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  1. GET HIM, Get the mother fucking cockroach, MAKE HGIM FLY NO MORE
  2. there are towers you can jump out around the base, sneak out and do stuff. if you dont want to get fear rpd in a car just drive and dont stop. its kinda irl
  3. we were meant to tandem with helicopters tandem with minister cars when is that gonna happen now big man
  4. @Deeth wheres my tofu delivery driver
  5. Call Sign 'Commander' Start Log Hello, Hello this is special agent Lucky. I am requesting imidiate evac from the current facility as the taliban have found out my true identity. My task force Epsilon-11 has been taken out in the process leaving me here. Im against 100 insurgents in the region of [REDACTED] currently been fighting for 12 hours The insurgents have continued to push us back. "if i dont make it out, tell the person who sent me on this mission, that the Taliban are planning to des- OH SHIT, FUCK FUCK FUCK. OPEN FIRE" Gun shots rattle as the insurgents get closer we got told that this mission was simple, we all had a picture together before we went on this mission. Sadly i doubt we will be able to make it home right now This is our picture before we got handed our mission. I'm the one in the middle with the American flag on my chest. the one to my right was '99'. Sadly his 3 children will never see him again As i continue to shoot and the ammunition depleting the insurgents slowly start to surround the my position. my weapon has no more ammo left and I don't know what will happen if i get captured. As they start to close in a missile blows up right behind me, and the sound of Abrams and Blackhawks ring my ears. 1 hour later i was back at camp where i met with the general who sent me to this deathtrap. i walk up to him and slap him right in the temple. i asked "why?" he responded with "its your duty to the american people to kill these insurgents" "ITS MY DUTY TO KILL THEM NOT GET SENT INTO A FUCKING DEATHTRAP, MY FUCKING FRIENDS ARE DEAD, WHAT AM I GOING TO TELL THEIR FAMILYIES. THAT AS THEY PLEADED FOR MERCY GOT GUNNED DOWN, GOT GRENADES PUT INTO THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS" "Fuck This im gonna go finish this myself" End Log
  6. ISIS Mobile Task Force Unit Sigma-9 Designated 'Valkyries' As a member of the [REDACTED] Foundation and leader of this QRF unit, i have been tasked with helping our brothers in the Registan region to contain anomalies that appear Current Anomalies Secured And Contained SCP - 035 'The Possessive Mask' We were suddenly under attack in the caves, all I heard was a boom and half my team were dead, HALF OF THEM GONE, IN A INSTANT. I turned around to see what it was and all I saw was a mask dripping out acid. I knew I had to shoot, I quickly opened fire and took down the subject before calling in to get the recapture team to take it back to Site-[REDACTED]. SCP-939 'With Many Voices' As exploring this new region of Registan, I have constantly been hearing some voices from the north cage. On a exploration with DR [REDACTED] we went further in the usual, finding a lot of bones by what looks like some beds and supplies, as investigating further we decided to head in. we eventually started hearing some noises, the noises were like Help, come closer, I need a flashlight. These noises got louder and as i ready my gun I see it, a pack of 939's, we slowly head out not making any noise and quickly call in for a containment team to destroy the cave and so that no person falls for these tricks again Conclusion Due to the current anomalies that have appeared in the Registan region I request that we get another light response force to blend in with the Taliban or 1 of the factions in this area. We need to make sure that nothing else lives in this area. Picture Taken during the cave while investigating the 939's
  7. may the bidding be for ever in your favor, friend
  8. bro imagine not rocking this
  9. Bro, you gassed 13 fucking people. It would've been 15 if 2 of us didnt go into admin mode, mabye it was more. you have had more chances then most people on the server, and how did you get into the staff discord my guy. me and the other guy never sent you invited, you somehow made us invite you without us knowing and i didnt even have any previous messages with you. kinda weird
  10. Deku

    Regiment Artwork

    @Views Make a b-29 enola gay flown by russians cause we all know it was the russians that nuked the japs
  11. Well, its been a good run. I joined the server with a friend who stopped playing I was trained by @midday the minge Thanks for what they've done for me i will miss you. ありがとさよなら @Views
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