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  1. Since Asatru being all local and stuff with his Kia Ora Selamat datang ke Colossal gaming, hey welcome to the server Vectr. I heard you pick the marines which is a good class with people like Yapopey and Soap leading the regiment and given their all to make every player have a statisfying and enjoyable experience in the Marines. I hope you enjoy the server with what it has to offer. and behalf of all the Malaysian players on the server, welcome .
  2. Zynix


    then we can ask the same question with each other xD.
  3. (Neutral) When you were staff you did the most ammount of work (if I am not mistaken) , taking tickets and giving full support to the server.Without a doubt you were one of the reasons I wanted to become staff for being there for everyone and being friendly. Hope I can see you back on the staff team again soon Reason for neutral, lacking in answers
  4. Let me add something about Ian talking about you wanting to get ban by staff. I know most of the story since I took your ticket .You wished for a 1 week ban and 2 days ban which I denied and gave you advice to get an LOA and avoid the server" You said that this was bad advice and prefer to still constantly ask me for a ban. The main big problem in this scenario is that you threaten to MassRDM on the server which I told you literally "Dont do anything stupid" you still continued to argue with me and you literally ask about 5 people in SAS permission for you to MassRDM. I highly doubt your previous actions can make you fit in the staff team.
  5. -1 Sorry man its a no from me, being AFK does not make you an active member in the community in my opinion.
  6. +1 Finally you made an app, without a doubt I strongly believe you should be given a chance for trial. You are friendly, respectful to all players and you take immediate action if there is a problem. Good luck and all the best. I honestly hope you really get this position in the community.
  7. I have tested this with all the ranks I can possibly be on the server and surprisingly worked for me fine( all of them) and I think it is only happening to Yapopey. (Invites are broken, its possible to invite anyone to officer as low as the rank of 1LT) (1LT inviting another 1LT)
  8. -1 I dont think it needs to change as you already said "balanced" . Guns are meant to be nerfed or buffed if they are too overpowered or too weak. If the firerate is not working for you then pick another rifle. To me you asking for this change is for your self pleasure and your own personal entertaiment to use the gun for yourself and not for the community.
  9. +1 Truly amazing, it can make Al-S alot more intresting for taliban members to join and have a goal in their regiment to achive such a cool player model.
  10. Neutral = You just came back after a ban which you said on discord "My brother did it" I kinda feel scared if your brother has the knowledge to come on the server and crash it or what you did was intentional because you said you accepted your punishment (Idk if your lying or not) + Your behavior has improve after your ban, you been very friendly with the community which makes me very happy to see a fellow Malaysian having fun on the server In my opinion without a doubt it is good to have the knowledge from a staff member extra information before becoming a staff which I give a thumbs up
  11. +1 Gizmo has shown respect to everyone and is a legend and when he was an event master he was very dedicated to his work 1) Is FRIENDLY and not TOXIC 2) Willing to help players anytime
  12. https://www.gametracker.com/player/Cool Boi/ This can help you Jackal ^
  13. I agree with Jackal on your activity part, I do not know how you are inactive on the server and abt a month or two will be a good time to reapply.
  14. How is he inactive? If I may ask comparing with other people I see on the server or am I just weird or am I getting the wrong idea.
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