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  1. Delta force wading through a river in a jungle. Short sleeves look better than long sleeve. Boonie hats etc.
  2. +1 This should 100% be something on the server. Most of the time fighting us happens when they're on the wall or in their checkpoint. It would be more fun if this was added. Waiting for US to leave their base is super boring and really annoying.
  3. Good bye old mate Had many good times with you Good luck to whatever you do in the future
  4. -1 It was pretty easy to figure out that you just copied hawko's event crafting and changed a few words
  5. -1 I haven't seen anything from you in the last few months.
  6. Neutral Application is well written and from what I have read, you seem to have a grasp of the process of dealing with the situations above. Don't know if you went on loa or something but if could explain it would be nice. I've only talked to you a couple times so I don't really know you. You should probably wait a week or 2 and just keep playing. I'm gonna stay neutral for now Good luck
  7. Bunnings Warehouse


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D6eOnifRVE This song is pretty cool
  8. Just hang out in the discord because I never see anything from you in it.
  9. He's not gay but he is a bald ranga
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