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  1. Suggestion Name: Ranks & Squads - Grading System Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): idfk Add-on Pack (Optional): n/a Add-on Pack File Size: n/a Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Alright, since the server will go up SOON™ (God knows when) I have an simple yet elaborate plan to keep players active and probably prevent immediate burnouts. Since the update previews don't say any innovations made with the events and shit. Main meat: Add rank grading and permanent squads (Basically a fucking clan)! So what the fuck is rank grading Xhenoa? Basically this adds grades to the players' ranks (automatically) before they are eligible for promos! This eliminates most of the promos sheet tracking for players and sets an additional task for players. So how this works is that the grades are xp based (or can be points based per grade) and could be gained by doing capping objs, kills, whatever could be added, and etc., but the promos are still manually done by officers. I don't want to dictate on how will the xp curve and xp multipliers (or points) will be done but it could be made that it would take a bit more time, but also enjoyable and rewarding (flex and items/skins/etc.) for the players at the same time. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE NOT A DICTATION OF HOW SHOULD IT WORK: Kills - 1 pt Capping Objectives - 5 pts Holding Objectives - 1 pt per 5 seconds (idfk, probably don't count this because this is abusable) Revive - 2-3 pts every 5 revives etc. As you can see PVT - SGT is still time gated and most definitely 1LT and Beyond will always be. Now regiment and faction transfers are more fair (personal opinion), transferring to another regiment doesn't demote you, but resets your current grade to 1 and faction transfers just demotes you by 1 rank. Note: this is an example but you might aswell copy this (ripped from Black Squad) Now for permanent squads (a fucking clan per se, separate with the existing squads) How the fuck would clans work? The clan system would only function when there are minimum a of 6 players and max of 10 players and only will turn on in events. Now, there will be a leaderboard that will seasonally reset, top clan and their members gets some good shit by the end of the season. It would be great if it's a point system based on kills and deaths to make shit simple for example, but I ain't a dictator. EXAMPLE: 1 kill = +1 pt; 1 death = -1 pt Now if you're clanmate is on an enemy faction, killing him/her or dying from him/her doesn't count, simple. Note: this is ripped from black squad again End note: I just want to get this out of my system because I think this would really be beneficial for the server, add more shit, hijack the suggestion whatever, because this system can be modular by design
  2. Suggestion Name: Taliban Army Player Model Replacement Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Playermodels Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077299809 Addon Pack File Size: N/A (Read Reason) Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Since it's posted here, it's a bit serious. So first things first, "Why?" I know "Malteser" is a staple and a household world already at CG. But let's be fair, the models are ugly as, they don't offer much as an advantage in combat as they the models tend to be more as a disadvantage since it's "chunkier" than the other models within the server. Plus, aesthetically they are more like african warlords and soldiers and somalian pirates, which is well away from being a "Taliban". Like everything, somethings should change and this should be some of those things. The problem Ok so the problem is the addon is ragdolls only, so work has to be done (which is what everybody hates fr). Second and hopefully the last problem stemming from the first problem is convincing Feral (I assume) to spend some bills from the treasury to hire and pay someone to do the work, which is hard enough to do that's why I'm just opening the idea to this. The bodygroups are plenty enough to feast on, like a lot. Other stuff In my opinion, Taliban Army got one of the good default loadouts, but underutilized since no one wants to be that player with that model. This is the same as the US Army, like they have hella of lot of good shit aswell (just needs a damage buff on some). That's why I'm also making one for them after I find a proper one for them aswell, because that desert camo is yikes, it's WW3 they probably should get an Urban Digital or Jungle Digital camo already, and hopefully it isn't locked up to ragdolls. TL;DR - Xhenoa wants another model change :pepocmon: - There is work :pepeugh: - Feral has to probably spend server monie this time - Xhenoa wants people to stay in Taliban army and US army more, rather than instantly moving to a regiment. Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Actually yes, if that is what it takes to rework it since almost all the weapons are what Pingas said, "generic". True, that the staffs would take the players' flak with the reset, but I believe it is worth it in the end. Especially at this time that the workshop support for ArcCW is more than suffice to provide the number of guns that CG currently has (even the missing ones) and CG's guns falling out. Also, as what Pingas said (lmao) it may not be possible in the end, but I've atleast want to try to open the discussion with the community and with the long standing members, because it's better to be said than never. Lastly, I don't really mind losing work with the gun sheet, it's there to help the community and I'm more than willing to rebuild it even things change. Persuation and leverage lmao
  4. Suggestion Name: Resetting Levels and Exploring a New Weapon Base (ArcCW) / Reworking all of the Current Weapons Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Major Update (?) Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I'll say it immediately, this is a suggestion and a general discussion at the same time. Not my typical posts, but I wish something substancial comes out of this as a united community opinion. I feel like we've came to the point that our current weapons and how they work is really approaching their EOL (End of Life). It's always the same everytime, especially with the current guns right now in which recoil and same attachments are always the name of the game everytime. That's where I think we should agree on exploring a new Weapon Base, which is ArcCW, it has been always at the back of my mind everytime I come on the server. Like, "what if players have more control to how they want their guns to be?" and "orrr just Rework the Current Weapons?", which I'm not a fan of. I'll state my own opinions for the two, but just so you know I'm biased towards moving to ArcCW instead of redoing the whole weapons and staying with CW 2.0 (in which I hope you are biased to ArcCW aswell). For ArcCW, much has been said. The amount of personalization it offers for players is very much ahead of what could CW 2.0 offer for the players, the attachments, almost everything could be done in a way that the players truly prefer and how they want their weapon to behave making it possible that all the weapons that would be introduced would be viable and would only be a matter of preference by the users' desire. For a developer standpoint IN STATS, I really think that it would be more of linear and actually really customizable when it comes to setting the base stats that would challenge the players' creativity, the editing of it is straight to the point actually than CW 2.0, there would be lesser complaints from players since their creativity is the key and, I think dialing it down would take time (talking about damage dropoffs and behavior of the gun here) but would produce the most positive feedback from the community. For Rework and staying with CW 2.0. It is less personalization honestly, the management could tweak stuffs so the guns would behave different but with the current available attachments I think the outcome would still be a recoil meta. Players would just repurchase the same attachments as they progress and no personalization at all. I could see no use to pursue it further for the developer the lack of flexibility to being creative for both the players and the makers, this is what made me biased towards moving to ArcCW. The only positive notes I see is that CW 2.0 in CG was really optimized by Badger to it's limits and CW 2.0 is linear when it comes to slapping attachments. Lastly, resetting levels. It's been 3 years since a hard reset has happened, and I really think it is the time that we should do it if either one of the two mentioned would happen. I'm sure that this doesn't sit well to new progressing players, and players that are almost at the end. I think offering a month or two of 2x boost would make up to the new players and like exclusive melees or just anything to flex would be an acceptable apology for high prestige players. I feel like it's a matter of a united community opinion that we could persuade Feral to give a go signal and persuading Badger that it is worth his time optimizing ArcCW and Eclipse to help out. Sure it would take time, like almost everything, but with community effort and support it is really plausible. I want to thank the players in the community for their input upon making this and the people that the management with their says aswell (I won't say names because I'm not a cocksucker lmao, but you know who you are). To end this, let's make a substancial discussion about this in this topic.
  5. Suggestion Name: KRM-262 Rework Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Guns Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So in addition to my Argus Rework proposal, I promised KRM-262 would be next. I've played around the values and here is my proposal for it. Changing the damage from 4x8 (4 per pellet; 32 in total, if all of that 8 actually hits) to 10x7 (10 per pellet; 70 in total, if all of that 7 actually hits) So actually the same as Argus, but there would be a separation later on, like different use case. I find this value very balanced as the pellet count has enough chance hit the target or not hit at the same time at a very modest damage. Since other shotguns deal 11x7. Decreasing the Hip Spread from 80% to 24% This will separate the KRM from the Argus' use case. Since KRM reloads by the shell, it makes more sense that after it reloads you can start shooting immediately rather than taking the time to aim. It could've been 30% but the LAM attachment is disabled for the KRM (I have no idea why). Also this would go up to 30% since Silencer (I think) would be a must for this gun to be viable at all. Increase the Fast Mag Reload Speed from 1.00 to 1.15 Because it doesn't reload any much faster with or without the fast mag attachment equipped, even with 2 shells per reload. So it actually makes sense that it reloads fast enough to get the user back in action. Allowing access to the Flechette (Attachment) Furthermore, I based Argus to be mainly used with a slug, I want KRM to be used with a Flechette as a counterpart and with the values I proposed i think it would hold itself enough to have players base their comparison by preference and use case. So with the Flechette, KRM would be dealing 80 with the Long Barrel attached, but the Clump Spread is enough to kneecap you to not be able to make all the pellets hit the target and if you attached the Silencer it would increase your chance to make all the pellets hit but with a damage penalty, making you deal 72 damage only if it all hits. Without the Flechette it is basically a plain shotgun with or without Silencer attached. If I ever messed up the values it should display the damage as 4x20 with or without a Silencer attached when the Flechette is equipped. If it displays 3x20 = Crap; 5x20 = Overpowered. PS: Argus and KRM-262 could have the same Slugs and Flechette available but like it wouldn't make sense. Changelogs: Corrected Values (14/04/2021) Corrected Values (16/04/2021) Screenshots (Optional):
  6. y u gotta do dis You will be missed :-((((((( EDIT: Voice reveal when again?
  7. Never +1-ed so fast Like bruh, this guy could really produce good events and even above qualified for what he's applying for rn. The fact that he's applying for a position that involves daily direct interaction with the players shows how much he wants contribute and help the server out in any way, like fr.
  8. Suggestion Name: Rework Argus Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Guns Addon Pack (Optional): N/A Addon Pack File Size: N/A Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So Argus, the gun that scammed players thinking it was good and players who bought gun for the meme. I made this suggestion for the Prestige 11+ shotguns to be taken seriously (meaning there will be a suggestion for KRM-262 [Soon]) Let's start crunching the numbers! Changing the damage from 4x11 (4 per pellet; 44 in total, if all of that 11 actually hits) to 9x8 (9 per pellet; 72 in total, if all of that 8 actually hits) So "Why?", as much as I don't want to compare it to the other shotguns, this and the other higher prestige shotgun are the only ones that deals damage lower than 50 and all the other guns below Argus' prestige deals 70+ damage in total. This actually makes sense as a higher prestige count gun, the lower pellet count increases the chances of the players shots hitting the target since there is no distance damage scaling. Increasing the Hip Spread from 50% to 100% There will be several benefits to nerfing the Hip Spread, this will prevent the viability of hip firing (of course) since the gun is magazine based, will give access to the Slugs Attachment, will counter the lower pellet count, and will add extra time before the user could shoot as they need to aim first. Decreasing the Spread per Shot from 50% to 10% Lowering the Spread per Shot value to 10% will make the gun viable for aiming but twitchy enough that it doesn't overshadow the other bullet-based weapons and can't compete at longer range due to being twitchy. Increase the Aim Accuracy from 50% to 87% This will cement the purpose of Argus to have aiming as a viable means to deliver the shots to the enemy, rather than not hitting any shots at all. Allowing access to the Slugs (Attachment) Since the slugs in the server only boasts a 500% damage boost, this makes the slugs accessible now without the risk of being overpowered at all. It will have a 50 damage per slug, but since the user is kneecapped by the 87% Aim Accuracy, the user will be forced to equip the Silencer, lowering the damage output to 45 per slug. "What contributes to the forcing of the silencer while using slugs?" The low ammo count and the low firerate, this puts the user in the situation is to use the slugs, the user has to make every shot count or the user will be reloading more than killing or worse, being killed due to inaccuracy. "Why didn't you suggest that the Flechette be accessed aswell?" The Clump Spread is low enough that the Flechette will be a better slug than the Slug itself. Max Spread and Recoil shouldn't be touched as those are the counter balances for the suggested changes. So let me know what you think, and I'll be happy to discuss stuffs. Changelogs: Fixed values (02/03/2021) Reduced Values (03/13/2021) Screenshots (Optional):
  9. +1 It's a trial anyways, and I could see a big potential with this. There will no longer be constant CrowRP and US will be encouraged to go out and capture points w/o the fear of being killed halfway through. Like what Asatru said, it will drive the fights to the warzones instead of the checkpoints. Lastly, it will limit the constant camping of Talibans that prevents US from moving out. What I don't want to see is Talibans chiefs or US officers defaulting to enemy status everytime.
  10. It's a simple as it gets, if you've read thoroughly the only management you need is for the Kevlar and Helmet weight, to prevent new players from crafting the best stuff. So the penalty was to decrease the movement speed. Anything else was a brief explanation on how things would work and function, like: How will you get materials, What are the benefits for the feature, and etc. There is no micro-management of some sorts, there are only preventive limits to what you could craft so you have to go through the prestiges. So it's basically an arcade version of EFT, not DarkRP, where looting materials are simplified/instant to match CG's fast-paced environment. I could see that it can be good in some cases like recrafting armors. But for weapons, I think it's gonna be different as the required materials will go up and players would need to match that. Second goal was to give back to others the materials when they need it anyways. Probably an expiry should only apply to Kevlars and Helmets, but not weapons, so long-time players will have more than what they need to recraft armors can give back and not turn full greed since weapons expires, forcing them to keep every materials that they could get.
  11. Suggestion Name: Revised Crafting (Successor of "Weapon Crafting" + Shifting Tides 2/x) Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Gameplay Addon Pack (Optional): Customizable Looting System Addon Pack File Size: 0.006 MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So this is a more revised version of the "Weapon Crafting" suggestion as I've taken more time to think about the viability of crafting and how will it work within the server. This suggestion will be almost similar, but wider than the last one as it will dabble with the armor aswell and some other stuffs. So without further ado, let's get this thing started. Player Activity , Map Exploration Improvement , and Time Commitment What I mean by this is there are more things to do within the homemap and the server overall other than doing the repetative thing over and over again. This will drive players to go out explore and do more other than staying in-base and reward players who are going out and just exploring the different corners of the homemap. That being said, this will equate to drive players to take the time to grow within the server. More time, the better. The Mechanics This section will dabble on how will this revised crafting be applied and what aspects within the game will be affected. Materials As I've said from the past suggestion, to make the primary crafting materials to a minimum, like 5 primary materials minimum to 8 primary materials maximum (just an example). So there will be aspects wherein RNG is involved, for example: 2 Commons, 2 Uncommons, and 1 Rare primary material, totaling to 5. I won't go down to the miniscule details, but this is somehow the general idea. Getting the materials: There will be several methods of "looting" generally, the following includes: Killing Players (except Allies), Capturing Points, Defending Points, Looting Crates, Killing NPCs, and a Faction + Ally-wide reward for Capturing Intel. When you succeed the following stuffs mentioned, the materials will be instantly transferred to your materials inventory. This will prevent the spawning of props/materials and degrading the performance of the server. A simple ,"You have received X 1x" will do. Armor This will be controversial, but I propose of getting rid of the default given armor and be replaced with the crafted armor instead How will this work? So there will be two types of equipment for the armor, a Kevlar and Helmet. That simple, wherein those two just gives AP; and as you gradually progress via level/prestige, you will be unlocking better Kevlar and Helmet until you reach 100 AP overall "What will happen to UN's Armor kit?" UN's Armor kit will now only give you AP depending on the Kevlar and Helmet you have equipped. Weapons The same as usual, the crafted weapons will be in a separate section of the F4 Menu, but will function along side the shop. Meaning that the crafted weapons are permanent. The weapons in this section are the unused guns within the server. "This will make the shop obsolete" Not at all, since you could lock the crafting section until the player has reaced a certain threshold, like starting from prestige 1 (this does't include armors) or something and in-game cash. So it will be more viable for new players to prioritize the Shop guns before Crafted guns. Additional benefits: This will make content delivery of new guns easier as not all could access the guns at the same time, aswell you could adjust the crafting requirements and adjust the gun before most of the people gain access. Weight Mechanics (For Armors Only) "Why armors only?" Because if you add weight on the weapons, it will apply to the Shop weapons aswell, and I don't wanna do that. Plus, I'm pretty sure that you don't want to do it too. Weight management should be a thing so players that thinks they could craft the best piece of Kevlar and Helmet would make them untouchable would be penalized by movement speed as they can't carry that much equipment yet with their prestige rank. Let's say by prestige 0 you have a weight limit of 10, but you've equipped an armor with the weight of 11, this will result in a movement speed penalty of -15 per extra point and you will increase your weight limit as you prestige. This will prevent skipping and will encourage players to progress for better equipments. Economy and RP Potential I've said this before and I want to say this again, this would greatly benefit RP and create Economy + Camaraderie between players. You could just ask for materials for the release of a Hostage, Bribe MPs, Bail, and just give to whoever needs materials via Trading. This will eliminate asking for temporary stuff, like vehicles or helicopters and will incentivize more on permanent stuffs. Monetary Gains (To support the development budget of CG) I want to make this the last point since you could either choose to or not to monetize the odds of getting additional good stuff along with the actual loot or the % of getting a loot from someone you killed. But what I'm saying is that there is a big opportunity with monetizing the crafting in multiple ways. So to end this, I know that there are some stuffs not mentioned again within this revised crafting topic and I'd be glad to converse with you within this topic. "Shifting Tides is an initiative wherein it will focus on the expansion of interactions within the homemap with progressive features that could keep a player entertained for a long time and overhaul some of the longest features with up-to-date/game changing stuffs." All the respect and love of progression, Xhenoa Screenshots (Optional):
  12. The freak you saying bruh, every thing that you've mentioned was already dumbed down or takes skill and time to be used. Let me enumerate: VSS Nerfed due to US outcry of ISIS and the bois being too good at using it in the early WW3 Update To be real, it's a stupid gun. The dumbass recoil and choice of attachments was the thing that was barring normies from using it MP153 This was the replacement from the basic XLR-5 (I think) Gun needs actual skill to pop heads within 2-3 shots w/ slug attachment, due to high spread per shot% So I don't really get that you want items to be removed/changed when those are just considered as ease of life to not spending. To add, don't be that guy that puts things to the table and complain about it because you want to buff something within the regiment you belong to. You could've just said, "could X be buffed because Y gets this and that and I think it should be equal." -1 Don't put others down just to get what you want. Just straight-up ask for it next time and a viable reason
  13. oof, sad to see another homie saying his goodbye without another crouch jump warn. 🥲 @Megu "Haha, tang ina mo din gago."
  14. The thing is, that there will be a map rotation in place. From what I've been told there would be a day and night cycle between the maps instead of using an addon. Edit: If it is gonna be used for weather, then it's a +1 for me I guess. But if it drops frames, it would be an instant -1
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