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  1. This change would be unfair for PLA and ideas of someone who manages vehicles on the server is too complex and would be infuriating for most players. The map was commissioned with FOB being FOB and PLA base being PLA based. Swapping FOB with bases isn't viable. Denied.
  2. I told you it's not the hitbox. Maybe aim through the door instead of at a wall?
  3. You're not understanding. Having weapons with massive AOE damage is stupid in a multiplayer game. We all know how people work when they don't need to be near an event point to defend it. Stay back near spawn, use your rockets, how is that fun for anyone? You're being selfish and not listening to other people. It would be better to give many people a one shot rather than 2 regiments. Because that's how balancing goes.
  4. I too, would love to rocket launcher points in events and make them unplayable. There is a reason there aren't many one shot guns in the game that aren't snipers, it's not fun for the people who don't benefit, which is about 80 - 95% of the server.
  5. You don't get to decide that.
  6. Well it sucks that people have far too much money. They're made to be obtained separately, being able to convert them makes those systems obsolete.
  7. +1, Isaiahh was a respectable member before he started using scripts, something he was influenced into doing by another member of the community. Also found it funny when he screen shared him using scripts
  8. Could I suggest weapon skins or other aesthetics as opposed to functional goals?
  9. +1, Hxtp has turned around into a respectable person. More information regarding the reason he was banned was given to me, making me believe the ban should be revoked or reduced.
  10. Not having a microphone and being an event master don't go well. An event master's role is more timed base than an Administrator role and requires quick communication.
  11. No. If you want to fly join SAS. It's literally their job.
  12. This is by far the most unfunny trend I've seen on a server
  13. Nikolai is correct. http://www.mirandawarning.org/whatareyourmirandarights.html
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