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  1. In-game alias/rank: WR Vmite (Al-Shababb) Who Warned you?: Cannon Warn Reason: RDM - Shot a Civi who drove through the KOS square, Didn't understand that civi need to be in the square and not just driving by Evidence in your favor (Optional): I just got into the same situation but i was on the other end and the admin said the person who shot my car killing me after i left was allowed too.
  2. Basically, fix fob by removing the ability to shoot anyone when your 10-14 meters from fob. This is a Mcissue because you can get beamed all the way from fob to crash site.
  3. This isn't my regi but is the most actuate shit i have ever seen
  4. i also say sorry but you can hear it in the vid cause of a privacy feature i cant turn off
  5. The video cuts off but then i just run then i get shoot
  6. Hi, today i got a warn which i believe was false. The warns states that i fail rped escaping a kidnapper. While consulting another admin we have came to the conclusion that it wasn't fear rp due to me not being in eye sight of the player [https://youtu.be/JIW0jHjb7s8]. I do take full responsibility of shooting the kidnapper remembering half way through that i was stripped then leaving the scene. But i don't believe i was under fear rp when running as he still was facing the other way when i started running. Thank you
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