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  1. Discord ID (name#2003): midday#0001 Discord alias/rank: midday What happened in your perspective?: I was very immature and got myself in a bit of trouble and then I decided to post a gif that crashes discord. It was deleted almost instantly and i copped a ban because of my behaviour. Why should we unban you?: I will not do it again and i apologise for my actions and to whoever they harmed, looking to just kick it in the discord n whatnot not gonna join to cause dramas - the whole situation was ages ago aswell, multiple months ago. Evidence in your favor (Optional): n/a
  2. great to see the server now facilitates bullying!
  3. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003): midday Discord alias/rank: midday What happened in your perspective?: got banned for posting dumb shit Why should we unban you?: its been yonks bratha i learned my lesson lemme come back in the discord and kick it aye Evidence in your favor (Optional): video0.mp4
  4. good to see im still on your mind x
  5. catchas bro one of the best staff members ive seen in my time goodluck cuz
  7. my opinion probably doesnt matter but this just seems like someone wanted to write up a ban lol if the pvp had the consent of both parties then i really dont see how you are ruining other peoples gameplay experience, ban should be removed imo
  8. -1 you are position experience and event not be even for the very of would master fit though you have previous toxic.
  9. midday

    forums god

    i am happy with this thank you
  10. midday

    forums god

    @Bobby rich for someone who turned off the ability to react to their own posts!!!!!!
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