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  1. -1 CG aircraft Style has been set up with WAC ( A modified version of WAC ) to swap to a whole new system would be a big blow to the servers aircraft combat and flying system and to factions as well ie RU krokodil the Venom Blackhawk Armed and Unarmed Little bird AH-6 and little bird Unarmed and armed ( armed with mounted m249 made by @Pingas)
  2. Hello Anish kapoor and Welcome to CG If you need any thing or have any questions feel free to ask in game in discord ( in #help-desk or you can message me on discord Stormzilla#1886 i am most likely on if you need anything) or on forums, as a side note are you a fan of Anish kapoor / his vanta black artwork?
  3. the main issue with that is that it could possibly make SAS obsolete as their role in CG is Helicopters in the US by allowing USMC to have helicopters would then imply to allow the rest of the US to also fly again making SAS obsolete. with being as close to real life as possible USMC would likely have no Weapon attachments there would be no Ghost for USMC delta wouldnt have Heavy or Sentinel AUS wouldn't have Sprint SWEP every regiment would likely have the PLA Artillery strike.
  4. +1 HXTP is a good bloke and it has been banned for a while
  5. 07 May you find enjoyment to where ever you end up.

  6. +1 castle is a good bloke and think would make a great addtion to the staff team
  7. are you challenging me?
  8. id say about a min
  9. Stormzilla


    that do be a slick ride
  10. timtams x4 1kg of milo 2l of milk beans x2 for computer mango x 10 ptoato x10 steak x 10
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