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  1. No thanks i have ptsd from the UAV days hiding inside a building on a desert map with 3 other tali all my tali brothers being gunned down by fucking walking minigun tanks and constant bullet fire shooting the house while i'm behind a table someone opened the door and 2 tali got gunned down by 2 walking ones and i was hiding behind a table scared for my life i can still remember the constant bullets and US moving up on our position the US finally got to the house and let the drone look inside first and i hid scared for my life and then like 6 US rushed in ending my life instantly
  2. what a legendary app Question 2: As an Event Master, how do you react? I could only just call off the Event and postpone it until later
  3. +1 Dartgun def needs a buff. No reason to use it if asoon as you hit someone with it in combat you just die instead of pulling out an assault rifle and killing your enemy.
  4. +1 Would make a great staff member!
  5. You will remain in our hearts thank you for your contribution to the community, I hope everything goes well for you in the future. Absolute Legend
  6. +1 This is a serious +1 I really don't think that the community got driven away by one guy. Hes just one dude who can aim but nerfing someone because of that is unfair. Sure people who rage quit but there is always going to be a good player in any game you play. The people who rage quit will obviously come back and if there is one guy who leaves the community "because of him". I'm certain the main reason isn't Amin
  7. +1 Very good effort put into the event script
  8. Isn't that red car my stolen ford?????
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