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  1. Glad I was able to work with you during my time in CG, you were a great and hard working staff member. (kept stealing all my tickets tho ) Good luck king
  2. +1 looks more like a terrorist than what the old models looked like.
  3. +1 I am sure that accepting Samwise into the Colossal Gaming Staff Team, would be a wise choice indeed. (get it "wise" choice because his name is SamWISE)
  4. Adam Walker


    Signed by John Martin 11/06/2020
  5. :salute emoji: cya Mr. EM
  6. You are under FearRP (Fear Role Play) and I instruct you to stay here.
  7. fuck woolworths. Me and my homies go to countdown.
  8. +1 Good app, good person. I don't know what else needs to be said.
  9. Popcorn chicken, fries and a large L&P
  10. +1 Earning money for holding OBJs would be epic giving us an actual reason to leave the base defend OBJs.
  11. Adam Walker


  12. Neutral | Not enough detail in you're scenario answers, I would be willing to change to a +1 if you put more detail in you're scenario answers. Good luck
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