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  1. what are you on about you did not train me if anything i took you hostage i am in the community i do lawns donations and i do aac sasrc adfc how much community do i have to do for the last time what the fuck are you on about i am in tali and you never promoted me im still new to alot of computer stuff btw giz i put that video up to show the world i am not racist sexist or offensive.
  2. no probably because i hurt the shit out of him and now he is pissed off at me so i was on vaca at seaspray for a few days and then i come back home and log onto gmod and i see that i have been perma banned and i thought well my brother is the only one that knows my steam email and password so i found out it was him
  3. bob jane my brother knows i like this server alot
  4. Ban Appeal Template: Discord ID (name#2003):HAPPY HOBO#8826 Discord alias/rank:my rank is isis sod Teamspeak UniqueID:dont have teamspeak Teamspeak alias/rank:dont have teamspeak What happened in your perspective?:i was on vaca at seaspray and i just got back Why should we unban you?:cause i play with rp and this is the only armyrp server i will ever play and it was not my doing that i was banned Evidence in your favor (Optional):?
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