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  1. might be making the return this weekend. The break may end
  2. hey bro I think I'm funny and cool by putting a meme from two years ago on the forums haha the guy that goes NICE very cool!
  3. If you read what I wrote, you would realise that it's evidence suggesting that Ghett's claim that he finds the Ghett puns offensive is a pure lie. Just because they've been dealt with doesn't mean it doesn't show characteristics and the truth. The difference between the evidence that you provided the seniors with is that it was dealt with accordingly but didn't need any further mention. This does as it shows that Ghett was lying.
  4. Don't know where you're getting this from. Everything has been on topic. If you're referring to my posts just made then you're wrong, I'm just rebutting. Just because someone has been caught out, doesn't mean it's a witchhunt.
  5. hmm socks and sockiety
  6. Whether I want to take him to court or not is not relevant. The fact is that there is a difference between being malicious and just being satire. The point of that was to actually give insight into the rules and how we follow them just FYI. As for your last part, you're just making a hasty generalization. I'm not trying to look scary, I'm trying to prove a point.
  7. The reason why that was quoted was because Ghett was in that channel and didn't care about it. The fact of the matter is, Ghett never cared about it. He just wanted a reason to get angry. The channel clearly indicates a double standard. Everyone can see this dude, even senior staff.
  8. Watch me whip. Now watch me nae-liberate black slaves for the sake of freedom and prosperity-nae

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      now watch me whip, all the Muslims!

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      hey none of that here bud

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      sorry gun


  9. Just because they're being obnoxious gives you no right to be racist with malicious intent. As a staff member your duty is to act professional in all circumstance. With the whole 'Getto' thing, I know for a fact you don't necessarily care because the whole server has done it (INCLUDING STAFF MEMBERS) and you haven't batted an eye. It's only now that wiskey and lurkin are somewhat associated with my group that you care. If you want proof of all the double standards don't hesitate to PM me. For now settle with screenshots. before this screenshot, both of the TM's pictured had their names set. Stop getting you nickers in a twist over something that you clearly don't care about. As for this. Teamspeak rules are very hazy, however you are correct in saying that racism isn't banned but that being said, malicious racism is. The fact that Ghett intended to cause malicious harm with his statement goes against Australian Federal Law (It's hatespeech) and we have to follow Australian Federal Law. There's a fine line between satire and malicious intent, but the line is there and is outline perfectly fine. The fact it is in the video IT IS CLEARLY OUTLINE WHAT WISKEY DID (proof would be beneficial, but judging by wiskeys personality I don't think he would lie just to get someone warned/demoted). If he properly roleplayed to make the fence safe, then he roleplayed it. Simple as that. If we're talking about what's roleplay and what's not I wouldn't be getting my info from you anyway, considering you believe as Major you have the authority to 'RP knock someone out', in roleplay it's called a felony and you could be court-martialed for that.
  10. Thing is though in this sense I think we're doing the ANZUS treaty in terms of roleplay, not NATO. Not to mention Australia is only a partner to NATO. I really don't think we need this, the game is balanced enough what with the amount of people. RPGs are easy enough to counter as it is.
  11. 2nd commandos is already getting a redo as far as I'm aware. The only reason why it is empty is because all of the members have been moved to Taliban for the time being to even out scores. As for the regiment itself, it isn't necessarily needed as well as the fact that it's not even a US regiment (kinda like Spetznaz). The models I'm pretty sure are on the server for the regiment IRL (the German DPCU one). The biggest issue here is the launcher. It's either gonna be really OP or really trash and then no one will join the regiment. For me it's a -1, not needed and not worth the amount of problems it will cause. Yeah it's cool and all but is it really worth it?
  12. The biggest issue is is that he was already given a set out punishment which was overruled by a lower rank.
  13. +1 Tbh the map we're playing on is okay if you roleplay in the city and actively seek roleplay outside of the base however, Jungle is way better. (Also because then we don't have to do shitty events on Jungle anymore)