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  2. I AM A SLAVE MASTER?!?!?!?!
  4. Cya I remember how many times I tried my best to make sure you were not ban xD. Don't get into any trouble in the future
  5. +1 Good luck, hopefully they can reconsider a unban despite the last ban appeal being denied
  6. Cheating in any situation wont get ya unban but lets think about others here. We get the idea cheaters wont be unban but like this ban was ages ago. Banning someone is simple its not a hard thing. If comm ban players can return why cant a hacker. People mature and change overtime showimg themselves how they can benefit towards the server. I mean you just reconsider wikka staff app to be accepted in the meeting before despite him hacking in the past. Why not reconsider this ban appeal, people change. But imo if yall are not to sure just unban and overwatch him for the following months. Cause a appeal for a ban that was given 2 years go should be accepted. If an appeal like this gets rejected there is clearly something wrong going on. Note: Syn comes on vc and bring positve vibes, when i observe him. He was not being cringy begging people to +1 his appeal or even brought it up. This man really wants to play the server and let hoe people judge him in an unbias way. Reading Bob situation, I semi agree with bob since history has been made but why not change things abit. This guy aint a hacker like retard HappyHobo. If management has always been like this on ban appeals its retarded dont think of the situation oh he might hack again we never know, just spectate and watch it aint hard. Hearing that fucking stupid excuse is stoopid as shit so what if he hacks again ban and perm easy. Just do the job spectate him and trust him. Its retarded when a staff member/management says he might come on and hack again without even accepting his appeal yet. Why think such possibilities? Appeal like this which is more than 2+ years should be accepted because why tf u rejecting someone that happen 2 years ago. Its just 1 event and hacks My english sucks so the last paragraph people probs wont understand OVERALL: +1 This are some things that i think that should be valid and reasonable in this appeal as the monkey in the lion king has said "The past is the past you either run from it or learn from it".
  8. +1 Idc whatever you do with your regiment , ems and tickets are different. Reading what other active players have comment I am sure you can do well and for the mingy part arent all staff mingy, they just dont get caught
  9. +1 I hate them and everytime complained about it just replied you are just bad. This shit should be nerf in firerate or aim
  10. Sorry to say eventhough to me your a nice guy but Pingas has unbanned you under strict rules which you failed to follow and it was not too long ago my guy. Without a doubt your a nice guy but after the situation your in giving you another chance is not such a great idea.
  11. If Asatru statement was true then it will lead to a -1 for me, if your caught breaking rules recently then its a big no no. But imo your still not ready despite Asatrus statement. Try harder in your app, you were once a trial-staff member
  12. +1 I believe you can do shit and not be useless. Best of luck
  13. u should ask a lot of peoples opinions lately they are kinda similar, not sure what is Hakwo opinions but others yea
  14. why tf am I happy ending and the rest is chill dude
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