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  1. As a side note maybe the sound bug could also be fixed
  2. Gab is a very funny guy and an endearing friend of mine. He takes RP and jokes with a positive attitude and is always about making sure other players can have a good time. I can assure you that disruption of players and intentionally ruining an RP (especially of this caliber) was never his intent and that he's truly embarrassed that it happened. Additionally, it's not uncommon for team killing/wounding to happen when such a large gathering appears, and there have been multiple incidents like these in the past. I believe Gab regrets his actions and is appealing in good faith. Good luck
  3. Disregarding the PVP balancing of this (in my eyes) RP tool; there's nothing quite like the rush of stopping a Taliban wiping out you and your squad buddies, or a Taliban laying waste to a bunch of cocky US in the name of Allah. The server just wouldn't be the same without it.
  4. Yapopey

    Furdy 2

    is re-doing the vote counting allowed?
  5. no.4 ;v ily zynix but mentioning grigory made me sad again :c cheers for the marines shoutout :DDDD my cool list: everyone
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    field marshal marshal field?
  8. what about poor drakon, xhenoa has advocated it for a while ;-;
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