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  1. I see 2 of my screenshots ill post EM when I’m on my pc
  2. +1 cooper is a very kind and caring person, can be mingey at times but i reckon its worth giving him a shot.
  3. +1 Trough's a great guy, and he seems like he knows his way around the forums quite well. His application is well written - and his answers have detail and are to the point. Although his return was only recent, i still think that he'd be fit for the role. also he is in beijing SF Good Luck!
  4. -1 As much as i believe you'd be capable of running the events, the application is very short and so is the event crafting. EM is a job where you must maintain a very positive community reputation, and unfortunately i don't think you meet that due to past experiences on and off the server, including the discord. If you were to improve on the application detail and event crafting detail, i would consider changing to +1 or Neutral Lastly, you didn't mention your Permanent Ban in the question; However i may be mistaken here as the ban was removed after a few weeks. Nevertheless, good luck in your application, and all the best.
  5. +1 joni needs to stop powertripping he warns people for every little thing, you have been playing on the server for a while (not as active as some others but still to an extent) this is frankly not acceptable and i believe removal of both warns are in order.
  6. -1 You already have 3 staff positions so this seems like a powergrab to me. Also i have found you to be very immature especially during staff situations Also we have way too many Discord Admins already. Good Luck
  7. +1 Cooper is a very nice person, and he never meant to solo raid. This can easily be put down to a misunderstanding, and I highly doubt this will happen again. #FreeCooper
  8. +1 what the fuck? this gun is either 90 or 100k i've forgotten, and to fully kit it out would probably cost up to 200k. what a waste
  9. TRUE nah fr though its something that i've been wanting to do for a while
  10. gotta remember though that the stats are different on singleplayer
  11. 中国人民解放军特种部队 Beijing SF The People's Liberation Army Special Forces are the elite division of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. They have been deployed to the Jungle region in order to restore balance amidst the ongoing conflict. We are the direct response team to major regiments such as ISIS and Delta Force. We are equipped with a large variety of equipment and weapons, including RPGs, Artillery Strikes, and Assault Rifles. The regiment is open for all PLA soldiers that have passed the rank of Corporal in Ground Force. Officers The current Officers of Beijing SF deployed to the Jungle Region are: - Habibi (General, Emperor, Head of all operations in the jungle region) - Deston (Colonel) - Phantom (Major, CO) - Midday (1LT) Equipment & Weapons As Beijing SF are an elite secretive unit, not much is known about their equipment, training and operations. However, some public information does exist about their equipment. The Chicom CQB sub-machine gun is given to all enlistees at the rank of Private. Medkits are given to Officers and Medics. Defibrillators are given to Medics that obtain the rank of Sergeant. The M8A1 Assault Rifle is given to both Medics and Infantry at the Rank of Sergeant. The RPG-7 is standard issue for all Infantrymen past the rank of Master Sergeant. All Beijing Special Forces members obtain an Airstrike Marker at the rank of Second Lieutenant and above. Promotions Beijing SF differentiates from the rest of PLA most notably due to it's promotion system. The promotions are not based off of time, rather performance, and more specifically, confirmed kills. These numbers have not been released to the public, however what has been confirmed is that from PVT - SSGT if a soldier has completed their kill quota they can receive a maximum of 1 promotion per day. After the rank of SSGT, they can receive 1 promotion every 3 days. This gives a new incentive for soldiers to leave the base and kill enemies in the name of Chairman Mao.
  12. Major +1 This would be absolutely amazing to see, and would be extremely fun It would give people a reason to not just give bounties to other players for the money.
  13. yo please close this im too retarded for staff atm
  14. yeah but u can’t fire it through doorways
  15. +1 Russ comes across as quite friendly. His crafting is quite good, great application aswell. Good Luck.
  16. Suggestion Name: fix rpg (not buff) Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): gun Addon Pack (Optional): Addon Pack File Size: Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): because the rpg hitbox is too big and it blows up in your face all the time causing your score to go down please fix also this is the 15000th forum post!!!!! Screenshots (Optional):
  17. whatsu r favourte gun in the game mine has to be the kn44
  18. what is ur go to video game order mine is dora the xplorer
  19. midday


    Congrats to @deeth on winning the giveaway.
  20. 2* Would also like to point out that i still find enjoyment in the server, if my respect towards it has diminished i wouldnt've applied for EM Thanks for the feedback
  21. why the fuck are you afking in spawn you get nothing, it makes no difference if you are dead because you still get levels from events and raids etc also for your second point i have a great idea but i dont know if it will work Stop training if you are being raided.
  22. I mean look, I can see why you’d want it to be increased and i think it would be somewhat fair however a lot of Taliban would not be happy. another issue for you AUS guys especially is the fact that US really don’t help defend raids. I think that we could find another way around the issue without increasing the number of people but I’m not sure how to go about it. Overall its a -1 but a +1 for finding a way to make raids harder (I reckon that more less people = more NPCS would work well)
  23. yes sky’s s27@73]|>|]§28282{¥
  24. hi mate how is it goint i am midy !!!!!111!
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