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  1. anorther prime example of snake trying to be controversial but failing
  2. lmao you’re acting like those kids who quit the server and want attention so they try to get commbanned try harder buddy -1ing apps on the forums won’t do nothing
  3. Suggestion Name: Weapon Crafting and other additions to gameplay and economy Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Major update (?) Addon Pack (Optional): ~ Addon Pack File Size: ~ Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Hello yes I am proposing a custom made addon that will allow for weapon crafting. I'm no developer but I have seen systems similar to this on other servers (you can probably guess) and it works quite well. However, it would need some modifying to fit it into MilRP. How the weapons work; Firstly, we obviously don't want people 24/7 running around with HL2 RPGs. This can be remedied by giving temporary usage of said weapon. For example, if you craft an RPG, you can only use it for X amount of lives or X amount of minutes. Obviously these items will not be usable in events because of balancing reasons. How to craft the weapons; In each MAJOR FACTION base there will be a Crafting Table. The player approaches the table and clicks E (or something like that) and a GUI pops up. It will not show you the recipes, as that is something you need to find out yourself (whilst remaining in character, not asking in Discord) inevitably the recipes will get out though. This can be remedied by adding a 'blueprint' system. These blueprints would be hidden around homemap (maybe 1-2 of them) and they would be for a random weapon. These would be instructions on how to craft the weapon (what materials you need etc). Without the blueprint, you cannot craft the weapon. Keep in mind, the recipes would also require money. For example; M27 - 20x Steel, 15x Plastic, 5x Duct Tape, 10x Gunpowder, 1x Firing pin, 1x Weapon Barrel, $25,000 This would craft the weapon and would store it in the inventory, waiting for a player prompt (right clicking on item in inventory and hitting 'equip') How to obtain the materials; Bins would be placed around the map (ideally) and you would be able to search them to find materials like Steel, Plastic, Firing pins, etc. In ruins of old tanks, you would be able to 'salvage' and find materials such as Gunpowder, sulfur, weapon barrels, etc. In the service station / equipment shop there would be an NPC that you can buy materials from such as Duct Tape etc. Inventory System to store items; You would be able to store items in an inventory. a /trade system would come about where you can sell materials and / or blueprints for weapons. Keep in mind the weapon blueprints would be quite expensive as they are hard to obtain. The inventory system would allow you to equip crafted weapons, however this interface is not available in events. What guns will actually be able to be crafted?; Unused weapons such as the M27, HL2 RPG, etc. Regimental guns would preferably not be craftable. Overall I think this would benefit the homemap roleplay on the server. It doesn't have to be grindy, and it benefits the combat side of things aswell as the economy. If you have any suggestions / changes to make please feel free to let me know. This would obviously require a lot of dev work so it may be used for a major update. Screenshots (Optional):
  4. ahh yes because all of our staff members are extremely mature! at the end of the day mate its a fucking garrys mod server not some corporate business or some shit. Most of the player base is under the age of 18 years old and they are all there to have fun and laugh whilst enjoying their roleplay. The fact that Gizmo actually likes having fun gives yet another reason to accept the application. to clarify, im not saying our staff members are immature im saying that the staff members like to have fun and fuck around occasionally. I myself have proof of this before you start pointing the finger
  5. lmao mb read it wrong redrock would be good for it because its a massive map, if we got like 80 players itd work well imo
  6. Bro lowkey they should do this on redrock and give everyone like 400hp so the ttk isnt shit actual good suggestion though and if eclipse can fix the issues i reckon itd make for some really fun events
  7. ahh yes because EMs are supposed to do tickets
  8. midday

    Wolfie ran event

    6th of April 2019 - The 'XXXXX RDM Full | Colossal Gaming MilRP' incident
  9. +1 top bloke would be fit for the position
  10. The server can easily turn RP-based but there are a few issues; Firstly, RP isn't enforced. If proper RP was enforced on the server, people would be staying in character, using realistic roleplay and making it fun and fair for all parties involved. The issue with the RP on the server is that any good RP is limited to staff / chiefs, which doesn't give the ordinary player control over their roleplay. This can be remedied by adding more general activities around the map (Vault is a good example). Adding something like a proper economy where people can sell and buy liquidities, craft weapons, and other activities of that nature would be beneficial. Weapon crafting doesn't have to be grindy, it can be something like searching bins and finding steel and plastic and then combining 10x steel with 10x plastic with $15k to craft a HL2 RPG that lasts for 3 lives. Steel and plastic can be something that you can find or something that you can buy off people. Secondly, the UN has a lot of potential for great roleplay but in my eyes it isn't run correctly (feel free to rebut this comment). I almost never see any UN online and when I do they aren't participating in roleplay because the only people who have access to Q menu for roleplay are the officers, who are never online. Even if they contact an RPO or get a dupe down (embassy / field hospital / court dupe) people don't want to participate because they aren't organised very well. On a new map, perhaps there could be a designated court building which is a safe zone (guns can't be pulled) which is a permanent addition and if you are being arrested by US you can request to be brought there for a fair trial. These ideas are merely spitballing which I've come up with on the spot, so if given some thought I have no doubt that great RP suggestions could be implemented. As a major update (like class update, WW3 update, etc) I believe that there should be an overhaul to the RP. Another way to enforce 'SeriousRP' is to enforce '4th wall' which would punish players for breaking character (unless it is a clear OOC situation (( staff sits, training trainees, etc)) Obviously not a lot of people want that because it's a GMOD MilitaryRP server not a FiveM server but if people are complaining about the quality of roleplay, there's an idea. Onto the suggestions itself; I don't believe it's entirely necessary to revamp an entire faction to the 'German Army'. I'm not sure what the obsession is with the German Army and why it keeps getting suggested but it holds no significance on the server. As it's an AUS based server you have the Australian Army, you have the US, Russian, and Chinese factions because they are the biggest military superpowers in the world, and you have the UN for RP purposes. If RP on the server gets a good revamp I don't see any reason for it to be added, however the playermodels suggested and the different classes are cool and well thought out.
  11. I think you need to better familiarise yourself with the forums and how the Moderation applications work. Obviously you made an honest mistake which is fine and you were fast to respond however becoming familiar with the ins and outs of the community wouldn't hurt. When you answered the following question; This isn't an estimate, you are supposed to go to Gametracker https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ , Scroll down > View all players and stats > Search for a player > Type your steam name > Send a screenshot of your time played. Some of the questions aren't answered very well which also shows that you aren't fully in touch with the ins and outs of the community. If you were to observe how punishments work more closely I believe you'd be better suited to answer these. A lot of the responses on the application are also saying you're mingey in OOC and GC. I don't really see the issue with this if you aren't being toxic to anyone or targetting people, but obviously my opinion wouldn't be shared by staff, so if you want a better chance of making the team you should probably cut that down. Good luck with your app
  12. yea thats to like get the formatting good n that, just copy and paste from the document into here bro
  13. oi bro can u post it here instead of the google docs g
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