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  1. +1 very nice guy and did very well as an EM, would make a great staff member on allah
  2. @Nikolai no, thats the breacher
  3. unban the homie hxtp he didnt actually do anything bad trust me +1
  4. @Asatru that kick command puts them as US private lol
  5. Suggestion Name: Switching ranks without the invite Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Faction Addon Pack (Optional): none Addon Pack File Size: also none Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So, in Taliban we have 4 ministers and none of which are staff. We have an issue for when we demote someone its really fucking awkward(but really funny) when we have to say "heeyyyyy you're demoted, can you accept this invite to taliban army?" Please add it so when can freely switch ranks without the invites. If we demote someone when they're minging late at night and there are no staff on we cant do shit lol. Screenshots (Optional): nah
  6. +1 I think that he would make a great EM because he is a Very respected and well known woman within the community
  7. +1 Highly skilled actor and would make a good staff member(can also do a back flip i have been told)
  8. +1 friendly and responsible, give him mod
  9. Well known, active, responsible, respectable, approachable, friendly, massive cock. +1
  10. +1 Not a fucktard, creative and good at RP so he will make some good events.
  11. -1 US have already got the grenade launcher
  12. regular +1 he is good at his job and a server staff, active and would make a good discord manager/moderator
  13. +1 Awful change to combat, you should be able to heal yourself as well as other people.
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