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  1. I believe you have more than served your time, the circumstances surrounding your ban were pretty stupid. From what I saw, you were an alright guy, you played the server legit and it was a minge briefing as well. I do believe you should be given a second chance.
  2. +1, hes probably going to leave in like 3 weeks anyways.
  3. Event crafting is lacklustre as mentioned above, you're not a bad person and you seem keen to be an EM. I'm willing to +1 your application if you can come up with better event crafting. Here is my event crafting, just so you could get a feel for what's generally expected of you.
  4. +1, The N-2000 can also use slugs and has a higher accuracy while also retaining the ability to 2 tap or 1 tap the head. I don't see why the XLR-5 should have 30% accuracy.
  5. Adam Walker


    I'm filling for bankruptcy and am one pay-check away from poverty.
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