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  1. did dragoul come up with that one because cg doesn't have boats lol
  2. You cant see if the skin is broken on the soh bandoiler gold varients
  3. How were we meant to know that the skins were also going to break on the (GOLD/SOH/Bandoiler) varients
  4. +1 please please please please please my main gun doesn't even skin properly i bought bloodshot by accident atfirst yeah my fault but even though its broken on my gunn pleaseeeeee
  5. Suggestion Name: Rule Change Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Rule change Addon Pack (Optional): Addon Pack File Size: Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): In the rules there is a rule that states - Any member of the opposite faction seen holding handcuffs or melee weapons may be KOS’d. I believe the melee part is stupid because neutrals can just KOS ministers,Secops and highcommand for holding out their crowbar/stunstick for no reason it's just like having a gun out and being killed on sight instantly by a neutral. Maybe this rule was added pre-update so it was for US V Tali but can the rule be changed so neutrals can't just kos you for having a melee weapon out on sight because it's just a melee weapon it's worse than a gun and it has no special abilities that can kidnap or anything. I keep getting kos'd by neutrals because of this damn thing and it's annoying as hell Screenshots (Optional):
  6. My regiment has 3 members Fosbruh,Quickhell and me clearly quickhell is the guy who deserves this ultimate and my photo that represents this is to show that we are best regiment give quickhell ultimate he deserves okay thanks easy win guys lets wrap this up and just give quickhell it already this photo represents are we are hte best of all land
  7. its a lmg... obviously it will have more recoil and it has shit loads of ammo and 26 dmg isn't bad for a lmg also why are u comparing it to ARs...
  8. +1 its god awful just change it back and get this over with theres so many negatives its awful
  9. No thanks i have ptsd from the UAV days hiding inside a building on a desert map with 3 other tali all my tali brothers being gunned down by fucking walking minigun tanks and constant bullet fire shooting the house while i'm behind a table someone opened the door and 2 tali got gunned down by 2 walking ones and i was hiding behind a table scared for my life i can still remember the constant bullets and US moving up on our position the US finally got to the house and let the drone look inside first and i hid scared for my life and then like 6 US rushed in ending my life instantly
  10. what a legendary app Question 2: As an Event Master, how do you react? I could only just call off the Event and postpone it until later
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