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  1. He's not gay but he is a bald ranga
  2. The q menu literally does everything that your code does
  3. What is this code supposed to do You haven't told us
  4. Get good and don't rely on a medkit
  5. Get good at flying and don't hit trees
  6. -1 There's no need for the models to be changed because there is nothing wrong with it
  7. So you're saying that just because you are in taliban, you are allowed to go around and kill people if you feel like it. How do you think new players will feel when they are unaware of the rp rules and then they get shot in the head. Thats still rdm and the warn is still valid.
  8. You could have just told him to get out and if he didn't want to listen to you, you could call staff for help. You still rdm'd someone which you know is against the rules. The guy that killed you in the sit was warned as well.
  9. +1 chill man, responsible and respectful
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