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  1. Hey dude, welcome to the server! There's many people you can meet and factions to explore, and you're always welcome in Marines!
  2. artificially flavoured? where are they manufacturing the piss
  3. Yapopey

    post your cats

    im no taxonomist but i believe no, unfortunately
  4. Yapopey

    post your cats

    man lived and died a king, trust
  5. been a year and im still mad jk was still a medic and definitely revived me many times after he shot me good man
  6. +1 Was a great guy in the marines, definitely knows how to conduct himself in RP and acts very sincere and presents himself modestly. I think he would be a good fit to the event team, and I definitely encourage that he keeps on being dedicated to improving his event crafting!
  7. +1 A naturally curious and responsible person, Duff makes sure to handle any and all situations to the best he can so that they may be resolved quickly and with little to no arguments. As a marine officer, he has proven to myself, the marines and all of the US that he is capable of managing, helping, and disciplining players. With a good mentor early on to get the fundamentals of mod down, it could be a positive experience for both himself and everyone else.
  8. I need to call the Bondulance™ 0118 999 881 999 119 7253
  9. 1. ginger beer 2. sarsaparilla 3. pineapple & coconut
  10. Yapopey

    go to shapes order

    only acceptable flavour
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