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  1. The thing is, that there will be a map rotation in place. From what I've been told there would be a day and night cycle between the maps instead of using an addon. Edit: If it is gonna be used for weather, then it's a +1 for me I guess. But if it drops frames, it would be an instant -1
  2. from the words of someone in the management, "they like the mystery of you either getting a good/bad gun with the money you saved up."
  3. I want to see my actual ping and frames per second: net_graph "1" But the I want to move it around net_graphpos "1/2/3" I want killfeeds, because the server doesn't wanna bring it back: con_filter_enable "2" con_filter_text "killed" developer "1" I want to enable my custom crosshair that I've subscribe from the workshop: hud_draw_fixed_reticle "1" I want to change firemodes by pressing one key only: alias "+firemode" "+use; +reload" alias "-firemode" "-use; -reload" bind "key" "+firemode" I want to bash someone by pressing one key only: alias "+bash" "+use; +attack" alias "-bash" "-use; -attack" bind "key" "+bash" I want Xhenoa's Minecraft Graphics (Use at your own risk; Set everything to low before doing this, and never touch anything): cl_threaded_bone_setup 1 mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar 0 R_3dsky 0 mat_bloomscale 0 snd_mix_async 1 cl_smooth 0 cl_detaildist 0 cl_detailfade 0 cl_ejectbrass 0 cl_show_splashes 0 mat_clipz 0 mat_filterlightmaps 0 mat_filtertextures 0 mat_mipmaptextures 0 mat_specular 0 mat_parallaxmap 0 r_threaded_particles 1 r_threaded_renderables 1 r_decal_cullsize 1 r_drawflecks 0 r_drawmodeldecals 0 r_dynamic 0 r_lod 0 r_WaterDrawReflection 0 r_WaterDrawRefraction 0 r_waterforceexpensive 0 r_cheapwaterend 1 dsp_enhance_stereo 0 muzzleflash_light 0 Add this to your launch options -high -gl +mat_queue_mode 2 +exec autoexec.cfg +mat_antialias 0 +mat_trilinear 0 -novid -useforcedmparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd +gmod_mcore_test 1 Now, I wanna do the funny in events: alias +DJUMP "+jump; +duck" alias -DJUMP "-jump; -duck" bind "key" "+DJUMP" These are mostly to be put at your autoexec.cfg
  4. Yo, Like most of everything in this section, it's a bit too late for me to make this kind of crap. But it's my 1 year today in CG, so I might aswell make a proper introduction. Hey it's me Xhenoa (pronounced as Se-no-ah, but idrc how you pronounce my name), an enthusiast in progression and grinds in every crap that I touch. I'm not gonna say much but I wanna thank much of the people that I've played with in the server: SISI bois Amin for taking me as an Intern and forgetting that I was an Intern; and the Rest of the Old and Current SISI USMC bois The old AUS lineup The bois that won the last ops by a landslide The current Al-Qaeda that I've built; and the current Prophets (Asatru and Steve) that helped to nurture Al-Qaeda even more (despite the shit loadout [yes, I'm saying it here aswell]) Retired Players Staffs that were a vibe The old EMs and maybe a few new ones The Rest of Taliban (never the ones that wasn't a vibe) Y'all like made my time at CG hella worth and worth going back to. Even through hell and back Cbf to mention every name, but I get the feeling that you already know who you are and I wanna let you know that I appreciate y'all hanging. Here's to a year of 0.33 of suggestions accepted (the Al-Qaeda suggestion), and hopefully another year of gameplay changing suggestions that are a 0.1% to being accepted.
  5. Suggestion Name: Reworking Rifles Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Guns Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So the reason why I've made this is because almost all of the Rifles from Prestige 10 and below are almost the same. "What do I mean by this?" If you looked almost all of the guns have the same Firerate, Max Spread, Hip Spread, Spread per Shot, and the things that only made the guns different is the Damage (27-30), Recoil (21%-33% [with Grip]) "What would you like to happen?" I'd like to have the guns be imitated to their real life counterparts or to a certain game that actually tries to make their guns realistic as much as possible (Like base it off MWR) "How would it be balanced?" So I've stated that the imitation was the first step (So probably the firerates will be higher and the recoils will be lower to some guns) We can adjust the Damage now after. You shouldn't fear having a high damage and high firerate combo, but it should still adhear to the standard 5-bullet TTK (Body shot) The things would be tweaked are the Aim Accuracy and Spread per Shot with Max Spread (Why?) This is where the gun's range would be actually be decided (The best example of this is the HG-40 in-game) So the Spread per Shot would actually matter if the gun would be twitchy or stable and the Aim Accuracy would decide if you can laser someone across the visible range. Hip Spread should be decided after the earlier things is are adjusted. The sad thing about this is we cannot put Damage Fall to the equation Next part are the Attachments You can now make attachments that are not available, be mostly available to most of the guns Like especially the muzzle attachments of the Warface Guns Match Ammo aswell. The last one is Playtesting and Player feedback Take a sample of casual players to test the guns and take notes of their feedback to all the changed guns, then steadily tweak it Take note if the gun is too accurate because that would equate to the effective range. Adjust by range, so it doesn't ruin the overall feel of the gun. I cannot exaggerate this enough. Damage should be the last thing you should change when adjusting a gun. So ths would equate to a whole new feel to every new gun that you use as not all the guns are made the same, since we aim for almost realism to the server. This would actually put value to each guns. In terms of the Golden Guns, you probably would add the Aim Accuracy, Spread per Shot, and Max Spread to the equation as the gun should feel more stable as it is "Golden" but still have the same unique realistic feel and not the generic one. This should probably apply to ICR-1 and KN-44, and the Regiment Guns aswell. and probably the fallout of this would be a straight-up a whole new gameplay in events and a lot of players complaining, but I actually don't care. My almost 1 year time here, I think it's time to introduce a new fresh type of gunplay and gameplay overall. Changelogs: Screenshots (Optional):
  6. Suggestion Name: Dynamic Wartime Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Gameplay Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Ok, this is like one of the other parts of my upcoming series of suggestion for the server. Due to my realization that CG has sticked to its original game mechanics, which is I think is repetative on its own and I, personally, is a person who likes to see progress and change. Take this as a visionary approach-kind of suggestion for a major update to the server. In short, this suggestion in reality is close to impossible to happen, but we'll never know So what do I mean by Dynamic Wartime? Making Wartime more complex and enjoyable rather than being a random event. How would it work Homemap will have 3 phases: Peacetime, Impending War, and Wartime This will be fixed everytime we are in the homemap and will not be considered as a random event anymore. Objectives Takes 90 seconds to capture Cannot be stopped by opposing or neutral factions if outnumbered, but the capture time can be slowed down How will it play out: A Capturing Player is worth 1 second (can be stacked, meaning the more you are in the point, the faster you can capture it) An Opposing Player is worth 0.5 milisecond (can be stacked, the more you are the slower the progress of the capture of the opposing faction) If the Opposing Players is more than the Capturing Faction, the Capture Time will stop until either the Opposing Faction kills every Capturing Faction (will be declared as the Capturing Faction after) or the current Capturing Faction is now more than the Opposing Faction. Objective Controlling Faction can spawn at their Controlled Objectives during "Impending War" and only Allied Factions will be allowed to spawn during "Wartime" Example: Impending War Phase Taliban Point = Taliban can spawn, Allies cannot Wartime Phase Taliban Point = Taliban can spawn aswell as Allies Players cannot spawn at objectives if there are 3 or more Enemies 10 meters from spawn. When Capturing Enemy Faction Points during Wartime, the Objective will go into a Neutral Phase before being actually captured. This gives a chance for the Defending Factions to make a comeback. Capturing Distance are now Big, depending on the location Captured Objectives are now considered as Base Base Rules to these objectives are applied during "Impediment War" Phase Objectives are locked and unlocked depending on the statuses of the Objectives adjacent to the said Objectives during the "Wartime" Phase Example: Farm House (Taliban Controlled), if Airfield and Lookout is Taliban Controlled = Locked Farm House (Taliban Controlled), if US got Airfield = Unlocked Peacetime This will last for 1 hour This will allocate for Debriefs, Regiment/Faction Tryouts, RPs, Vault Raids, and just general interaction and gameplay Objectives are locked and Neutral Everyone is Neutral for Subfactions, the can Negotiate after their own Debriefs Basic ROE still applies (Armed Civilians = KOS by US Army; Civilians = Can retaliate and attack Enemied Factions; Neutrals = Can retaliate when attacked) Raids are disabled Impending War Will last for 20 minutes Will allocate for Pre-wartime debriefs, and Balance Negotiations (Enforcing Balance Rules and Must be allied to a Main faction to participate for Wartime, Subfactions can wish not to participate by not allying with any Factions in this phase) Neutral Objectives will be unlocked Players can capture as much Neutral Points as possible (Following the Adjacent Rule, starting from the Player's Base) Captured Objectives will be locked until Wartime Wartime Will last for 40 minutes Objectives are now Unlocked Capturing Pattern will follow the Adjacent Rule Random Airdrops within the Map (Not Objectives) Drops equipents: Frag, Smoke, Flash, Electric Nade, Unused Gun You are only allowed to Raid if all the Objectives are controlled by the Main Faction and Allied Factions. Wartime Winners are decided by the number of Controlled Objective Winner = 4 levels and $2000; 2nd Place = 2 levels and $1000 All objectives will reset to Neutral. So this is just a rough map, don't take it seriously, yet. Further changes will be applied later as more suggestions and recommendations comes in. Changelogs: Screenshots (Optional):
  7. +1 This man will be a very good addition to the team. His past contributions to the server is like "a lot", and with the him making the new homemap after like 9 months on the day jungle. I think the position that he is applying for is suffice with what he said.
  8. +1 As Midday said, "accidents happen" and they do. You can see Gab's actions, he ran out as soon as possible to minimize the casualties. To add more context, the people killed was revived instantly and Gab said his sorry to everyone in the school. I think this is just an overreaction, since AUS gassed school multiple times when there were Civilians, Neutrals, and Allies in which they did not get punished for. Now, where is the equality on that? Gab got banned but the AUS that gassed school multiple times didn't? If you guys treated the situations the same then either both Gab and the other party is banned now or Gab shouldn't have been banned at all as the other party didn't receive any punishment for the same offence.
  9. it's either a Martyrdom Perk or nothing. Since it can't be realistic that a US Soldier would run in with a Jihad. So how should it work is that when you are dead, at a 3 second time allowance you can Right Click and drop a nade that has the same effect as the current nade or increased damage than the current nades. It shouldn't be automatic, since no one wants to accidentally commit a massie. Also, -1 for this, you could've said what Gizmo said, rather than going in a whole rant with the nades. You get the point.
  10. Hallo, this is the Bounty Bingo Card Week 2 Preview This will take effect in 08/11/2020 until 13/11/2020 Additional note: The Infidels' new Leader seems a bit careless, like that little mexican girl with her talking monkey. If he ever gets captured by you, I'll make sure to reward you for your effort [-3 day cooldown if he isn't in the card (Make sure you get something out of him)]. Join Al-Qaeda today and hunt down these infidels!
  11. Xhenoa


    signed by Se-no-ah
  12. I'm not vocal about these things, but I think this topic was the effect of yesterday's events. I get that the 8:15 PM - 2nd Map had its really obvious flaws, but as a player playing for almost a year, I just took it as a "Take it or leave it" situation (which I think should not be a good thing). These also reminded me back of Operation Damascus' "Catch-up Events" to which was said those type of events are just to keep the battle close between US and Talibans, but we aren't on an on-going operation right? So I don't get why such a series of events was ran. Anyways, I think not all the time events should be 99.9% balanced, because history shows that if numbers match it would be no sweat for a snowball to happen. Most of the time it always lands on skill to overcome the adversities despite the events being a numbers game most of the time. But I do agree that the quality of events are dipping bit-by-bit, losses are not that fun anymore, unlike the times where-in you could say, "atleast it was fun" or you can laugh it off with a "GG". What I think should be done is that they should utilize the available resources properly, because that is where I think the problem lies, like "the map was good, but the setup was done poorly." Hence, poor quality of event.
  13. +1 I've never seen innovative professional approaches to handling unprecedented situations like YungQuiggy presented in his application, the management should take notes to be honest.
  14. Well to be perfectly honest, I didn't expect there will be someone will be the new elected GOA at the Week 1 card. Kinda an oversight in my end, the card will stay as it is.
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