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  1. +1, I nearly banned this guy once.
  2. Seems like an L to be banned for a joke. I don't see a reason for the ban to stick considering it was accidental and non of the people who were affected made a ticket (supposedly). Maybe a one day would've been better considering the circumstances.
  3. 6 days as full staff, good speedrun time honestly. Neutral leaning to -1. Upon the implementation of the event feedback channel, you and a good few others used it as a way to vent and shit-talk the EMs (You did the latter bit to a lesser extent) Your answers are good and I don't have doubts on whether you will be able to perform your duties, but I'm more worried about the attitude. Good luck.
  4. Locked. User no longer shows interest in applying for staff.
  5. After viewing the video and discussing the situation with some of the parties involved. I've determined that what you've done is not a MassRDM. However you still broke the rules, and you have previous warns for it. I've reduced your ban to 3 days.
  6. Accepted See me on the 22nd for your training
  7. Denied Staff don't believe you are ready for staff. Re-apply in 2 weeks. 25/09/21.
  8. Denied. Please make sure to use the template next time. You can re-apply two weeks from now. (24/09/21)
  9. o7, don't get lung cancer.
  10. Good luck, don't forget to pick up your bags and leave Porta Rico soon.
  11. Now, will he help the US avoid car crashes?
  12. Probably do more than one line in your app, that's the first thing. Probably use this template as well: Please change this app and use the correct template by 09/09 or face an instant denial.
  13. Accepted be on the server to receive your training xoxo.
  14. Accepted be on the server to receive your training xoxo.
  15. Adam Walker


    The unconquerable marine outpost
  16. Before anyone comments, there is no problem with using the same event crafting as a previous app.
  17. +1. He will keep the memes out of general.
  18. Your current activity won't be an issue if you can pick up the hours after being accepted. Just here to clear that up.
  19. I am here to confirm that your application for "Super Respected" has been accepted. o7.
  20. Adam Walker

    forums god

    Congrats, you have been accepted as trial-forum god. This rank is also known as "eLiTE"
  21. Russ had no say in your punishment, so there was no witch-hunting. Your ban was extended due to several factors, including your quite wide array of warns and previous bans. -1.
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