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  1. +1 He did mod jobs as an EM when some mods didn't step up to the job and did show obedience making events
  2. Neutral I know my opinion dosen't matter but he does understand how to use ULX However he takes everything in a defensive manner even though people are giving criticism
  3. Lol syke y’all thought I was coming back
  4. Hi Im Sangria, although no one cares about me I have decided to make this introduction I was that one 75th captain and that one senior EM that no one liked because i made terrible event. But now a little bird has told me to come back on the server periodically before i find something else to do with my life. Now it is just serendipity.
  5. Nice inspiration You even made the addon
  6. Where tf is part 1 im waiting for it
  7. Sangria

    Em App

    Im applying for em again, actually no im not but who wants despacito 3 to come out my kindle???
  8. +1 He is event master quality !goto Views
  9. -1 you missed a question but everything about you is event master quality.
  10. Hence why we should have profile backround music for donators or something +1, its a good thought that adds some personality to peoples profiles.
  11. +1 His attitude has greatly improved over the period on this server and has the attitude to want to contribute more to the community.
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