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  1. +1 Good app, knows his event crafting and stuff, activity is good . Good luck
  2. Neutral - Awesome EM and good friend, I see nothing wrong with you except your recent actions such as deleting models giving you an advantage in the event (this is not allowed) Will change my opinion on you by next week. Anyways enjoy your week I love ya but stay out of trouble
  3. -1 You don't meet the prerequisites. This app might be locked soon , so yeah
  4. I live in a box being stupid (topic change)
  5. +1 The following player has 0 warns and has a good history on the server As a friend he is a friendly dude I talk to all the time. As a staff, the following player has contributed alot of work in taking tickets fast and doing them well. When he was staff, he is never bias in any sit which I have spectated. Player is fairly active and many people know him on the server He is a very respectable leader in his regi and is a respectable player on the server. Best of luck, I know you can do it.
  6. I am sorry to ask but who is afters?
  7. Neutral - I don't mind helping you learn as a staff but I am just not sure getting the role of mod after your previous history in the staff team as an EM is a good thing. I myself am not the best staff member to be honest but your previous actions as a EM makes it hard for me to judge you. You do have potential and you are a very good friend of mine, I just dont know if you will be hardworking enough to be a mod after 3 weeks receiving the role. ( Sry if shit english) Reading about Dans comments I say you are alright with the rules rarely any tickets abt you. No RDM, No FailRp and all that stuff so I am not sure about you two meeting each other You are mature being calm is a great thing ngl. I wish I am as calm as you xD. (so keep that up, the staff team will be happy to see you not being an idiot) ( Honestly people who dont agree with this are idiots because I observe very well since what Asatru adviced me on and its true.) If you have the time are you sure you are willing to be a staff member despite being an officer? Cause alot of time you will need to be a staff and manage your time as an officer. Because I myself was not a good officer cause I was a staff doing work. As a friend, I honestly dont mind teaching you stuff and teaching you to solve problems fast but put in more dedication than you did as an EM ( This is a must, cause if you fuck up again I am not sure how the staff team will see you joining back again) Best of luck hopefully my advice/words make sense, but it will be nice to have you back if you have the dedication. Anyways bai bai
  8. (Neutral) - Crysis I respect you as a member of the community but, I am also very observant, you were screaming in discord fuck a certain EM and acted stupid for the past few experiences with you, you could have handle it in a better situation. You are a good guy but I am just not sure giving the role of tmod is suitable now after how is your recent behaviour, eventhough I am on LOA I still know what is happening on the server, heard your getting better. I honestly recommend a few more weeks applying and I realise you just came back, but I am not to keen on how you shit talk on a certain staff member in discord and threatening him, and etc. Behaviour on the server is alright no signs of toxicity but recent actions on discord calls concerns me, hopefully when I come back from LOA you will be more cheerful and kinder on the server. You can ask staff opinions about yourself on the server, I dont really recommend player base. Best of luck dud, I am keen to +1 you if your behaviour in the community improves - I usually don't care about forum apps but I think you should fix your grammar mistakes answers. For situations in my strong opinion its just a tmod app, you gain experience through the process, I honestly dont expect perfect answers but just some good ones xD . (Sry if English is bad aint so good on the language)
  9. So you were memeing in another person base with a gas grenade, thats sounds stupid already ngl. Like I like the parties and stuff late night, but you had a "gas grenade" memeing around in the AUS base. Can you explain about Views blocking some door cause it his *cough* *cough* base.
  10. +1 Good guy, Give this guy a shot seems promising
  11. -1 Many apps to become mod *haiz* my same reply in all your applications will still be the same. Your Inactive
  12. Zynix

    Ban appeal

    I don't mind you dissing at me, I am used to it by now, but due to observations for the past few days of you been FailRPing couple of times which led to this ban, In the terms we made we both agreed if you have been caught again it will be a week. It might seem unfair to higher staff but staff have been very lenient on you for far too long which made me decide the decision for 1 week. It would be good if you had been cooperative in the sit but it seems it was not like it. 1 of the only main response I got was " I read the rules and fully understand them" which you clearly did not. It was not just it was inappropriate it also seemed like you have been using this method to diss several respected players. This is just making our community look like a joke at this point when we are suppose to be Serious RP. I mean who says a fellow players suck stuff for a promo". I can understand if you wanna mess around in /ooc but in /gc is weird. I honestly do not have second thoughts about banning you for a week the only reason why I ask AK! for a ban time is cause it was his sit but he did not know how to handle it so he told me to deal with it. If you have any questions I will happily reply but I do advice you to calm down if your willing to talk and not to DC in the middle of the call.
  13. Zynix

    Ban appeal

    I don't mind talking with you anytime. Would be nice if you stayed in the call so I can finish my sit and inform more stuff.
  14. PLA FOR THE WIN China Number 1
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