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    Hello all I am here to say hello to your faces. ( I'm still not VET ) NEGATIVE REACTS ONLY
  2. dex

    Bella Hadid nudes

    *Queffs* in anime
  3. honestly unban all his accouts get this fella back on the server so i can ban him when he eventually fucks off cody enough that he makes a ticket +1
  4. I understand that you have previously been event master obviously have the experience but I swear you just returned from a extended LOA, look at your last 30 days its not extremely impressive or reassuring. Continue the current activity over the last week and its a easy +1 until then -1
  5. dex

    0800 Quitsmoking

    ahh yes bestest rp sever on gmod
  6. Ye nah cant go wrong with this fella he is a solid leader and should be respected enough to receive respected.
  7. ill drop u faster than amin drops dragoul with a sniper
  8. dex


    Podcast on Spotify called CGamers
  9. dex

    The Dayz

  10. +1 yEAH Nah, Honestly joey is one of the most responsible people I know that players on CG, If anyone should have the role of moderator it should be this man. He has personally helped me run regiments and is well time managed and doesn't act like a little kid when shit aint going his way, Would make a great addition to the staff team
  11. dex


  12. 24th Special Operations Regiment. 24th Special Operations are an armed, US. special operating black-ops unit. 24th Special Operations is specifically orientated towards assertive capture and investigative roles. Conducted as a small arms task-force, they're qualified in maritime military operations in all environmental scenarios; air, land and sea. We're designated as a special operations force focused and working among security forces to extinguish any individual threats deemed an enemy to the United States of America and its Stakeholders. Rules. Rules are as follows, Breaking any of these rules may result in demotion or kick from the regiment in total; - Be Respectful to all regiments, team members and civilians. Do not flame! - HAVE FUN, It is a game we are all here to have fun. - Always listen to a higher ups order and do not speak back - Follow chain of command within RP - TS is a REQUIREMENT to join/be apart of this regiment - A mic is prefered but exceptions are made - SHIT on ALL taliban scum - When raiding follow the correct raiding procedure and always raid with a CMDR+ - Any and all racism is grounds for a demotion or kick - Leaking any 24th document or private chat is strictly PROHIBITED and the highest of punishments will be given to anyone caught doing it Default Loadout. M14 EBR, is the weapon of choice for the 24th special operation; With all-round usefulness in many situations, whether you are taking out some goat fucker at 450 meters or right up in there face the M14 EBR is reliable. With the added option of being able to equip a silencer. Insurgents will never know what hit them when the M14 is being used. The Ruger MK3 is the secondary used by all 24th members, its fast fire rate and near silent shot sound Is second to none this weapon is perfect to swap to when infiltrating the leader of the goats, or when there is a group of taliban nearby and you don't want them to know your location. The Good and trusty fragmentation grenade comes stock standard in all US regiments the 24th are no different once a member reaches the rank of LT they gain the power to hold one of these bad boys! If You have any inquiries about the 24th special operations please contact, General Dexter. Or any of the other 24th above WO. This is still under construction so all fat memes
  13. Just do it on jungle at the waterfall, "swim day on christmas" we can but up a tree and everything
  14. -1, although I believe Ghett was an above average event master when he had the rank of EM. I think that returning the rank to Ghett will result in more altercations between him and the server population and more altercations between him and other staff. Also in the light of recent events being the discrimination of my regiment (24th Special Operations) whether it was fair or not you are breaking one of the rules - Disrespect against regiments is not permitted and is eligible for demotion. personally, have heard you use on multiple occasions, to A. get the player demoted or banned or B. They get off with a warning and you continue to harras the player until you get what you want. I don't think this is what the staff team is currently looking for in the way of new members. Best of luck to Ghett
  15. Personally, I think this would be a cool addition to the game If it was made compulsory after getting MSGT (or some rank) this would promote not leaving the regiment and "regi Hopping" obviously they can be changed if the need to be but something similar to legacy would be awesome!
  16. No protection was used in the making of this film. "Trojan. Pleasure you want. Protection you trust. Motto: The Official Condom Of The Hip Hop Kulture."
  17. Hello Muggle


  18. dex

    This is our turf

    IDK why I got dragged into this just cause you treat your hoes like shit, left me out on the corner earning money for your gang wtf i got ghosted, at least have the dignity to pick me up at the end of the night. I cherished my relationship with my bigdaddy until he pimp slapped me for earning 3000$ buy " Negotiating " with the main client dazza, I was never good enough
  19. Normally the system is a lot more formal but it is up to the GOA to make the system work, Normally there is a trial between the two candidates. But just because Toker is acting commander does not mean that he will get CMDR of the regiment , Hopes that helps
  20. No Vapes on the bus next time REEE
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