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  1. yeah i reckon he would be pretty good mod doesnt really fuck up alot +1
  2. You've literally just copy-pasted the same app im pretty sure that wont work. -1 from me anyways
  3. -1 You do not meet the required active time for the position, 60 hours within a month is required but you only have ~30.
  4. Mundy


  5. Try hang out with staff so we know who you are at the minimum
  6. +1 Good lad, does stuff, doesnt talk smACK
  7. +1 Will actually add more shit to do
  8. +1 Best Video ive ever seen nominate for oscar asap
  9. +1 Old mate Crysis, good guy, used to be EM i think idk, might make good mod idk.
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