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  1. 1/10 wouldnt sesh with again. left a massy duke in the dunny @Lindy
  2. Pingas

    self explanatory

    <OP perspective: hasnt even touched a boob, hasnt ever touched someones ass
  3. Bipods are disabled for balancing reasons. stats that say "When deployed" dont meant anything and will just lower handling overall.
  4. absolutely should be unbanned. original ban was completely.... man crushed some people with a heli during a minge event debrief where taliban were in US base and killing people, jihading, got permabanned for what shouldnt of been punished for in the first place.
  5. In my personal opinion (not the servers) I am in support of either, leaning heavily towards ArcCW though because of how cool it is. the point of opening a discussion about something like this is to either gauge opinion on it (say a level reset), after reading through Xhenoa's suggestion I believe it is well thought out. In the end it may not be possible to switch to something like ArcCW depending on how it goes with workflow, but the server is in dire need of a decent rework of all the guns, anyone who has played on the server for a year or two now will get what I mean when I say that the current weapons (atleast the ones below prestige 11) feel quite generic and bland after almost 3 years of using them. At the end of 2018 (December) we released the full rebalance for the existing CW guns and they have been used since with little modification. I'm in support of a reset (personal opinion) because it allows everyone to start from the same starting point. There would be next to no point doing a full rebalance without soft locking content somehow so you get a sense of progression, as the only forms of progression on the server right now are; weapons/levels/prestiges and ingame ranks (which most cant get to due to existing players in the ranks) When we did the reset 2-3 years ago, no one really complained that much, even those who did very quickly realised the reason why it had to be done and understood that. For sure no one wants to see their effort go to waste, but feel free to suggest alternatives if you have a better idea. Also, using a different weapon base would allow for firerates that are non generic, who doesn't want to see a lot of variation in rifles and submachine guns? with CW2 at the moment we are locked to certain ranges of firerates.
  6. You have a good idea here, instead of indestructability you could suggest to just raise the HP of the wheels by 1/3 or 1/2 of the current pool. personally have no idea how the wheel destruction stuff is written as I think badger made it ages ago, but it should be possible. (it also could just be scaling based on total HP pool, but like I said no idea how its written) Specific values would have to get tested by our internal team for that though. Vehicles are meant to be somewhat strong but we want to try to avoid situations where raiding is just - drive car in base, take intel, drive out with 20+ people shooting at you (Yes I know you can do this in transport helicopters as well due to high HP pools, but tail rotor is easy enough to shoot off) US have always had issues with 'leaving the base'. but honestly just don't go out the main gate, jump in a tower and hop the wall, seemed to work for me in US 99% of the time. You guys are kind of a bit unlucky though since Jakob pretty good with attack Heli now. Jungle inherently had that issue of people not leaving, the map is nostalgia and the layout isn't my favourite, base is big and open (somehow encourages people to stay inside when the base is huge and open) ______________ On the other point (Taliban cannot fearRP any vehicle from the US) I strongly disagree there, you already cant fearRP a moving vehicle, and once shot at (even once) by the people trying to fearRP you out of the car, you don't even have to listen to them. Like in any FPS game you got to keep moving Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion regarding this issue. Regards, Pingas
  7. "Honestly, I'm not sure what should be done, but something must, you consistently see Al-Shabaab received undeserved bounties when SAS of equal skill, don't have any targets, as any Taliban with half a brain will swap to hands & in turn, can't be killed." yeah got to kind of disagree there, I've been back and forwards between the two regiments/factions for a while now, I actually get more kills in US / SAS than I would in Taliban, simply for the reason that its rare to even see US leaving the base. Taliban will always shoot at US helicopters making them KOSable, you could even just go between warzones (objectives/FOB) and get kills that way. But being honest, the skill between SAS pilots and people who are Heli veterans like myself isn't a small distance, you say equal skill but when have you ever seen a tali pilot that's half decent crash into anything unless they are being greedy for low flyover strafing runs. Or SAS shooting down a Taliban helicopter? I have personally only ever been shot down by US pilots a very small amount of times, it was usually cap doing that. Predicting rockets is a skill, and a very difficult one to learn at that as you have to account for travel time, which side of the Heli the rocket will fire from (sequential pods), how the other person flying will react to being attacked (erratic movements, flopping around like a fish etc.) all whilst controlling a helicopter. I'm not sure if you've ever flown one before, but its not that easy and most people cant even aim accurately with them without months upon months of practice Its not easy to shoot cars you know? you need to get a direct impact on a very specific spot otherwise the rocket will just do no damage, like you literally have to hit the back portion of a Humvee near the rear tires to even do anything, it takes like 9-10 direct rocket hits to even destroy a car (rocket count is only 14) Getting a high bounty in a helicopter is an art, and isn't done over a small period of time. sometimes it could take an hour just to build up to 30 kills. you got to remember that the HP of the little bird basically means it can take about 60-80 bullets before just instantly exploding. which is absolutely nothing when compared to cars or similar vehicles which have HP pools as high as 1500-2500 (with damage reduction from bullets). This makes it that you either have to ditch the Heli and try to para away safely whilst being shot at, or kill them faster than they can kill you. "Now imagine those roles swapped, it wasn't a littlebird, it was a venom overhead & a Taliban (civilian) in the car, there would be no firing, no shots allowed & nothing could be done." Civilian rules have always been an integral part of the roleplay on the server, US in real life wouldn't just randomly bomb a civilian car and go yee haw would they? (NGL they probably would in the middle east since they are cowboys). with the new addition of the neutral time random event, this isn't even really an issue as US just leave during neutral time - which means you cant just shoot them with rockets. @Lazabeam 2, I hope I've covered most of your points here but if you have any questions regarding what I've stated feel free to ask. Im not sure if you've ever been in a pilot regiment before but understand that most people will leave the regiments due to feeling that the helicopters are underpowered, simply ask any SAS officer on their opinions of the venom and you will see what i mean. (Venom has more HP than littlebird by the way) Regards, Pingas
  8. nah mundy got accepted like September 2018 you came way later.
  9. @Mundy, @Ellion and @Graham(bong fiend) will always be our children @Views brings a salty tear to my eye to see you go boya, many memes will be missed. NGL thought you were gonna be smackoo 2.0 when you went on holiday a week after getting Trial EM. lmao proved us wrong ay views.
  10. Few things to point out here. - 298 hours across all your previous steam names, - You only recently started playing the server again 12 days ago, of which you have 25 hours on - minimum is 50 or 60 in the past 30 days. - You haven't answered all the questions - You have written incredibly short answers for the ones you have when its requesting a paragraph minimum - You have written multiple staff applications in the past and put the same amount of low effort into any of them "In One Paragraph, please explain how you will bring new, interesting and creative Event Ideas to the table?: I am creative, I can think all the time of new ideas." ^ Generic answer, no effort put in at all "Briefly describe how a "Typical Event" is run (Keep it short, you will provide a more detailed answer further in the application)?: team deathmatch, capture the objectives." ^ This doesn't even answer the question "Are you currently in Colossal Gaming Steam group?:yes" ^ This one honestly baffles me, you aren't even in the servers steam group but instead some random Canadian rainbow six siege group called colossal gaming???? "On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you known throughout the community by both players and staff members?:8" ^ I don't believe this, you haven't played for ages and even then weren't well known in the past. out of the current staff team I would say less than 1/4th remembers you. I don't believe you've been really active in the discord at all either.
  11. Hi All, Small recent update - Colossal gaming now has working headshot sounds, below are the instructions to enable it along with instructions for custom sounds. First of all make sure you sub to the sound file that's included by default. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2408246946 Then whilst in game on the server you can put this in console (without quotes) "cw_headshotsound 2" Now do a full game restart - close game to desktop and then reopen and join back into the server Congrats! you can now hear a different sound for headshots. To add your own custom sounds to it there are a few requirements, 1. Sound must be in either .MP3 or .wav (waveform) format 2. Sound must be 16000hz - 24000hz Now on how to do it, the path to the sound must be inserted into "" and ran in console, if you have access to spawnmenu (qmenu) you can just do it directly from there cw_headshotsound_override "" Now do a full game restart - close game to desktop and then reopen and join back into the server Note to the above custom sound path - it may need to be placed into an empty addon if it you have issues with pathing or getting it to work. see below Instructions on creating an empty addon 1. Navigate to the garry'smod addons folder - \Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\ 2. Create a new folder in the addons folder (you can name it anything, but for easy purposes you could just call it custom_sounds) 3. Create a folder in your newly created folder called sound (it should look like this so far. \addons\custom_sounds\sound 4. Create another folder called headshot in the sound folder 5. Drag your custom sound into the last folder. 6. cw_headshotsound_override "headshot/samplename.mp3" (replace samplename.mp3 with the name and filetype of your custom sound)
  12. Missing a few stats that matter there, the higher prestige guns (10+) are based off of final attachment builds, meaning they require all attachments to be good. Though i do agree with a buff for it, the stats you provided are grossly different compared to the end result 36% recoil (magnum) 41 damage (magnum) 15% max spread (aim spread cone over time). 15% is nothing, most guns are 50+ 4% spread per shot (spread applied up to max spread per shot) the gun currently is a 4 shot kill, the only easy way to buff it without making it retarded (3 shot kill) would be lowering recoil further, alas; its semiauto so you dont feel the recoil anyway
  13. Linking previous appeals by this player so people can read through them. I feel like that's necessary before commenting on this appeal. Nov. 2020 - Jun. 2020- Jan. 2020 - Jul. 2019 - Jul. 2018 There's actually more than just this, but he has too many alt accounts and i don't keep track of them.
  14. As far as i know, Syn was only using them for a very short period of time. Like 2-3 days max. someone else in the community gave the client to him, not naming anyone but yeah, he was banned on my instruction after i caught him. from what i have seen from speaking to him his attitude has changed, i doubt after being caught and being banned for almost two years now he would repeat the offence. We have given people second chances before, i personally feel that he has served his punishment. He was banned on highlands so it would of been almost 2 years now. He has shown to me that he will play properly and avoid situations where he may be toxic towards others. Considering the nature of his ban, it would be very, very easy to see if he has cheated if he was unbanned.
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