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  1. Sup Big Dawgs, its _Laww here just thought i'd write some little bit of K n o w l e d g e about me. I'm 21 years old currently living in LOVELY QLD Brisbane. Before good old COVID-19 came along for a good old hello, i used to work behind the bar serving fat COCKtails and pouring piss for the oldies at a footy club. Some things i do with my spare time is play video games, play basketball and also am an aspiring music artist (SOunDCLouD RaPpEr) and if you wanna check it out you can on all streaming platforms under Lawrence Law. BIG MUSO kinda guy so like send me music you're listening to i love hearing new sounds. some genres would be Hip-hop & all its sub genres / Indie / Psych Rock. But yeah in-game i'm apart of the US ARMY MEDIC REG and been apart of it since 2017-18 times so it was one of the OG Regiments. if you see me i'm keen for a chat and love playing on this server and hopefully i'm on here for a long time coming XXX SEE YA ON THE BATTLEFIELD :) (Ps. heres a meme about the NBA Team UTAH JAZZ I LOVE HAHAHA) video-1584056547.mp4
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