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  1. dex

    Photoshop Nerds

    I need someone that is half decent at photoshop to make me something, if you think you have the skill msg me on here or discord and we can sort something out :))
  2. dex


    Hello all I am here to say hello to your faces. ( I'm still not VET ) NEGATIVE REACTS ONLY
  3. dex

    Bella Hadid nudes

    *Queffs* in anime
  4. honestly unban all his accouts get this fella back on the server so i can ban him when he eventually fucks off cody enough that he makes a ticket +1
  5. I understand that you have previously been event master obviously have the experience but I swear you just returned from a extended LOA, look at your last 30 days its not extremely impressive or reassuring. Continue the current activity over the last week and its a easy +1 until then -1
  6. dex

    0800 Quitsmoking

    ahh yes bestest rp sever on gmod
  7. matrix assumes the genders of anyone and anything cant get any worse than that to be honest
  8. Ye nah cant go wrong with this fella he is a solid leader and should be respected enough to receive respected.
  9. ill drop u faster than amin drops dragoul with a sniper
  10. when you could walk for 3 minutes drive for maybe 1minute or fly for 30 seconds and be at the US/Tali base and snipe into and around bases just having a good time with your regiment. What happened?
  11. dex


    Podcast on Spotify called CGamers
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