this new rule wont change the fact that you can still spawn camp so I believe change it back
  7. +1 Merlyn would suite the role as an EM and is very creative with his rp
  8. loloy

    ban appeal

    -1 I don't think it is appropriate to appeal on the same day you got banned for Harassment, MassRDM and Death threats
  9. -1 dont need new player models
  10. +1 Needs to be unwarned didn't deserve it man is cool
  11. +1 this man knows his way around discord and would be a beautiful discord admin
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