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  1. Basically, in my opinion this appeal should be handled at the discretion of those directly effected by the actions of you or other offending parties. I don't see the point on leaving a +/- 1. I suggest talking to/explaining to the effected person/s via discord if possible.
  2. Woah people just copying @Bobby, must be a trend starter Hi Muhammad
  3. Do some good french o7
  4. Can you put any less effort into a ban appeal?
  5. bruh the AK-74 does more dps than the golden honey badger?
  6. This is the most feralswan thing I've seen
  7. This has been added to the server. Locked.
  8. I'm sure you're talking about BodyGroupr, which changes bodygroups. Bodygroups are set by the gamemode if users can change them it would be difficult to discern rank from a distance.
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