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  1. -1 I’m not sure what you’re playing at....
  2. I'd love to see this in action. I'd also be a spy +1!
  3. I'd get combination Chow Mein (crispy noodle), Honey chicken - or - Sweet and sour pork - and finally - Wonton Noodle Soup.
  4. I must say, while I do agree that airborne use should be it's main purpose, deploying the parachute is aids on a stick. I'd love for this to get changed and it would make my life a lot easier.
  5. See ya Yoshi. I'm going to miss you, you goofy bastard. o7
  6. +1 Very worthy individual for moderator. He has dedicated himself to Sec Ops and has become the head officer for the regiment. I'd say that he's ready for more responsibility.
  7. Cool. I don't recall getting a single kill with it. It might be because the barrel isn't fixed with the player camera but I'm no developer.
  8. I'd say 30 seconds
  9. frick woolworth Me and my peers barter at the local IGA
  10. You're new application is already much better than the first one. You shouldn't be marked down for your age (unless you're under the age of 10). I think you're ready for the position.
  11. You're a mature player who's proved themselves in PLA and in RU. I think you're ready for the responsibility of trial moderator, but I don't get to make the decisions. Good luck! +1
  12. Whilst those negotiation offers were a little high, the US should actually TRY to negotiate. Sometimes nothing happens at all.
  13. Wise words Yapopey, wise words.
  14. Agreed with what Merlyn said. Some fundamentals would have to be worked out for this to work. Also, the player base of the server may not really like the realistic management and would prefer solid action.
  15. We teamed up mid event (despite being on different sides) to go and explore an underground fallout vault. Fun was had.
  16. It's ok... But what Ezy said. From my experience, you’ll hate it when you’re there, but you’ll miss it when you don’t.
  17. I am aware that you’ve only been on the server for a short time (compared to some people) but you have proved yourself in my eyes. You’re very helpful and willing to help others inside our faction. You’re not only able but willing to create and/or assist with other events. +1
  18. +1 Well written application. You seem experienced with the server and moderation as a whole. That’s a win in my book.
  19. +1. This would definitely add some hours of fun.
  20. +1 It's a good incentive. also, money.
  21. Sorry man, you failed to answer Scenario 2 with enough detail and it felt like you were just being lazy. You also failed to answer scenario 1 completely. You should take time to write an application and should always proof read it. Best of luck, Toby
  22. Toby Tee


    I put my favourite song (the gummy bear song) in my signature. I recommend giving it a quick listen
  23. Hubert is a good lad who helps others. He has also gone and made his own training booklet to help him train the hordes of trainees that have materialized on the server. +1
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