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  1. I can't find the IMDb page or where it's listed as an oscar nominee.
  2. Yapopey


    Fuck this is pretty hard ngl. 1. Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons 2. Toradora 3. The Future Diary 4. A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd 5. Golden Time 6. Pet Girl of Sakurasou 7. Darling in the Franxx 8. Kill La Kill Can't forget Your Name and Silent Voice too
  3. 50 MBs is spicy, but hopefully there can be more Al-Shabaab to appreciate these models if it is added
  4. Americans do not deserve to be tortured by people wearing bed sheets. Unacceptable!
  5. Your mistake was to leave the marines
  6. What's the prerequisites, seems like a difficult job
  7. You know it, infantry stock too Hell throw in the PU scope for fun lol
  8. Finally a man of culture, Escape from Tarkov 100% very good game, especially after the influx from the Twitch drops Rat or Chad my man?
  9. Marines represent
  10. Wow this got really toxic really fast, tone it down or you're sure to get denied
  11. Neutral I've seen you around a bit as Sec-ops, and from what I've seen you've been sensibly and performing your duties, however on your app it also asks how well you are known among staff players as this is quite important. The answers to some of the questions to your app could also use a bit more time and effort. Overall I think spending some more time on the app could improve some people's opinion, as well as a bit more time on the server to get to know a few more people (especially staff), would help with the community's outlook on this app.
  12. Introducing more regiments may mean numbers are spread thin, and making more regiments with equipment that others have already used can make it boring/stale. Hostage rescue isn't such a new element to MilRP, so unless it can give a totally different experience, perhaps like spetsnaz, I can see no reason to adding another faction/regiment.
  13. Yapopey


    2 years, sorry bud
  14. +1 Although I'm hearing a lot of negative experiences about Bunnings, I myself have never had one of these; and in my eyes Bunnings is someone who tries to improve the experience players have on the server to the best he can. To be an officer requires diligence and determination, and these translate into being staff; so if making a few different decisions is what's needed to be able to be a good moderator, Bunning's wont ignore that sense of duty. Mistakes are made to be improved on, and there's no reason to pass up such a valid candidate.
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