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  1. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:159764365 In-game alias/rank: MSGT Kitty (and alts) Who banned you?: Bobby Ban Reason: Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Perm Why should we unban you?: Its been a couple of months since the ban and have changed my ways, I know cheating is wrong and punished heavily but I would like another chance, no one was affected by my actions (I believe). At the time of the incident I was pissed and wasn't thinking straight, I hope for the best that you will find forgiveness in me if not at least be satisfied with my apology. Evidence in your favor (Optional): ~
  2. It would help to know what people think I'm lying about also I don't believe either I should get a unban, all Im asking for is a reduced ban what parts am I leaving out? Im adding a note, I am aware what I did was wrong I bought the most expensive donor rank here not to get banned, I enjoy the server and like interacting with people. But as I said I did break rules and Im aware of that. all I am asking for is another chance.
  3. I have read through you replies and I am aware that cheating is not tolerated however I also see people saying I am bad on the server, my plea to that is that I haven't even gotten a warn for a long time and generally be nice to most people, however some people who purposely try to annoy I am not so nice to. names being Jesse and Ghett
  4. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:159764365 STEAM_0:0:212924474 In-game alias/rank: US MSGT Kitty Who banned you?: Pope Ban Reason: Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining):Perm Why should we unban you?: I use the cheats for testing on a server whos name I will leave out due to someone will get mad at me for advertising other servers, I used the cheats and sent them to an administrator (brad) and was not caught but I admitted to it, its been a few weeks and I am ready to come back and play again, as well as I only enabled the cheats then and there never before, you can look at my KD and progress in events and see. I would like to deeply apologize and I am aware that what I did was wrong, all im asking for is a second chance. Evidence in your favor (Optional): A lot of video of me playing, I don't want to upload a weeks worth of footage though.
  5. +1 My opinion doesn't matter according to players so this is fucking pointless.
  6. 1+ - Active - Friendly and Creative - Commander
  7. +1 + Friendly + Active + Creative
  8. I would like this topic to be closed due to the ban expiring
  9. I know I already -1 But since you got demoted from EM you don't seem to be trusted.
  10. change your ingame alias/rank for example mine is US PVT Putteh
  11. they are not on the upload list.
  12. SteamID: STEAM_1:0:431934740 In-game alias/rank: US PVT Putteh Ban Reason: Not listening to staff Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 Day - ~16 hours left Why should we unban you?: I don't even know why I was banned in the first place I was just doing my job then I was Jailed then brought underground then banned.
  13. For some reason they got deleted from my steam.
  14. Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment Addition Addon Pack (Optional): ~ Addon Pack File Size: ~ Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I would like Lower ranked Riot Control to have the grey hand cuffs (PVT To MSGT) as WO and higher get the Red Cuffs that can move people around. I hate having to just tell people to follow me to the jail because 98% of the time they don't listen and just run off. Screenshots (Optional): ~
  15. Offenders In-game name/alias: GooseBumps Offenders SteamID: STEAM_0:0:145742142 Offenders TS UniqueID: (optional) Reason for report: Banning me for one day for no reason. Evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/id/itemholderom/screenshot/960843483794386332 https://steamcommunity.com/id/itemholderom/screenshot/960843483794384282 https://steamcommunity.com/id/itemholderom/screenshot/960843483794383583
  16. -1 We don't need a regi Just for shotguns, if you want a shotgun just use one.
  17. - Neutral - when the update comes it would be nice to see the regiments have their own engineer.
  18. +1 It be good to add like a bomb stockpile so the US/tali dont just Have INF bomb and just bomb the shit out of people. It be nice to just buy bombs with money.
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