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  1. Just spawn camp without going in the room lol
  2. +1, I don't see a reason not to
  3. +1. Midday made some clown decisions before, but he hasn't fucked up in a while so give him another shot.
  4. +1 nice chill guy, haven't seem him minge (yet) give him a shot as a Tmod
  5. Adam Walker

    8 ball

    hooldd up thatss juust an image >:((
  6. -1 Most of the warface guns have similar firerates at 480 (I think) Not only that but the AUG does the same damage and has less recoil than golden honey badger. The only thing bad about it is its 25 round magazine.
  7. Adam Walker


    Ok so, firstly you should try to apply for a job in the fast food or retail industry, if your a teenager I believe you don't have to pay taxes. You should also try and save some of your money and not spend it all first chance you get. Get everything second hand or from the black market, the shits cheap and works I guess.
  8. -1 Grenade Launcher is really fucking good if you know how to use it. While it does less damage than the RPG its a lot more mobile and has a faster fire rate. Its possible to use it while running and or jumping you just have to be careful of your surroundings and make sure no player or prop is near you while you fire it. I don't see why the US needs to have another explosive weapon.
  9. Adam Walker


    Become a drug dealer
  10. oh yeah forgot to do the Sec Ops one
  11. 75th submission cause why not
  12. I do believe it should be changed because it makes no sense that neutrals can be shot on sight for holding a crowbar/stunstick but they can hold a gun just fine.
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