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  1. honestly unban all his accouts get this fella back on the server so i can ban him when he eventually fucks off cody enough that he makes a ticket +1
  2. I understand that you have previously been event master obviously have the experience but I swear you just returned from a extended LOA, look at your last 30 days its not extremely impressive or reassuring. Continue the current activity over the last week and its a easy +1 until then -1
  3. dex

    0800 Quitsmoking

    ahh yes bestest rp sever on gmod
  4. They where alota fun though cant deny that
  5. I agree the the shields is far better than the health regen,I dont know how i feel about the weapons needing to be buffed/nerfed. The progression element needs to be fixed even outside of the prestige weapons the normal weapons have no progression either i understand it is can be hard to balance but if approached properly should not be that hard to get a good spread and reasonable balance over all weapons
  6. Why ? , as US you have the option of 2-3 different cars/trucks that you can spawn these people can visually can tell who is in what. as US you can "steal" a civi car is if it is around the map and drive it where ever that is basic role play nothing stops you from doing that
  7. While I like the idea that brad has. I don't really agree with it the idea I have when it comes to riot control on the server is more to apprehend not to detain people. or in simple terms stop people doing things before it gets to the point they are arrested. I dont think they need to have there load out changed maybe a change in goals or objective of the regiment need to be changed/refined
  8. Ye nah cant go wrong with this fella he is a solid leader and should be respected enough to receive respected.
  9. besides from the HC if you wan to count it you could always become the negotiator in Sec ops it is/was made to be a "passive RP" class for the people that want to do that
  10. i agree with the two comments above. To give Riot control the elastic cuffs it would void any and all use of MP's . If you are cuffing people for a reason you should have a MP nearby anyway to deal with them in jail.
  11. ill drop u faster than amin drops dragoul with a sniper
  12. we have flashbang on the server since when +1 they are pretty useless. its a sick idea though dont remove plz fix
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