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  1. with a name like jack-off how would he not get officer
  2. The U.S. Armed Forces acknowledge the motivations represented by Al-Qaeda, Taliban allies, and the 'SFU'; and henceforth I, USMC General Yapopey, provide an official statement on the issue. Since arriving in the AO, known as 'Registan' by locals, the U.S. Armed Forces have taken the initiative to establish a base of operations to conduct operations regarding the social, political, and economic state of the country. Our commander, and brains of the operation, G.O.A. Dr. No Pancreas provides our strategic abilities and leads our units. However, I am more concerned about the missions and resources dedicated towards the U.S. Marine Corps, and thus I will elaborate on our goals. We provide special reconnaissance on the day-to-day lives of the Taliban, including Al-Qaeda, down to the minute. The recent increase in acts of terror on our fellow forces has not gone unnoticed, so to speak, and we plan to act on the intel we have gathered. We have been collaborating with local coalition forces who oppose the Caliphate to conduct raids on suspected individuals who may be a part of the armed terror group. As of recent, as you may heard, an individual who was later confirmed to be a low-ranking member of Al-Qaeda was found and captured inside his home a few days ago. I will not disclose too much of the details, but as you may have guessed, he provided us with further intel that will lead into the investigation on exactly who, and where, the people behind the destruction are. Take this as a message. Noone will stay elusive for long, as long as the Marines are deployed in this region. One by one, we will take down the Taliban, and secure the region from any threats.
  3. HELLLLO mr commander silenced of the united states marine corps regiment of the us military branch deployed to registan
  4. cya n3v you were a good marine. we really loved the dupes you made for trainings
  5. I can speak for marines and wholefully endorse all of this
  6. Thank you for making our lives more interesting, I wish you well into the future o7
  7. Pretty much set the bar for LoF's as he was given the position the day before I joined the server, always was a fun lad and really inspired so many new players to make the server more lively. Good times o7
  8. +1 After being a fellow officer in the USMC as well as a close friend, I can confidently endorse Kruuze's ability to uphold the dignity of anything he works for. He is often quiet and keeps to himself or the Marines, however this is less of a shortcoming but an effect of showing humility and kindness. Management of a regiment isn't light work, and being able to continue at doing such a job for a length as much as his is not an easy task. With his skillset and ethic, the Marines were, are, and will continue to be the best that they can be. There is no doubt in my mind that these traits from how he performs in the marines are a reflection of his personality as a whole. The similarities of said task as well as being a moderator aren't so dissimilar, and thus I reckon that he could definitely be able to assist the server in maintaining peace and a welcoming space for people to enjoy. Furthermore, He has past experience from being a trial mod in the past, so he would be able to hit the ground running as soon as he gets the role.
  9. I think he means for the individual player to filter it so it only doesn't show to themselves
  10. I think there's no harm in adding something like this, the alternative is to refer to a stat sheet like Xhenoa's https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vPOitSikYi62jt8ViwM4-iNqzCOSpckSolNXL1HGrfs/edit?usp=sharing
  11. is this suggesting nazi officers for a faction
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