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  1. @syn I’d like to be well informed surrounding this topic as it seems to be quite controversial, Would you mind explaining what happened with regards to you cheating / the toxicity / previous offences etc? If you wanna talk on discord - midday.#9999
  2. i personally didn’t know you as i wasn’t playing at the time however i know about what you did. I’m all for second chances, and by seeing the amount of ban appeals you’ve made i think you do deserve a second chance. The issue here is that as you were cheating you were also toxic. According to your appeal you have matured which i believe can happen in the timespan since your ban. Just gonna have to prove to higherups etc that you can be trusted to come back. All the best in your appeal.
  3. +1 what the fuck? permed for posting that? i think thats really harsh for such a small thing
  4. :( will legit miss you, we were on a bit of a bad note but back on highlands we were good mates. Hope to see you back one day bro
  5. +1 was a great staff member last time, we really need EMs, would be great to see him on the team. Edit: forgot to say but he helped me out a LOT when I was EM, I was too shitscared to solo events so he would hop on and help me
  6. -1 shit appeal, server isn’t dead, i don’t want you back especially considering how toxic you are in game. The ‘Nope ’ is the cherry on top for me
  7. +1 would be fucking great this man very good mapper
  8. o7o7o7o7o7o wiull be missed
  9. please refer to my previous statement...
  10. +1 stupid mistake to make and i HIGHLY doubt youll do it again as asatru said if you still cheat on other servers / games bit of a yikes good luck
  11. keyword; NEAR US BASE - Combat zone.
  12. +1 accidents happen. Besides, why didnt Megu and Bobs get banned for the around 4-5 times they gassed the school full of civs? the staff didnt care then
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