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  1. Nah bro, I fucked myself over, I had good cheats, I just got baited.
  2. - asatru got me boys - (September 21, 2019) [also the same day as #P4A day] Yeah, I'm coming clean on this one lol I cheated. The name's big boy hacker man, greatest flicks of 2019. Coolest aimbot and ESP. Anyways, starting on this day, I'll only be active on Discord since technically I am banned on the server. Hope to meet you more even if I'm gone from the server. (I'm not toxic person btw, I'm pretty chill so come by and talk to me if you have any problems) This is your boy Tal WR Rachell #P4A, officially signing out from the server, unless I get my appeal accepted and big boy hacker man comes again on the server as a new clean boi.
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