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  1. +1 Jordan is a well-known member in the community right now and is quite active from what I've seen. I think he'd be a great member of the EM team and be willing to serve the community. I expect quality events to come out of Jordan; not to put any pressure on. Good luck!
  2. +1 Dingo is a great guy who has a lot of potential. After returning to the server he joined marines. In that, he stayed for a long time and was one of the most dedicated and brilliant marine ghosts I've ever seen. He'd be able to run a lot of good events that the community will like, and is able to take criticism well. I'm positive that someone like Dingo would definitely be needed right now as an Event Master. I hope to run great events with you, and good luck with the app!
  3. thank you i can now live without germs
  4. I think it was purposefully left out because it's supposed to promote people to actually go and cap objectives
  5. Acknowledging that US/UN/AUS have lost their main source of fire support from 75th, as well as that TALI/RU/PLA have RPGs in two factions and one faction with artillery strikes (disregrding helicopters); it is very clear that US alliance has lost a major part of their arsenal and currently lacking during wartime/events when it comes to objective clearing and overall firepower. Supplementing this with something like a drone strike would not only be extremely beneficial in wartime/events, but also give a reason to use them in such situations. Considering adding this, or giving some other alternative to US alliance, would whole fully endorse balance.
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    its too late now delayed another year
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    an essay on the mysteries of the human mind
  8. I personally almost never use them, and am unsure about whether or not they are accurate, but I suggest a few things: 1. When it says "rules have been updated", make sure that they're actually updated. 2. Make newer players more aware of it and give them a good reason to use it. 3. Structure it better, so it's easier to read; I don't want to scroll for a year trying to find a rules with no search function. This could increase the usability and functionality of this menu.
  9. Alright, I know you have a bit of a mixed reputation on the server, so I'd like to point out a few things before I start: 1. I think that the way you lead (as a regiment commanding officer) could improve. 2. Your response to negative situations could be more mature. 3. I think that you're a very creative and colourful person, who benefits RP. First of, I am Neutral about your application. You state that your inspiration to become an EM is because "we are lacking EMs". This answer is insufficient, as the questions asks for an inspiration, and not a reason. Lacking EMs isn't what inspires you. It would be better to say "you want to provide coherent and fun events for the playerbase" (which you do for your short answer question). I'd also like to clear up that priority in events is important. It is first more important to have a coherent structure and have a working event with little to no issues, than to have a good story (as quite frankly, only 20% of players care about the RP element, 40% dont care and 40% dont listen). Do not be confused that story is not important, but having a good knowledge on how to make a good event 'playability-wise' is the primary factor. You seem to have misunderstood the third short answer question, where it asks how an event is run, where as you've describe how an event is played. Showing that you have a good grasp and pre-knowledge of event running, or having an affinity to learn how it is, is the key idea for this question. Luckily, you've shown what you know in your event crafting, which I'll get into later. Another quick point I'd like to get into before I start analysing your event crafting, is cooperation. EMs rarely ever run solo. They are often accompanied and helped by other EMs and staff. Being able to work in a team as well as not make any arguments is how a 'good' event is made. So, settling into a staff role, get to know everyone, their limits, their personality, etc. As this will help with your integration into the staff team. Ok, now your event crafting. To begin, as I was writing this, I was told by someone that your event is heavily inspired (copied, almost) from a popular game called 'We Happy Few", in which your operations name, setting and plot are almost identical. This is not necessarily a bad thing per se, but it gives heavy implications to whether or not you are able to come up with sensible, original ideas. The way you write your descriptions and briefings are, how do I put it, a bit hard to understand, however I can still understand the main gist. Your briefings are short and to the point, which is good, but lacks fluff and character personalisation (swearing, slang, foreign language), which keeps people interested and more likely to listen. You structure seems fine, nothing wrong there, anything that is incorrect will be taught to you. To sum up, I think you could make a good EM, but it depends on how willing you are to put the effort into it. It really depends on whether you can also be a good staff member apart from events, acting sensibly and with dignity. However, despite this, I think that your ability to craft and run an event could be well needed right now. Sorry for being a bit critical, but good luck on the app.
  10. There's a lot of good points here, so I'll give my 10-cents too: Firstly, I +1 this idea. If the extra armour will equal the current amount of health, then I think it would be extremely beneficial. If someone was to heavily damage the sentinel/armoured, you could say that it was their 'body armour' that had been destroyed. They would not be able to 'regenerate' lost body armour. This is not only more realistic on the base level, but sentinels would have to be more tactical when deciding which engagements to take part in, as they would want to preserve their armour; further increasing the RP of being a heavily 'armoured' unit, rather than just being able to absorb more bullets with your gut. This also justifies the smaller head hitbox, as having more HP without armour will make it very difficult to kill when the head is obscured with armour plating; therefore more body shots than headshots, thus increasing 'apparent HP', as you are losing out on the x2 damage multiplier. It would be similar for regular soldiers, with their limited body armour, to have equal grounds once both them and a sentinel has had their armour destroyed. Other damage types, as Nikolai said, are affected as well, however I am struggling to see how having extra armour can protect you from falling off a ledge. Another good idea was nerfing the STF-12 (specifically golden), rather than nerfing the HP/armour values. However, the actual one-shot capability of the shotgun in questions is iffy. It relies on a huge amount of low-damage pellets, all of which need to connect in order to one-shot. This puts the wielder in a position where they must hold tight and close angles in order to make effective use of the shotgun. Coming up against this shotgun is a situational choice on your part. If you're aware of the enemy and their position, you can both call them out in order to gain a numbers advantage, as well as fall back to get a distance advantage. Trying to engage a shotgun at close range is a foolish idea and, of course, will most likely get you killed. The models aren't too much of an issue when used at close range, as it is already easy enough to make shots connect when within 10 metres. However, nerfing the STF-12 golden beyond one-shot capability will make it almost irrelevant, due to its quite slow pumping time. What would be a better idea, perhaps, would be making all shotguns have some high damage capability at close range with 12-gauge, however been unreliable, slow, and hard to aim. This could be made into effect with large pellet spread, reload/draw time, and iron sights only. This would give shotguns a fighting chance as a secondary or primary, as well as develop other firearm users to more effectively play to their strengths of their gun. For example, with an assault rifle, you'd stay at medium range, to be accurate yet still have cover to duck behind. With a sniper rifle, you stay out of view from a distance, to land precise, deadly shots. By buffing each weapon class to fit their role, it effectively promotes each gun type to fit a user's own capabilities, diversifying the weapon types on the field. Overall, I think that making the armoured be actually 'armoured' gives them a more realistic, tactical experience as well as gives regular players a fighting chance. Additionally, not nerfing the STF-12 golden but buffing gun types to fit their purpose better serves the reason to use them, rather than detering users from using 'OP' or 'garbage' weapons.
  11. Can we all just agree that superheroes are both good and bad. No arguing
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    Those custom donator models lookin juicy though
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