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  1. hmmm i got the best joke right here. Its ME!!!!!
  2. could you possibly try building something in single player? to show us that you can build/make a point or cover also why did my RP Character Major Tom have to be used!!!
  3. the SAS pilots arent meant to have the parachutes and neither are the al shabab, a captain always goes down with his ship. the only reason SAS pilots get them is because it was a accident which no one has fixed yet
  4. +1 the guy has a good track record on the server and is a great lad to talk to. last time he was moderator he did a amazing job and and i would like to see how well he performs again. good leader and is a respected player of the server, doesnt get in fights with anyone and knows the rules well
  5. sec ops dont need a riot patrol 1. that sounds like a mission that they would do. 2. giving them 25 to 35 extra hp would give them 135 plus the 75 armour 210 hp overall. the shield is fine and doesnt need to be changed, they can shoot your hands and thats meant to be the point other wise you could push and just not die. and the extra hp is just a rip off of delta
  6. +1 everything looks good and i wouldnt mind having another event master on the server to help out. you have been a em on the server before but that was like 6 months ago, your attitude has changed and i believe you are ready to come again and rejoin the team with me merlyn and eleventeen. you are right with the old team being back together, just really need tiki now. good luck with your app!
  7. Deku

    Is Deku a clown?

    i did yes what do you mean
  8. @Ezygle The G.O.A.T Hands down of the stunstick
  9. so replying to papa, i never sent the Discord Invite as i was busy doing stuff on the server, i only found out i sent it after i had been told about it and had looked in staff discord, i never remember inviting someone because i never had the perms to invite someone to the staff discord in the first place, i had 2FA, and never logged into any website and i doubt my discord was hacked. i don't know how you were invited and how it came from me, but you still probably shouldn't of joined anyway. the photo is not forged either, after i was told about it i looked through my dms and at the top was misset and the invite although i quickly deleted it when i realised it was there
  10. you can kill people in the room, you just cant enter the room
  11. +1 would be nice to have a ex em back in the role everything checks out and hes good at making events
  12. tropica you can add different commands to filter out all that stuff oyu know that right
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