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  1. +1 Cash for holding objectives would cause more people to leave their base (especially U.S) and would be a better incentive than the current one.
  2. If there are other addons that work and someone has put their hand up to pay for them, I 100% agree with Bob. An OOC room would be awesome to just hang with people, talk, and gamble (just as long as you can't gun everyone in there if they are enemy). I think the comments show that people really want this and that we should implement it. I remember it being a cool place in Apartments on Night Jungle in 2017 where you could do exactly what I said above, and it could be easily recreated in Apartments in the current server climate.
  3. I think that lootcrates/boxes for items of some description with different rarity would be cool. Say you get a box after every 50-100 levels or so. It keeps the game after Prestige 20 still fresh due to the crates, and fun for new and active players alike while they are making their way up the Prestige tree.
  4. -1 From my recollection, when you last left the staff team you proceeded to be overly toxic, dissing staff team, ect. You shouldn't be allowed another chance after that.
  5. -1 Peer pressure is not a good enough excuse for you pulling a MassRDM. Saying "I won't do it again" isn't good enough. You can't get around a punishment because you "Miss the server". You were the one that chose to do it. Not the other Private.
  6. -1 you just got banned for 5 days please lock @Asatru
  7. +1 Jordan was a great EM and I have no doubt that he wouldn't do anything less than a great job as Moderator.
  8. +1 Snake is a great guy to talk to, I have never had an issue with him and I have no doubt in my mind that he would make a great staff member also a great dog for PLA to eat
  9. -1 You don't even meet the prerequisites for staff as Bob stated above.
  10. 100% gay bought a rank upgrade for a player
  11. +1 Your former experience as staff has proven that you were an outstanding moderator and everybody seemed to love you on the team. There is zero reason for him not to become staff again as he is back and active. Huge +1 from me.
  12. -1 You just got denied Moderator a couple weeks ago and I believe that the reason why your app was denied applies here. You may have the capacity to make events but your behaviour (even since you got denied) is not up to the standard that someone on the staff team should have. After you were denied Tmod, you showed no signs of taking the feedback on behaviour to heart, and instead since May 8 you have gotten a warn for Toxicity and I have had to tell you countless times to stop starting arguments in OOC. Take the feedback to heart, show improvement and then maybe people will begin to consider you again for staff/trial staff roles.
  13. +1 Fuck those Senior guys, we need true Miller action.
  14. +/- I believe that you have the capability to handle situations correctly, but I am a bit conflicted over the application and your past TEM experience not too long ago. Your application has lots of errors (not the biggest thing, as English isn't everyone's strong point, but makes the application better and more professional). I also remember not the best dedication from you in the TEM stage, with not too many events helped/ran by you (One instance Views and I needed extra people to run a 2:15 or 5:15 and needed you but you said you were "having a nap" which isn't that good of a reason when only 2 people are running an event and you are a trial event master) which ended up with you not passing your trial stage. I think that if you show proof and step up the dedication to server/player activities then you could make a decent Tmod but for now I am leaving this as neutral. Good luck with the app.
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