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  1. Ello. I wanted to come back into the server quietly but practically everyone knows now so here I am. I won't be as active as I'd like to, I'm still dealing with a busted femur & wrist. I won't be able to play too much, and if I do i'll be very bad at pvp and the like, but I'm there. And as a surprise to absolutely no one, I came out as trans to the people who matter to me in the server, and go by she/her pronouns. You'll see me as roxi on the server & in discord. you can call me she/her or he/him i really don't mind, im more focused on getting legal name changes and full transitions into their swing before i care about what people call me. the great mystery as to why people have been calling me the queen of cg has been revealed, lol. Anyways, it's good to be back, especially now that loser Linus is gone. I look forward to seeing you all again. not copy pasted
  2. Dеeth


    Rats we're rats we're the rats We pray at night we stalk at night We're the rats Im thE GiAnT RaT ThAT MakeS ALl OF ThE RuLeS Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into
  3. plus i dont really want to get targeted by another faction's helicopter
  4. -1 There are enough helicopters in the server. If you really want to fly helicopters join SAS, Al-Shabaab and Russian Army.
  5. +1 he is very cool and he is black also i think he is fit for mod
  6. dude just snitched himself -1 cheating is bad no no smh
  7. uhh yeah about that ... there was a trap that played the server ... it might be you or someone else
  8. hello my name is deeth i'm playing this server for almost 2 years now and i thank to many people like @Asatru for trying me out for delta force and i failed for 1 time to get in @Zynix for being good slave master @Operator Nomad for trying out for marines @Quickhell for letting me become senior elder @deən for promoting me you are the one who inspired me to become chief @Razi ♛ also thanks @Views thanks for being crowbar buddies @Unwanted for letting me in al-shabb @CreamySnacky @Gaz @Midnight @Deston @Habibi for letting me in isis @dInGo for being good lad @Xhenoa thanks for giving me advice on new weapons @NPC for teaching me how to fly @midday also thanks @Trough sniping god i always tried to race with u with sniping and theres too many people and im too lazy to mention it also now theres 1 SE chief is open and its up for quikhell to decide it
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