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  1. +1 Best Video ive ever seen nominate for oscar asap
  2. +1 Old mate Crysis, good guy, used to be EM i think idk, might make good mod idk.
  3. Mundy


  4. +/- You seem to understand LUA and what not, hitboxes is something anyone can do really but besides that i guess if you can show an original creation through LUA then i'd be happy to change to +1
  5. +/- I dont really have an opinion on hxtp, but there have been ups and downs, you have been perm'd twice already but i can still see a chance for you to come back.
  6. con_filter_text_out "Vertex" con_filter_enable 1
  7. +1 Good guy and was Senior EM so like yeah give him mod aha epic
  8. +1 Good guy and would be suitable for the role
  9. +1 Good guy, and i want to see what he can come up with
  10. +1 Good guy, have known him for a while, would make a good discord admin!
  11. No one asked for your opinion old man
  12. Sad to see you go Steve, i wish you luck in the future bai bai
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