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  1. +1, Very good event mapping and planning. Clearly experienced with event crafting and would fit right in with the rest of the event masters. I would give this a +2 if I could.
  2. +1. I don't know how Feral could have overlooked this major part of military combat. Superheroes are a great idea, I want to be Spiderman and steal the Taliban's goats with my webs.
  3. I was just asking for how often, no need to get all ancy about it
  4. Can you be more specific? From what i've seen, you are only really in there for events.
  5. Bombs and nukes would be to laggy. I think Asatru's idea would be fun to implement because I've used a pack similar to that with a weapon almost exactly like that and they are useful and fun.
  6. -1, already a bunch of Communication staff and CG TS is dead, basically.
  7. That doesn't improve your case much, If at all, worse, seeing as you have been banned.
  8. Neutral | Leaning to -1 | You seem sorta better but you still have 20 warns, some of them recent.
  9. +1 Would be a very good dev for the team. Give him DEV.
  10. -1. I have seen you in game annoying people multiple times and do not believe you to be mature enough to become a mod at all. Some of the answers in these questions lack information and depth, and some of them are too rude of options to use when in those situations. Like the Joker profile pick, though.
  11. Rito Skeeto


    Fucking weeb losers, we all know the true best anime.
  12. I think that this would be a shit ton of fun, I agree with it. There are just rules that need to be made around it to make it fair e.g. what to do when caught. Anyway, I agree, this would be fun and add a new reason to donate to the server.
  13. Let's be honest here... Why NOT join Delta Force?
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