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    Intro Deku

    Saw a floaty at Deku's event, scarred my immersion at "Colossal gaming | WW3 MilitaryRP | SeriousRP" for life, and it was never the same again.
  2. That shit got butchered along with AK-47 Golden, SCAR-L PDW SoH, and SCAR-L PDW Golden LMFAOOOOOO
  3. Suggestion Name: Improved Bounties Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Bounties Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): This is just a simple one, since I've been thinking that bounties could be further improved for a long time with this implementation by Adding timers So what do I mean by adding timers to bounties? Here is it in a nutshell: Here is the situation 7 Killstreak displays your name up on the right side of the screen Now imagine waiting out 7 minutes to take off the heat (That is 1 minute per kill), so you can walk safely again. Let's say you are at 7 kills now and you kill another enemy, the system will add another minute before your bounty disappears (X killstreak + 1 kill = "time left" + 1 min). The time stacks up to how much you killed for the bounty to disappear at a 1:1 ratio. "What if the timer ends?" You will receive the 100% of the bounty placed to your head, instead of 50% that you receive when you get killed, and your killstreak gets reset back to 0 aswell. Optional Improvement The bounty will increase randomly to 10% up to 50% the last minute before the bounty ends; OR The bounty gradualy increases to a certain rate (like 50% max) bit by bit as the timer comes close to its end, wherein the max threshold is 1 min before bounty ends to stop it increasing. Benefits The system won't be one-sided anymore, where you have to giveaway your bounty to receive the cash from your killstreak (I know this can't be avoided as this depends on the actions of the players, but giving another option is great in my opinion). Gives more meaning to what bounties are for, since they don't last forever anymore. The bountied players gets to reap the rewards of surviving that long. Cons The player can wait things out at their base. Yep, this a major con of this thing. We cannot blame bountied players for their actions like this, so there is pretty much no workaround on this. Plausible solution: What if the bountied players are at risk on being betrayed for the cash? The bountied player will be KOS-able by everyone for the last remaining minute of the bounty, making their own allies able to punish bountied players for staying at base and claim the reward as their own. The bountied player will not benefit killing one of their own, since the counter only adds killed Enemies and Neutral Factions. The bountied player will just run for a whole minute, making them unable to stay in their base, which is what we are trying to avoid. The "Plausible Solution" to the major con of this a is bit complex to be easily worked on Rule This will only apply to homemap Because no one likes to have their K/D ruined at events (Shoutout to ISIS) Not gonna lie, I like the waiting game of this at homemap. The closer the time ends, the more attractive the reward is. This is just one of those suggestion that are slightly dipping its toes to the realm of impossibility. But hey, it's worth a shot, right? Better putting out the idea publicly than keeping it to yourself.
  4. Sheiva w/ Suppressor (it sounds so good), and now I'm having sucess with ICR-1 w/ Supressor aswell, might change my review for it
  5. The best i could find that is within the workshop, the enhanced Bin Laden Player Model looks like a comic, so I opted for Saddam Hussein and I do agree he looks like a hobo, but nothing is better than having a hobo bopping at events and rp-ing at homemap; I also mentioned that it is ok to have it not changed since everyone needs to download, although I like the past version of the Elder and Faithful of Al-Q, too bad it doesn't put much distinction between the Senior Elder as Ian mentioned before. If y'all are interested on the Bin Laden Player Model that I'm referring to, here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=582213602 Ngl, Bin Laden looks great, but I think he won't fit since his textures look like it came out of a cartoon? Thanks for the support!
  6. Neutral, but leaning to +1-ing this one Kinda wrong that Feral put too much faith in the new NPCs, either they make it full on Skeet NPCs during raids or bump up the minimum back to 3
  7. Suggestion Name: Bomb Defusal and Transmission Sabotage Event Improvement Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Mini Events Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): This is a simple one (not sure for the developers)? So after multiple minis at homemap. I think that the these minis could be further improved with the ff implementation: If an active US/Tali/Allied Faction is nearby the transmission/bomb (something like 3 meters) the opposing side will not be able to disable/defuse, but this would have exceptions. If the defender/opposing side is on a vehicle, they will not be able to defend/defuse/disable the objective (not sure if this is possible). This is like the same as how the airdrops work when it is being contested, surely this could be implemented to these minis aswell. This can also prevent "wireless defusals/disables" and encourage actual contest between the objectives between the two sides. Take this as a follow-up suggestion to making it a rule to not "wireless defuse", but this time it is integrated within the system, not by the rules. Screenshots (Optional):
  8. Suggestion Name: Drakon Adjustment/Buff Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Guns Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Ok I'll be real and blunt, Drakon is so bad for a DMR compared to the lower Prestige + Level DMRs. Let me state its problems by comparison to the other DMRs. It is not even close to being able to compete at simple gun fights: It fires faster than a sniper, but so much slower than the typical DMRs that are in the lower prestiges. Addition to that, if you make a side-by-side comparison to the other DMRs its DPS is almost 3x less. It SWAYS despite being a DMR, Semi-Auto, and having a slow firerate Upon comparison to the other DMRs, this is the only gun among all the other ones that sways. Don't get me wrong here, as mainly a DMR user like me it is a big downside. The Pros are overwhelmed by the Cons of this gun. What I mean is this the gun is already semi-auto, has a low ammo count, it is only available if you are Prestige 19 Level 100, it costs a lot, and the things that I've mentioned earlier also is one of many cons that it has. The set backs are too much that the gun is just bad. Here are my recommendations: Bump the firerate to 384 (from 120 to 384) "Why so?" The 384 is the standard firerate for the BO3 DMRs, it is the near perfect balance between "not that slow" and "not that fast". To further support this, this is the value the management nerfed M8A7's firerate into. I also suspect that this firerate value also prevents spam clicking that M8A7 users did before it got nerfed. Remove Swaying The only reason this should exist for a DMR is if it is Automatic (I'm serious). IF Drakon was Automatic, then the swaying is a reasonable con of the gun, so it prevents dominating the other guns. I try my best to have the gun (and the other guns aswell) to give justice by taking the time to save up cash to buy and use it before doing these kind of suggestions. So please take this with a sincere consideration as I did to the gun. If I am wrong: "Drakon is a sniper tho." Well shit, why didn't y'all tell me that before? See the screenshots or the current stat sheet for it, then tell me that it is a sniper again. If you think so, then SR-338 outclasses this gun by a mile. "It's already fine at its state" Damn, I must be tripping that this gun is at Prestige 19 in the shop? I thought this was supposed to replace the missing SCAR-H SOH. "No salt, toxicity, or hate. This was made with the best intentions for the good and worth of the gun itself." Screenshots (Optional): If you want a further comparison of the DMRs besides the photo here, click this link for the stat sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PTxEJrNPrvDOdZ8Xaz5yYIj9KoU899NHIM_YNE8YT1Q/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I had the luxury of attending at a private school, which the public expects that it had a higher standard of learning than the public ones. Too bad, they never taught me how to do my taxes, make a resume, attend interviews, and apply for a job. Things that are essential in real life aren't taught to me, I had to learn things by myself with the help of others ofc. To which I say, school is useless irl, but useful for giving you the ability to get a diploma.
  10. -1 You do know that the time that you've been arguing are counted as minutes right? Even with all the minutes combined, you dont have the sufficient amount of time spent within the server. Additionally, you only connect whenever there will be an event, you never spent a time at homemap, you don't know how things yet works CG let alone the basic structure of the team, and also if you ever decided to stay at homemap you're just basically mic spamming and minging with your mic as said earlier. If you ever accumulate the required hours, I don't think that would be enough with your current attitude. Maybe re-apply when you are mature enough to be given the access that normal players don't have in the server and the responsibility to entertain the whole server via events.
  11. +1 As a lazy person I find this very helpful to make other users understand that I stopped to say something. Plus, it would beneficial to non-mic users aswell, so it doesn't break the RP or the user can easily join the RP since it signals that the user is typing. However, I saw this addon being used at DarkRP Servers already, to which I question if the talking icon would giveaway the typing person's location to other players, which also is a big no-no for me.
  12. Thanks, I've edited things out now. It's a bummer that I can't find anything else that fits with the motif I'm going for that is already in the server. It is fine if the Elder and Faithful PMs don't get changed if the only option to changing it was to add another addon, in which I remember is that the management is hesitant to do most of the time. Anyways, thanks again. Ok, I've updated it aswell. So it's far off from being a lookalike of the ISIS Breacher Model
  13. Suggestion Name: Al-Qaeda Playermodel Overhaul + Chief, Survivalist, and Assassin Loadout Changes Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Playermodels Addon Pack (Optional): The models are already in the server, and aswell included (most likely) on the hitbox fixes. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=582703081 Addon Pack File Size: 4.399 MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Ok, I'll be real Al-Qaeda Models looks like it's out of place everytime. Everyone is on white shirt (except Assassin), and sometimes balaclava with a WW1 helmet (why?). So here is what I propose, a full regiment model replacement with models that are in the server, just with different bodygroups to update the looks and in order to make use of the different environment. Survivalist: Model: Generic_Merc_Dude INT -> ZLT Bodygroups: Skin: 4 Sleeves: 6 Belt: 0 Legs: 9 Mask: 0 Shades: 1 Undershirt: 0 Vest: 0 Helmet: 4 EXT -> NTS Bodygroups: Skin: 4 Sleeves: 8 Belt: 3 Legs: 3 Mask: 2 Shades: 0 Undershirt: 0 Vest: 1 Helmet: 2 Medic: Model: Generic_Merc_Dude INT -> ZLT Bodygroups: Skin: 7 Sleeves: 3 Belt: 2 Legs: 2 Mask: 2 Shades: 1 Undershirt: 1 Vest: 9 Helmet: 4 EXT -> NTS Bodygroups: Skin: 7 Sleeves: 5 Belt: 2 Legs: 5 Mask: 2 Shades: 0 Undershirt: 1 Vest: 10 Helmet: 1 Sniper: Model: Generic_Merc_Heavy INT -> ZLT Bodygroups: Skin: 2 Sleeves: 1 Legs: 10 Mask: 0 Shades: 1 Undershirt: 0 Calfpads: 1 Baronpads: 1 Elbowpads: 0 Neckguard: 1 Vest: 1 Thighpads: 1 Helmet: 4 EXT -> NTS Bodygroups: Skin: 2 Sleeves: 1 Legs: 1 Mask: 1 Shades: 0 Undershirt: 0 Calfpads: 1 Baronpads: 1 Elbowpads: 0 Neckguard: 1 Vest: 1 Thighpads: 1 Helmet: 4 Bandit: Model: Generic_Merc_Dude INT -> ZLT Bodygroups: Skin: 1 Sleeves: 1 Belt: 1 Legs: 1 Mask: 0 Shades: 1 Undershirt: 0 Vest: 6 Helmet: 1 EXT -> NTS Bodygroups: Skin: 1 Sleeves: 2 Belt: 2 Legs: 3 Mask: 1 Shades: 1 Undershirt: 0 Vest: 11 Helmet: 4 Assassin (Not gonna lie, I hate how the model is entirely different from the rest of the subclasses. So I'm doing it again): Model: Baddie1 INT -> ZLT Bodygroups: Skin: 4 Top: 4 Legs: 0 Headwear: 5 Scarf: 2 Gear: 0 EXT -> NTS Bodygroups: Skin: 4 Top: 3 Legs: 1 Headwear: 4 Scarf: 1 Gear: 1 Chiefs: Prophet: Model: Baddie2 Bodygroups: Skin: 2 Top: 7 Legs: 0 Mask: 1 Headwear: 0 Gear: 0 Commander: Model: Baddie2 Bodygroups: Skin: 11 Top: 7 Legs: 2 Mask: 1 Headwear: 0 Gear: 1 Chief of Staff: Model: Baddie2 Bodygroups: Skin: 10 Top: 7 Legs: 3 Mask: 1 Headwear: 0 Gear: 3 Governor and Shadow Governor: Model: Default (Don't Change) Elder: Model: SaddamEnhanced Bodygroup: Skin: 1 Faithful: Model: SaddamEnhanced Bodygroup: Skin: 0 I know the model selection is not that diverse, but trust me the different bodygroups will compensate for it, like the old models tried to do. I tried to not make the whole regiment like a goon squad with matching white shirt but different headgear and etc. (You know that already). The following could increase the chances of new and regular players to be driven to the regiment and make use of the great equipments it offers. PS: If you think their skin tones are too light, feel free to change it up. EDIT: PRIOR TO IAN's REPLY, I GOT NO CHOICE BUT TO ADD A NEW MODEL BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING RELATED TO AL-QAEDA THAT IS UNUSED IN THE SERVER. IT IS OK IF ELDER AND FAITHFUL IS NOT GOING TO BE CHANGED, THIS IS JUST OPTIONAL (which is a bummer). Next is the load out of some of the subclasses and chiefs, there are some things that I quite don't understand, I would like it to be changed or be answered why is it like that. I'll be straight: For the loadout of Al-Qaeda Chief. I don't understand why it gets a subpar gun than the others. CZ-858 with 43% recoil and 27 damage, I think that such a gun doesn't do justice if given to a chief. I suggest that rather than giving the Al-Qaeda Chiefs CZ-858, they should be given the Warface Classic AK-47 instead (I think it is unused). More fitting than such a gun with not-so-good stats. For Survivalists, it's just the Frag Grenade. Survivalists questionably only gets the Frag Grenade when they've reached the NTS rank, not when they've reached ZLT (edit: was DVT before [18/10/20]). This is a kinda "why?" for me. Furthermore, since I proposed into using the Warface AK-47 for the chiefs, might aswell replace that CZ-858 that the class gets, so it follows the theme of soldiers getting the chief's gun at a certain rank. For Assassins, De Lisle Carbine is the only gun that the class gets, it is not even close to persuading someone to buying the special classes. Change it to an AR like the USMC's Ghost Class, like L85A2 and a Smoke/Flash Grenade at DVT and Cuffs. The loadouts aren't new player friendly aswell: Survivalist Gets FAL-R at INT the gun is good, but only rewarding if you are already accustomed to aiming well or to the server, would suggest to switch this with AK-47 at INT and receive FAL-R at DVT and Frag at ZLT. Sniper Sniper gets SR-338 immediately at INT, which is a classified DMR (personally) and gets M40A5 at DVT, which is the same problem as Survivalist. I'd like to get these switched the other way around so new players joining in gets a chance to 1 headshot, 1 kill someone early as Sniper classes are the most popular to newbies. Screenshots (Optional): Survivalist (INT -> ZLT) Survivalist (EXT -> NTS) Medic (INT -> ZLT) Medic (EXT -> NTS) Sniper (INT -> ZLT) Sniper (EXT -> ZLT) Bandit (INT -> ZLT) Bandit (EXT -> NTS) Assassin (INT -> ZLT) Assassin (EXT -> NTS) Prophet: Commander Chief of Staff Governor and Shadow Governor = No change Elder and Faithful Updates: Corrected most of the incorrect things within the suggestion (18/10/20) Re-corrected Ranks and Errors as thread gained noteriety, added a number 4 to the loadout problems (24/10/20)
  14. This feels like (for me) mostly a rant of you being bored with the events, I do feel the same way. But suggestions like these must be approached in a different way, it must be clear and concise. For example, "Here are some maps that I have looked on with good fps and layout", "Maybe introduce another gamemode like CTF", and etc. Something like that would probably be more favorable.
  15. Reskinned rp_junglestorm, so basically you're suggesting to just change the atmosphere to vietnam war. Ok
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