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  1. -1. From my time with you, you seem immature and the application seems rushed, and you have been on the server for a very short period of time. You are not even close to what is required for staff and have shown no coherent knowledge of the rules.
  2. +1 I understand that it was for teamwork but Medic subclasses will die as a result. This change seems unfounded and unimportant to the server. Medics were already healing teammates and no one was complaining of them doing the opposite. Being able to heal yourself was theircombat speciality, just like how Recon get snipers and infantry get good guns. This change is negatively affecting the server, and no one is happy. See below:
  3. I sort of agree with Nikolai. While these comments could hurt feelings of the raiding faction, these sort of comments happen after almost every raid and no-one bats an eye, or really cares. I see how these comments could be hurtful or discouraging to the raiding faction, after they put a bunch of effort into the raid, but I don't think that this is deserving of a warn in my opinion. I'm pretty sure Nikolai has had toxicity warns in the past, though.
  4. +1, Is gonna definitely get the spot back because he's a great Mod
  5. +1. Great bloke, knows what he is doing and we need good EM's so he would fit perfectly
  6. -1, if Pingas was watching you for 10+ minutes in admin mode, you have a VAC ban and you go on HVH CSGO servers, its highly likely you were hacking today.
  7. -1, While Midday has taken steps to improve his maturity he still regularly seems to cause arguments and annoy players.
  8. +1 PLA: Cool artillery strikes and an RPG RU: New helicopter with a bunch of rockets and seating U.N: Get sleek new bulletproof car AU: R O O M B A I want roomba with gun
  9. +1, Paulee is responsible and would make a perfect EM in a time where we need new ones.
  10. so much detail! +1 would be a wonderful addition to the loadouts of many
  11. Rito Skeeto


    make tigcket to becum ubdate
  12. +1, Very good event mapping and planning. Clearly experienced with event crafting and would fit right in with the rest of the event masters. I would give this a +2 if I could.
  13. +1. I don't know how Feral could have overlooked this major part of military combat. Superheroes are a great idea, I want to be Spiderman and steal the Taliban's goats with my webs.
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