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  1. I don't normally quote myself but here we go, "you could at-least write a formal apology to the community / staff team for your actions"
  2. Yeah i mean look dude, its not like there isn't a chance of you getting unbanned, its up to the staff team at the end of the day. But how are you going to prove with us beyond what you have already said that you absolutely will not do anything against the rules again? What evidence can you bring to support your claim? Whats an example of how you have changed of a person? and to add onto it, you could at-least write a formal apology to the community / staff team for your actions, this is a very low effort appeal considering your circumstances.
  3. This is just a personal opinion, but i would say that if you are shot by someone inside a base, then revived, you wouldn't just be able to shoot them if you can still see them. Need to kind of create a time-frame here, i.e you can shoot them if revived within 10/20/30 seconds and no more time has elapsed from when you died.
  4. Hi, You aren't the first person to bring this up, Though i don't really see a need for it personally, it would be nice to have a few good rifles. The only feasible way i see this, is it doing < 60 damage. which is even more unrealistic than a slow fire-rate. It will be taken into review if any weapon balancing changes come up. Regards, Pingas
  5. this has nothing to do with some fictitious arrest count, infact i actually do agree with the topic poster here, but my opinion differs a bit. Searching for weapons around the perimeter of the base, i.e within line of sight to a wall/checkpoint, should not require any warning, though searches outside of the immediate area - i.e past the tank outside checkpoint. should be roleplayed, i.e walking up, getting told why you're being searched etc. Its almost impossible for an MP to roleplay this in the checkpoint because they are going to get sniped or shot, not much you can do about that besides them not being KOS like it was a while ago. So this should remain untouched, forcing them to do this in the checkpoint/close vicinity is basically just saying dont do it at all, and they wont, you wont see MP's bothering to do it that much as they will just get shot
  6. Heres a simple reply. You are suspicious if you, A) Intentionally avoid a member of the military, mp or otherwise. B) Standing around in the same area for an extending period of time. C) Within visual line of sight of a military base or operation, on the hill, in front of the checkpoint, in the tree's. doesn't matter, if you can see the base then you are suspicious, who the hell hangs around a military base loitering and looking into it? people get arrested for that under espionage and yes, military police would chase you out of the checkpoint and areas around it as the entire region is under military jurisdiction
  7. We've never had any add-on that adds leaning or something similar. Though, it was something that was discussed a while ago, but a lot of work would need to be done on an addon as they way hitboxes are done on here is fairly unique + the hit registration, unlike stock darkRP basically everything to do with hit calculation has been written by badger.
  8. Sounds a bit sus, also please edit this and use proper paragraphing Also from what i heard recently you were evading on an alt. which doesn't help your case
  9. get counterstrike source for the love of god
  10. If someone sprints towards me with charged defibs i just shoot them, im sure no one would disagree on that as they are endangering your life by running at you with a voltage capable of instantly stopping your heart if it makes contact with skin. Its not a difficult thing to order them to back away/maintain distance, if they keep running towards you you are fully allowed to kill them.
  11. I will leave this one up to @Canoon
  12. 21 Warnings since awarn was implemented in august last year. 6 warnings within the spawn is two weeks before you were banned permanently. I have dealt with you personally in the past, i was also the one who instructed canoon to ban you permanently, as was i present during your final minutes on the server. With multiple run ins with staff members and players alike in the past, what can do you to convince us that you have actually changd? myself? i highly doubt it. Cheating on this server is not tolerated. It takes a LOT of merit and positive prior performance to convince the staff team to unban you. whilst you, have none of these. People that have been caught cheating that have been unbanned on appeal have performed a lot for the community in their time playing.
  13. Currently not possible as various things will need to be modified for it to be in effect. suggest changing this format to reflect a rule change instead, though since they are inside the same structure it basically means everyone gets -2 score for shooting people. i dont see this as a feasible thing currently.
  14. I suggest you look at some successful applications in the completed section. Your event crafting is not sufficient.
  15. Just saying, riot control originally had the same cuffs, when they got to WO they got them. that worked out fine? About mp's being said as useless if riot get cuffs, i think there are only two active MP's currently excluding the commander. Jakey and blaid225
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