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  1. +1 Miller was a great staff member and an awesome RPO
  2. +1 Jordan is well known member of the community and active. Would be a great addition to the team. Good Luck
  3. +1 Great app. Respected member of the community and is a hard worker. Good Luck Brother!
  4. +1 I don't really know you but your app looks like a lot of time and effort was put into and It would be great to have someone with the amount of experience that you have. Not too sure about your activity though but we'll see later on. Good Luck!
  5. That would be dumb because PLA get to use their artillery.
  6. We can already chase after people and cuff them. If you're in an event you can just stay in spawn and kill people with the drone
  7. +1 We need more EMs. Me adam walker and other people had to run some of the events because there were no event masters on.
  8. +1 Hxtp is active, a great guy and I think he should get EM. The past is the past. He has proved to be a good member of the community ever since his was unbanned having reached prophet recently. Answers are pretty good. Event looks cool too. Good luck
  9. Needs another update. New promo times now
  10. Delta Force already has the hk 416. I don't see the need for it to be in another regiment. Every regiment has its own unique classes and weapons. The m16a3 is already a gun you can buy from the store. Most of the guns you have listed are ones that can be bought. If all the guns are ones that I can just buy, then there really is no point in being in it in the first place. You also haven't listed the amount of hp for the fire support and the sentry. I'm assuming the sentry is like a sentinel. A sentinel having a medkit is pretty op since you have extra hp, but it's not really Much of a difference. All the special classes get unique special weapons. Not many people would join the sentry class if they only had a pkm compared to the other special classes who have flamethrowers, dart guns, hk xm8 etc.
  11. All of this was around Christmas and New Years when there was only 10-18 players on the server and I had senior staff watching me. I don't recall it being half an hour after an event, but even if it was there was still less that 20 players(some afk).
  12. The bomb and transmitter events give you pretty good money if you win too
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