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  1. +1 I feel like commenting this because in my opinion I think you will do well in the role which I am hoping for a good event. In my past reactions towards you as a Senior Admin / Admin reading my documents you can get abit angry at times but comparing with me you are considered very calm. There is a few things I honestly dont see eye to eye with you on your opinions on various situations but that does not matter that will be the staff team and event master to judge. I understand microphone communication can come in the subject but its still possible to run an event as I have previous experience as the main event master was just typing and giving us directiond. In my opinion you honestly cant say a main factor of being an event master is using a mic because people who had ran events without mics did a good job and people enjoyed those events. Event crafting seems alright. I am concern when the part "critism" comes in place hopefully you can take it well and respond well as sometimes you can get toxic, I believe you do know how responds have been given lately with critisim, just because someone keeps givng shit critisim just calm down in the situation and take it responding (this is when more rules enforcement happens) Recently was Views telling someone off for toxicity but it was dealth with smoothly so ehh its kinda obvious the difference with critism and retards speaking (good job views it was honestly a wonderful way and good example of staff dealing with it) . I am sorry to say but your on ur own on when dealing with critism (its not a team taking it together) so take it strongly because there is no way a team is taking critism together its mainly one person getting triggered and starts screaming and everyone shuts up and makes alot of drama thinking more and more EM is a shit job, I mean yes its hard to be an EM but if its a job your applying for be prepared there are many challenges when being an EM so main key is positivity, If I was EM i will be done for, I wont hate my job but I will just be screaming at people who fucks around. Ems act like mini Ellions nowadays ngl their just fucking screaming for the smallest things happening with mistakes so dont get mad easily . Next is dont talk shit behind people and get snitched on cause its gonna get you in alot of shit since you want to get EM. Many things are being recorded and remembered easy and easily spread. I have many opinions about you from various of staffs and they seem alright. But we see how it goes, as a friend goodluck but stay out of trouble. (Extra comment) If staff complain about using admin chat they are basically useless cause admin chat is an easy thing to use btw to deal with bans and staff shit. Best of luck (If you dont understand sorry bad english I will try and elaborate things people dont understand) Btw describing abt Ellion he was actually good when he came to screaming giving okay instructions not its just your a fucking idiot and all those sorts of things when it comes to a stressful situation This is mainly meant to be postive comment and not discouraging anyone but this is actual info I want to share with you some staff will agree with this without a doubt but they aint gonna act dumb as me telling alot of things and there will be also people denying what I am saying and saying EM is not really like that. But its really hardwork to be an EM since how the community reacts to them. People expect too much from an EM not thinking what it is like to be in their situation. Dont lets comments discourage you since alot of EMs do not have passion to run events anymore (idk whats the full story abt the EMs with events lately since there been alot of rumours and I did not look into it very well) (I dont want you in that same situation of being demotivated ). So stay strong if you get the role and best of luck ( its a trial but do your best and all is well) I believe u were in a call with me where I was answering questions abt event fuck ups and questions abt event being shit which is killing the server or what not so prepare for the same situations but as insults so yeet. Treat everyone friendly even if you dont see eye to eye with them just think of our jobs is to listen and work and do our best
  2. -1 Good try on effort but coming from me is a no, we have Pingas do deal with this type of stuff after he made a blackhawk with a m249 and eventhough its easier what can guns do agaisnt planes and heli after how strong they already are (if you thinking buffing guns is a good idea no, it will fucking kill the PVP and events on the server having guns strong enough to destroy helis and shit. If i am not mistaken our servers WAC is setup to be more difficult so nahh
  3. -1 SAS will serve no purpose in my opinion in this idea, I do like RP scenarios but its best to suggest to HC or the officers from both respective regiments (SAS,Marines) Suggestion like this is like letting the marines spawn them and fuck around with them eventhough they get their own respective benefits.
  4. Zynix

    Ian is a clown

    Ian is a clown head admin bullying ex staff (My chief is bullying me) @Uni is my witness of him deleting the link
  5. No comment about discord admins (edit) After researching about how you handle the situation I will still chuck a -1 and being in a situation of impersonating someone else shows you probs just give 0 fucks to even care. Being toxic and cocky can be forgiven in my opinion, I pretty sure it has not been brought up to you before. I am not sure if this is a movie script but its fucking hilarious at this point so come back when you are serious unless you have a good excuse on why you are impersonating Xicby which I highly is reasonable
  6. Did a diamond for the marines wish I had the chance to do it for everyone at the time
  7. Zynix

    post your cats

    is this a cat?
  8. But its been beautiful for you guys being part of my life, I did not expect to meet this part of the internet. A bunch of crazy nice people making me have a great day so thanks for the 1 year. I dont really know how to thank you all for this amazing roller coaster
  9. Still be part of the server exam coming up determines if I can still stay
  10. Thank you for the time I have been on the server!!! Yall made my 1 year amazing and I will like to thank the people who I am going to ping @Bob Jane @Uni @Silent @Hubert @Unknown Phantom @Ian @Pingas @Views @joni @Ross @Deku @Merlyn @Merky @Ghost @Snake @Eclipse @Rito Skeeto @Zelot @loloy @Ezygle @Miller @Ellion @Yapopey @Eleazar Hydler von Rîhhi @eleventeen @Deston @Nikolai @MangoIces @Xhenoa @N3V @Äshley @Liru @XxX_CGXCOMPLEXLINK_XxX @Lucifer Morningstar(pro) @Almonzo @Aleo Makistan @Bunnings Warehouse @Gizmo @Jordan @Rhys @AK! @Asatru @Feralswan @Badger @Canoon @Stormzilla @Erik Fox @Tropica @Kane @Price @Adam Walker @Altair @Leonidas or Spartan @FatherGrigory @MRTHING91 @Jordan @dInGo @KameKazi @Midday @Smeshd @Mundy @Altair These are the people I mainly want to thank for the amazing experience I have everyday, I thank them for making my days happy and leading me all the way to senior admin. I thank all of them for this amazing ride! I forgot some of yall will keep updating
  11. You thought me so much till I became Senior Admin. Thank you and o7

  12. Please lock my app, as I currently have exams and don't have the time. I wish to reopen my app when my LOA is over
  13. He left EM team at a really short time saying he does not have the time despite being active on the server, it is hard to trust him if he is gonna skip tickets and not do work at a early stage of being tmod. Promising your time is a good thing, if you cant promise your time as a tmod your basically useless gaining experience on the server as many tickets come and go. Time = experience.
  14. To me age does not matter, I will +1 this app despite me being on LOA, I come on once in awhile and I see you doing very well on the server, you have proven to be a good and respectful leader, if you get staff I will be happy to show you around how things work in the progress.
  15. Hello can you please dm me on discord at Zynix#7878 so I can get a bigger picture of the story. ( I would like to know your story and the staff who banned you story) (While I wait for you to dm me on discord, I will check your warn/ban history on the server and see what adds up, this statement does not mean you do have a history of dumb stuff I am mainly looking at your behaviour)
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