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  1. although i dont know him that much and i look forward to knowing him from what i heard dean sounds like a great guy and i took the time to read his script and i agree with most people that he can bring fun events for us to enjoy. GOOD LUCK CURRENTLY-USMC 1LT GRIGORY:)
  2. App is ok but i would like to communicate and be more familiar with you if thats alright
  3. +1 I believe ronan can be a great em with his event crafting and on top of that he is also active most of the time and i have been in some good rp scenarios with him i feel with just a bit more help from more experienced ems ronan can give us fun events
  4. +1 Spartan is active almost if not everyday on the server and i believe he will make a great EM with the right amount of help i also believe he can take feedbacks from players very well and knows how to make a good event that hopefully we all can enjoy p.s he is a very chill guy and a great person CURRENTLY-USMC 1LT GRIGORY
  5. +1 I feel like zynix will be a great Mod for some obvious reasons he is always active he loves the server and tries to improve not only his but also other players experience and he is an overall chill guy you can have a conversation with him on just about anything Give him a chance.
  6. Feck off with your ban appeal as stated above you clearly did not put effort in it you just did it in hopes that people would pity you into unbanning you and this is just on a whole other level https://ibb.co/9G1CTPL https://ibb.co/2NZ4NTn I believe the community does not need players like you.
  7. this is my first time joining one of diirex's famed giveaways
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