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  1. As far as i know, Syn was only using them for a very short period of time. Like 2-3 days max. someone else in the community gave the client to him, not naming anyone but yeah, he was banned on my instruction after i caught him. from what i have seen from speaking to him his attitude has changed, i doubt after being caught and being banned for almost two years now he would repeat the offence. We have given people second chances before, i personally feel that he has served his punishment. He was banned on highlands so it would of been almost 2 years now. He has shown to me that he will play properly and avoid situations where he may be toxic towards others. Considering the nature of his ban, it would be very, very easy to see if he has cheated if he was unbanned.
  2. You were given a second chance by me after multiple issues in the past. You haven't changed at all its what you say every time. You lied to me straight up multiple times and I still gave you the benefit of the doubt. I think its time to find another server to play on mate -- keep in mind this is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of the server
  3. bro why you lying on your ban appeal, you went around mass inviting people to your discord server associated with a gmod community (using the CG discord to invite people in our community), then when instructed to stop kept doing so.. was explained by multiple people what you did was against the rules prior, you received a discord ban for continuing to do so (I myself actually got 3, not 1, 3 invites. Each time I was sent one I told you, I even explained in your discord at one point to stop doing it) What you did falls under advertising other servers, I swear every time I see you appeal the story changes I think thats all that needs to be said..
  4. School is less about learning and more about teaching you how to learn yourself. It helps prepare you for later years in life, i.e studying in university, TAFE or other sorts of tertiary education. The whole process - being in a classroom and learning with a group is to prepare you for the real world (working environment) to get you used to meeting deadlines, and to teach you how to further your goals with self learning, self study. etc. Most people will find that not a lot of what they learn in school can be applied later in life, but the experiences you get from being in school are an essential part of shaping you as a person
  5. Accepted - Ill speak to you tonight in regards to training
  6. Your ban was upgraded to permanent after continual harassment of a player and 4+ warnings in the span of 2 hours(we use warnings to log punishments), originally banned for 1 week after you started targeting the player during the admin sit. After being banned on the server, from the looks of it you joined the discord and continued to harass said player(s) which was when the ban was extended taking into account continued behaviour and past history
  7. Personally, i think wac is better. the filesize is less than half, its been optimised by our developer slightly. LFS is mainly used for starwars where the vehicles don't need to fly realistically and they have it setup so anyone can fly, without even learning it properly. The helicopters have a weird flight model. You can make WAC easier to fly, by reading the pins in the SAS/al shabab discord, there is a console command pinned in either one to lower interpolation (helicopters in wac are interpolated weirdly) LFS is full of waay too much bloat in my opinion, a lot of redundant stuff that only increases the lag caused by it, its really not designed for a big server and more for use in singleplayer Our version of WAC is 126mb, see below for LFS File Size (LFS) 348.734 MB
  8. Hi there, Thanks for applying, here is a basic template of an event script. would you mind updating your event crafting using this formatting? Script Example: ____________________________________________________________________________ Part 1 Map: Gamemode: Short description (Optional): US Briefing: Taliban Briefing: ____________________________________________________________________________ Part 2 Map: Gamemode: Short description (Optional): US Briefing: Taliban Briefing: ____________________________________________________________________________ Thanks, Pingas
  9. Ill look into getting a fence around it. The goal of raids isn't to be too difficult and the Taliban Intel had been placed there prior when Taliban averaged lower numbers, with sub-factions helping to defend raids it makes it much more difficult compared to raiding US base due to the placement of it (which was a huge success because it did as intended) The fences around the Intel existed purely to stop people from very quickly getting in and out of cars and taking the Intel with them, i feel that the metal barricades accomplish the same effect as you cant get right up to it in a vehicle.
  10. I mean.. not bringing into account how overpowered a weapon with those stats would be... if you own the gun do a rough calculation of this ending dps. so its firerate/60*damage per shot. I am not saying its overpowered or anything but if you actually look at the gun stats and use a proper attachment setup. its got a good mag size, higher than standard assault rifle firerate but same time to kill which means you will always outtrade anyone using a lower gun. -- In reply to Rhys and Yapopey, this is technically correct but the firerates are restricted to a mathmatical formula as its not firerate = 860 in the config. its a floating point number or something. closer example would be 0.0937 for a firerate of 640RPM. So yes, the firerates are restricted but you can mine specific numbers through the formula for certain firerates. though, the FFAR uses the highest possible firerate that can be used without breaking anything
  11. XLR5 was renamed to something else, not sure of the exact one, i believe its still there, scar SOH was removed due to there being a material error on it that wasnt fixable.
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