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  1. +1 Great person, would be a great staff for discord
  2. +1 This is a concerning issue
  3. The problem with that for example with pla when I was pla Officer it sucked but with like 15-20 people on pla with good tools is just cancer and overpowering other factions so it used to be 15 and it was dropped to 12 for a good reason
  4. Hello my name is Mei Lai I approve this message
  5. +1 great application always using the discord good luck
  6. +/- your application is well written, the only problem I can see is with you not having a microphone I’d be a bit hard to communicate with the team. But anything is possible and it is a trial after all
  7. -1 Advertising is strictly against out community guidelines which you were informed by discord staff and myself.
  8. Neutral Application is decent, don’t really see you using the discord I think you should start using the discord more often if done i will come back and change my response. Good Luck !
  9. +1 Great Application, Outstanding Role-play that you do with you marines and us would like to see how you go on the staff team you could make a great candidate for the team. Good Luck !
  10. +/- i do think what you did was not appropriate, I think you have realised what you have done and seem passionate about returning to the server from speeking to you in discord. I believe that people deserve a chance in returning to the server. But I would not be surprised if this is denied due to your actions to the server. Good Luck
  11. +1 I have worked along side with silent in pla he displays high commitment to his role and his very dedicated in the server since he has just recently returned to the server. He had no laptop for a month I think if the application is left open for a bit for your activity to rise. Application is decent and good. Good Luck
  12. jin honey chicken fried rice
  13. Neutral You left the em team not that long ago because you could not make the time to help out with events. Application is well written although I do think you put a lot more time into moderation.
  14. +1 Great player application is decent shows great leadership skills in us. i think you will do fine with the guidance that will help you in staffing.
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