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  1. Hi, i am Deku. I have decided that i will run a Colossal Gaming Drivers Cup, this will take place Sunday before the 2:15 if it gets enough likes and continue on every week for a few weeks with points being awarded for 1st 2nd 3rd etc. the player with the most points at the end will receive levels/maybe a donation from me on the store or steam game etc. It will most likely span over 10 maps with races a warmup lap before the race. After each race it could have 1 round - 2 rounds per map, points will get announced and i will post a link to the spreadsheet with driver names in chat. If this gets alot of love i will give out the Schedule for the maps and will update this every week Points are awarded like this 1st = 25 2nd = 18 3rd = 15 4th = 12 5th = 10 6th = 8 7th = 6 8th = 4 9th = 2 10th = 1 Rest after = zero FYI this format is subject to change and is up for suggestions If you have taken the time to read this, thanks
  2. i know how to fix, stack max maps ontop of each other
  3. Deku

    unban pls

    1. Why were they not stripped, thats just porely run straight up 2. 4 weeks is the most retarded ban i have seen for 1 rdm 3. staff encouraged it. staff should be punished not hawko. if we did that 1 year ago the staff member would get a serious warning or demotion for that shit 4. that was probs a biased sit if it was a 4 week ban for something that staff members asked for. Unban the dude or reduce it to 1 day
  4. tell us the participants and whast they are doing
  5. hawko is a cool dude, cant wait for hawko events again
  6. +1 even though you did the bing lee shit, i reckon you would be a good candidate for event master as you've been a good em in the past
  7. Hops around fast then a game of hot potato, - what im not toxic to players i dont really show toxicity towards the ems, its more telling them what they did wrong so they can understand, its how my ex head ellion did it and that how i did it, ellion did that to me for 6-7 months and others and then i also did the same for 3 months. hard to break that but most of the time ems dont understand if you ask them nicely
  8. +1 Good chief, Knows what hes doing and would be a good addition
  9. it was 12 days, i applied for em thinking that it changed, it hadnt
  10. ? i had a reason to leave the event team, i dont want to run events, id rather help. no point in transfering to the mod team, would rather take a break. You say i join then leave but i only did that once????
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