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  1. Deku

    Intro Deku

    stop posting boku no pcio smh
  2. Deku

    Intro Deku

    Never did a intro but hello i am deku i play gmod yes react with king if your a king
  3. You play regularly unless you constantly change your steam name this says otherwise
  4. ak-47 golden was good until it got nerfed
  5. You know the PLA means People's Liberation Army, They are the chinese army and The suggestions you make arnt really good and to actually do that change you would have to expand fob, just the suggestion itself isnt a good idea. we have 6 factions for a reason aswell, it can make balancing easier and can give the opportunity for equipment to be spread out between factions
  6. Theres a reason that we dont have many helis, WAC helis put a strain on the server and we can only have certain up at a time. no point in adding extra helis unless we need to and the design to swap the bases with fob makes no sense. you want PLA to spawn in the smallest area and have a 1 way exit from their base, that just aint happenin. fob is a small base, Forwards Operation Base
  7. hmmm gotta say the death machine, pretty good giving them to juggs @eleventeen.
  8. You must Have 60 Active hours before applying for em, This is the first time you've played the server this month Feel Free to reapply in 2 weeks
  9. Denied Try Not to copy my EM application, If you want to apply for EM Write your own application and dont use outdated models/Apps Feel Free To Reapply In 2 Weeks
  10. @eleventeenThe Gametracker link doesnt work please replace it
  11. Denied Feel Free to Reapply In 2 Weeks
  12. Ok so You have another ban for Mass RDM and in that Warn you said You Ban me i DDOS YOU. i gave you a 1 week for that. you then came back onto the server shot 2 people around a jailed player then tried killing the admin before he jailed you. you tried getting out of it by saying its rp and it should be allowed even though you have a previouse ban for it. After the ban you had a talk in discord. when i tried confronting you about the ban in helpdesk channel you started micspamming and being uncoaperative even though i was trying to help you. Im supprised that you believed that i wrongly banned you. when you posted the link i didnt know that youtube links had a youtu.be in them so i was a bit worried that had nothing to do with your ban MASS RDM - Killed Teamates | When Confronted By Staff Said " You Ban Me I DDOS You, I Have Your IP | NITRP 1 Week Ban MASS RDM - Killed 4 People. Tried to lie in sit saying that he only killed two. Logs show he killed the admin dealing with it as well. Player has had warnings for Mass RDM - 3 Week Ban Those are your 2 current bans you have I never upgraded it to 1 month because i thought you put a iptracker in chat i was going to before you told me that it wasnt. I believe you should wait out the ban and think about your actions
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