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  1. +1 Valk is a respected member of the community and he is quite creative with his event ideas. App is good, he has put lots of effort into it. Good Luck
  2. Yeah ok, but you are dodging the first part about 75th. It’s really not fair on them as they lose their major asset (being the A35 GL)
  3. -1 Cheating legit ruins other players experiences. also I don’t know why you are applying if you got banned just today. Also appeal ain’t gonna cut it you gotta speak to feralswan
  4. -1 75th's special thing is legit the grenade launcher. If you give it to other classes/regis, that basically cancells out their special class. Also giving them to US Army Infantry is definitely not a good idea, as many US Army PVTs dont exactly come on the server to roleplay. It'd make pulling massies easier (and probably funnier tbh). Really cool idea, however it just doesn't work in practise.
  5. +1 Since your return to the server you have been quite active. You were staff before and you didn't do anything wrong (except for the grenade LMAO) Good Luck
  6. +1 Yeah ok, he deleted models, everyone used to do it and since he was caught he hasn't done it. With the micspamming, it's also for shits and gigs, just adds to the fun of RP. He is a really funny and chill bloke to be around. Would be suitable for a moderator position. Good Luck
  7. Well, i said i wanted a blackhawk and LAV because they both told me they were 2LT. After they told me their correct ranks (SPC and MSGT), i asked for a Blackhawk for them to both be released.
  8. US arent supposed to ransom off taliban they are the united states military not fucking somali pirates
  9. Suggestion Name: Make NOT negotiating properly FailRP. Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Addon Pack (Optional): Addon Pack File Size: Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Basically, at the moment, kidnapping US is extremely hard, and extremely useless. Today i have kidnapped 3 US and my offers for negotiations have been either turned down or just turned into something stupid. For example, today i kidnapped a MSGT and a SPC. I asked for a blackhawk for their release, and because there can only be 1 helicopter up at a time, the SAS that wanted to fly offered 2 humvees. It should be FailRP to not try to get your soldiers back. The real life US military would not let their soldiers die to the hands of the taliban. I strongly believe that it should be FailRP to not even attempt to retrieve them, whether that be a raid, or negotiations. Al-Qaeda is basically built off of kidnapping US and attempting to retrieve better equipment (vehicles etc) for the Taliban, however in this day and age everyone is so selfish that all they want is to fly their Blackhawk and don't give a shit about their men in prison. Screenshots (Optional):
  10. +1 Although you are relatively young, you show great levels of maturity. Your app is extremely well written, so i commend you for that. You seem fit for the position of Moderator, and you do not seem like the type of person to go around abusing your powers. Good Luck
  11. +1 Don't have an issue with you, you seem like a really funny and chill bloke to be around. App is good and answers are detailed. Good Luck
  12. Midday

    not copied

    hey guys so i came up with this really good idea all by myself and i didnt see another forum post which prompted me to make this epic funny
  13. +1 Skater is quite mature and demonstrates that he knows what he is doing. App could use some work but besides that everything checks out. Good Luck.
  14. +/- There are a few issues with your application, and the event crafting didn't take you too long to make. You show potential for RP, and you should have a chance at EM. If you matured up a bit more (yeah sure, rich coming from me), then i see no issue with you receiving the role. Good Luck
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