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  1. u should ask a lot of peoples opinions lately they are kinda similar, not sure what is Hakwo opinions but others yea
  2. why tf am I happy ending and the rest is chill dude
  3. if this get rejected at this point this is pretty stupid, let the man be unban
  4. Hey guys, kinda getting into the steam artwork business again and was hoping I can advertise here (Views idea). Mainly need afew people to start off so if you are interested for an artwork pls dm me on discord which is Zynix#0001. I won't be animating (cause I lost my touch) for awhile just doing some simple artwork so it won't be expensive comparing with other artist I have met. I will be pricing on tf2 keys but steam wallet is better please hook me up if you want some steam artwork. Hopefully in the future I will be happy to improve your artworks for free as I get my touch back. For more info or examples pls dm me.
  5. truuu it changed alot and Asatru is back with RP ideas and Events and probs a new map. Server died for me when he left but now he is back, let see what happens
  6. Not gone, just left the staff team, will be vibing in my vc 24/7
  7. Fuck i forgot about you, you are also a true king
  8. Will come back when I see a more interesting line and hopefully you will still be around during that time. I rather go play other games at this point than sit in at the ticket menu everyday and spectate players everyday. Family is going bankrupt as well so gonna see how things go in the future better leave than now then later.
  9. Cool people : Bobby, Views, Uni, Yapopey, Ezygle, Jizmo, Storm, Ian, Mall Cop Canoon, Viking man, Diirex, Bob Jane, Halstead, Kane, Gab, Midday, Blaid, Liru, MangoIces, Deeth, Gaz, Creamy, Helium, Grigory, NEV, Silent, Hubert, Ross, Xhenoa, Price, Jakob, Loloy, Aleo, Mundy, Eclipse, Tropica, Castle, Nomad ( this Mongolian is so fucking nice), Long Lizard New Zealand Gas station man -(WHOLE OF PLA, ISIS AND MARINES are not fucksits) I probs forgot afew and just because ur staff and work with me your name aint gonna be here, I don't like hypocrits. This is my honest opinions of true kings The people above are cool people imo whats yours (no one will probs reply to this) ..........Dragoul was pretty cool too but yikes
  10. IMO I feel like its about time you can get unban, you have been gone for along time and as treated as if you are community ban, whatever u did was honestly wrong and that's why I hated you for it but things can change and when/if u get unban hopefully there will be a probation for ya.
  11. Can't remember at all tbh. This was probs ages ago
  12. You have too much time on your hands, this is funny
  13. Bye dud will miss you
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