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  1. +1 . Your a very nice guy on discord and I think you are fairly active. Have experience before so good luck.
  2. +1 - I have been observing you for awhile, You seem like a alright guy. You stay out of trouble. - You seem to know alot of Em stuff than me xD and I think with some one with much experience as you can help benefits the EMs. Give this man a shot being a trial-EM
  3. +1 Good man, I truly believe he deserves this role, very creative man
  4. As I always say being a T-Mod is to learn the knowledge of a staff member and the rules so I really don't see an issue in ban related/demotion answers, but with your current hassle with Deku I am going to say (-1) You are a decent staff member but got yourself demoted and had cause a few issues. Overall: You are not ready yet, be more friendly on the server and be helpful for like a few more mths and I think you are ready.
  5. Zynix

    Update 2

    woah me too. I am not a furry yet
  6. Zynix

    Update News!!!

    I can be truly asian with the rape swep
  7. +1 This seems like really top level developer stuff.
  8. +1 Hxtp has shown his cooperative skills in ISIS, I believe he can strongly be benefical for the event team.
  9. Neutral - I have only met you a few times (cause I usually operate late night and on LOA) you seem like a overall nice guy. Seeing your answers I believe you can improve, its not like the answers really matter, NOT SAYING THE ANSWERS DO NOT matter, it is just an application and fieldwork is different. Why is it call a trial then? We are here to learn and to dedicate ourselves to help the server but for other people you seem to annoy them and be immature Overall improve you dicipline this is why I am giving you a neutral. And word of advice give it another try when you have more experience around the server in my own personal opinion. Best of luck on this app!
  10. I will miss you very much, you were a mentor for me learning how to be a staff and solve problems. You made my time om FS2 fun with all the info you shared with me. Its sad to see you go but bye. o7
  11. -1 I find it too early for you to become staff after your recent demotion in the EM team for breaking server rules.
  12. Zynix


    My favourite anime are listed (I like animes with deep stories in them) 1) 約束のネバーランド 2)ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス 3) 千と千尋の神隠し
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