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  1. +1 love the reasoning here mate, it would make a lot more sense. a lot better than your wac suggestion. i think we should give every regiment helicopters if im being honest, and give delta force little birds because its more realistic. also i think we should add back f18s and why not drones while we are at it. Keep up the good suggestions CooperCody.
  2. -1 why? whats the point of modifying the whole aircraft combat system on the server because one person wants it? i'm sorry but this isn't going to happen
  3. he already in taliban because taliban better tali = guaranteed 30 levels per day us = 6 levels per day @Razi ♛ please confirm these numbers
  4. how’s it going bro welcome hope you enjoy the server!
  5. -1 You seem like an ok bloke but you have been back for like 2 days, you don't know the rules as yesterday during negotiations you offered me a venom, then when you landed at the taliban helipad i gave you the hostage and you flew off, which shows me that you do not know the rules. You have a PERM ban that was only accepted a few months ago (i believe post-WW3 release). Also I believe you have given the wrong gametracker as apparently there has been no activity from you in the last month. Even if you have, i doubt it's been 60 hours in a month, which is required for all mod applications. To conclude; Make yourself more well known in the community, Show you care about the community and you aren't here to get staff and get re-perm banned, Read the rules and show thorough understanding and enforcement of said rules. Good luck with your application. Edit: i found your gametracker https://www.gametracker.com/player/Freddo/ You have only played 19 hours in the past month which is 41 hours less than stated in the prerequisites.
  6. -1 stop being a retard, you are not xicby from what ive seen you’re just toxic, always causing arguments id prefer if you stayed banned tbh
  7. +1 who cares if it causes problems
  8. what is favourite chib??? these are my favourite
  9. Suggestion Name: move aus intel Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): faction Addon Pack (Optional): Addon Pack File Size: Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): AUS intel is really broken at the moment. You can’t even go downstairs because they just watch the entrance with M60s. You could possibly move it to the top floor near the jail or even move it to ground level in one of the mud huts and block the rest off. Aus is the hardest faction to raid (besides old PLA base) and its really unfair. Screenshots (Optional):
  10. +1 Razi is a mature young man who has an interest in both cars and also has an interest in administrating the "Colossal Gaming" Discord server. Razi is a very ambitious young man and is capable of administrating the server. Razi has learnt from his past experiences, and advances through life with every experience he has had the chance to take. Not only is he a capable young man, but he is a cool cat.
  11. *8 yes it takes 8 shots to kill from experience idk why or how but it just does
  12. Suggestion Name: Buff KRM-262 Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): Addon Pack File Size: Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): The KRM 262 is an absolute laughing stock. I cannot stress this enough when i say that it is the Worst gun in the game. 90% of all assault rifles are better, because the damage of the KRM is like the damage of a good AR. This gun does 32 damage. That's right, 32. After consulting with Feral, he told me that the gun had a 'double shot' which i am yet to be able to trigger. Even if there is a double shot, it is so rare that it is really not worth it. The M620 (level 6 gun) performs better than this $70,000 hunk of shit (from my experience anyway) Screenshots (Optional):
  13. its a magnifier that goes on to the sight
  14. simple solution use holosight like a normal person
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