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  1. Hello guys, I tried logging in to Colossal Gaming (CG) today, why the server not there? Since CG is not there anymore, I am leaving to join a superior server (Roblox MilRP) Shoutout to my favourite minorities @Miller @Miller @Miller
  2. I run the Russ Johnson fan club on Indian Twitter. TeamRussJohnson #1
  3. Adam Walker

    hello admins

    When the Gaddafi is dead.
  4. +1, I nearly banned this guy once.
  5. Seems like an L to be banned for a joke. I don't see a reason for the ban to stick considering it was accidental and non of the people who were affected made a ticket (supposedly). Maybe a one day would've been better considering the circumstances.
  6. 6 days as full staff, good speedrun time honestly. Neutral leaning to -1. Upon the implementation of the event feedback channel, you and a good few others used it as a way to vent and shit-talk the EMs (You did the latter bit to a lesser extent) Your answers are good and I don't have doubts on whether you will be able to perform your duties, but I'm more worried about the attitude. Good luck.
  7. Locked. User no longer shows interest in applying for staff.
  8. After viewing the video and discussing the situation with some of the parties involved. I've determined that what you've done is not a MassRDM. However you still broke the rules, and you have previous warns for it. I've reduced your ban to 3 days.
  9. Accepted See me on the 22nd for your training
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