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  1. yeh second chances happen ig im the one that banned you anyways but lmao yeah +1 :)))
  2. I got railed like a week ago its fine
  3. Mundy

    peace not hate

    this is why no one likes you
  4. Id say you're probably less well known, you talk on the forums alot but other than that im not sure if youre actually around alot in discord or in game as much. You here about just what working in a team is and what its strengths are, we are looking more about how YOU can work in a team, and maybe some previous examples of how you show good teamwork. Quite good answer actually, here its more of a focus that the players that were killed were inside the base, making it a solo raid. I think you messed something up here o.o make sure to fix this quickly! A good handle on the situation, although 3 hours is VERY lenient, id go for something a bit stronger, but despite that very well handle on the situation. A warn for MassRDM would be way too under, no matter if the player is well known or new, the punishments stay the same. Also he is just afk, a warn for LTAP is completely uneeded. you REALLY should be focusing on cleaning up your act BEFORE applying for moderator. saying this doesnt increase your chances anymore, so consider cleaning up your act while you can For now though, +/- Never mind, you have way too many bad encounters. -1
  5. hi im mundy i make maps and models for serber and i bully the staff team especially deku because its funny i made this just to prove im better than the head em
  6. Locked We definitely do not have the sufficient resources to open another server on-top of World War 3, it would take a very very very long time with our current development team and would not be worth it either way. Although the re-skin of desert fury to a Vietnam styled map is very nice looking, the amount of humidity based brushes in the map would also tank fps quite a bit. Thank you for the suggestion.
  7. maybe something that doesnt say "Alamy Stock Photo" would be nice but ok
  8. Locked The map has missing world reflection values, water on home maps will tank fps quite heavily which is why there isn't any water in jungle except the Marsh objective ,on-top of that the map isn't compile correctly and wouldn't be as new of an experience since it is simply a re-skin of jungle. Thank you for the recommendation though.
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