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  1. what other factions?
  2. SteamID:76561198851358300 In-game alias/rank: i dont remember it was something stupid like abu hajar Who banned you?: views Ban Reason: Comban Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): permaban What happened?: i went full retard mode and went ape shit on the forums Why should we unban you?: i belive i have matured as a person since the incident, i have managed to stay out of trouble in the discord and on the forums Evidence in your favor (Optional): N/A only thing i think of putting in here is that im really bored of other games and want to go back to a game and community i enjoyed
  3. from my experience the flame thrower doesn't necessarily need to do a lot of damage I found the most effective use of it was to use it as entry denial by blocking a door with the flame and having others with MGs to spray anyone that passes through allowing for a very fast Time To Kill the flame thrower also is most effective as a intimidation weapon and as mental torment because of the noise it makes constantly with the bug allowing for you to have a slight advantage in combat with said player with a AR by them having a harder time pinpointing your location with it because of the wurring sound over the top of the gun shots.
  4. +1 gab made a mistake got banned for 2 weeks wants to come back he realises he fucked up and acknowledges it and owns up to it.
  5. +1 if somone wants to play let them play it was a bad decision and a accident
  6. Its been a good run boys Thank You to everyone who helped me through out my time on CG As to Delta I am sorry I left all of a sudden I was overwhelmed and confused I was not a officer a officer is someone who is a leader someone who holds the regiment together and who has time. I started getting bored of CG after a while and of delta I hadn’t experimented with any other regiments as I have only really been in delta. It started to feel like a chore and it started to ware me down. I wish the best for all of you, I wont ping people to thank because i cant ping every single person on the server everyone helped shaped me into who i am now and i thank you for that. i wish you all the best of luck and look forward to seeing you all again, Storm
  7. +1 dude didnt even get a Seccond chance to be unbanned he obviously wants to play again
  8. +1 Awpz/7 is a cool bloke situation was tense at the time and became a cluster fuck. i think 3 weeks is excessive for a attempted MRDM as a MRDM is 1 week Usually.
  9. made same accident twice? with LTAP?
  10. When I warned you midday had footage of it and you swerved into his Cessna and you had around 10 seconds to react to the plane you were about to hit
  11. are you suggesting a map change or a full on era change?
  12. you need to practice with them for a while i dont think that the server will change wac stuff for one person
  13. -1 you have previously been a EM which you resigned from for lack of time you then joined Modertor and then left for unknown reasons.
  14. +/- I believe that everyone deserves a second chance but by unbaning isaiahh it would imply that other people who Cheated on CG they should get unbanned too meaning that it could encourage more people to cheat by making it look like we do not follow through with our punishments a Permban is for ever but by unbaning him it would then be like a year or 6 month ban i am not saying he is bad or that he doesnt deserve to be unbanned but with every coin toss there is another side.
  15. could you add some more detail with your scenarios?
  16. -1 CG aircraft Style has been set up with WAC ( A modified version of WAC ) to swap to a whole new system would be a big blow to the servers aircraft combat and flying system and to factions as well ie RU krokodil the Venom Blackhawk Armed and Unarmed Little bird AH-6 and little bird Unarmed and armed ( armed with mounted m249 made by @Pingas)
  17. Hello Anish kapoor and Welcome to CG If you need any thing or have any questions feel free to ask in game in discord ( in #help-desk or you can message me on discord Stormzilla#1886 i am most likely on if you need anything) or on forums, as a side note are you a fan of Anish kapoor / his vanta black artwork?
  18. the main issue with that is that it could possibly make SAS obsolete as their role in CG is Helicopters in the US by allowing USMC to have helicopters would then imply to allow the rest of the US to also fly again making SAS obsolete. with being as close to real life as possible USMC would likely have no Weapon attachments there would be no Ghost for USMC delta wouldnt have Heavy or Sentinel AUS wouldn't have Sprint SWEP every regiment would likely have the PLA Artillery strike.
  19. +1 HXTP is a good bloke and it has been banned for a while
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