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  1. +1 All around friendly guy, follows rules, and generally a legend.
  2. After discussing with chiefs, we have decided to open up this google form to allow people to sign up for a possibility to become a leader of Taliban Faction: Good Luck!! https://forms.gle/LanWqMGB5v51LbTa6
  3. +1 This man is friendly and knows the rules like the back of his hand. Give this man mod.
  4. -1 This is almost a word for word copy paste of your last application As much as you have 1.3k hours on the server, majority are AFK I barely know you and/or have seen you actively playing the server If you improve on the previous points, I will reconsider my choice.
  5. +1 This man is good man, super friendly, good event crafting. All round legend
  6. Join Taliban lolman
  7. mer chrims m chms m :))))))))))
  8. +1 - Knows rules and is cool lad - Has Had a mustache - Has Long hair ok yeah lol
  9. +/- Fix Document Permissions Could expand on some answers
  10. +1 Awesome lad, would make a good staff member
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