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  1. Darling in the Franxx is a good choice
  2. Hi I am Zynix, I am from Malaysia too!!!!
  3. Hi good size, nice to meet you
  4. Hello my name is Zynix. I have never introduce myself. I am a Admin on the server and I am Asian. I like Kpop and Anime. Currently: Malakand RDL was previously Delta Force and Marine. Anyways nice to meet you all and hopefully I get a chance to meet you all on the server.
  5. Wow, this is getting too much please stop the toxicity and let us see a better point about you and I dont think anything on the forums like a joke effect your appeal.
  6. This regiment seems quiet OP -HK416 is a very good/special weapon not some random weapon you buy in the store and there is already a special class with the dart gun in the US which is the Marines, Paratroopers are from SAS . This regi seems to be a combination of 3 regiments good parts put into a OP regi. There are already dying regis in the US which officers are trying to fix . This regi by the looks of it in my opinion will kill them fully.
  7. +1 As time passes by so as Bunnings, in my personal opinion if you are ACTIVE and OBSERVANT, you can see how much Bunnings is willing to help the community. I am not too sure base on what he did in the past, but the past is in the past. Yes you are not really meant to do dumb stuff even though it is downtime, but Bunnings can be useful for the staff team has he knows how to handle situations and has strong points in teamwork. I mean like come on people look at Bunnings and the potential he has for staff, they are meant to learn, give them a shot. I suggest before you write a comment for whoever is reading this observe,learn and research and don't talk shit behind peoples back and make a big hoo hay. Talk to them infront of their face and grow up.
  8. +1 Yapopey is a hard working and someone who is very creative, he skills are usefull to thr staff team. His personality is friendly and he is calm in all stressful situations.
  9. +1 In my opinion, you are ready to apply for mod. Your dicipline on the server has improve, you are very friendly and kind. You try your very best to make the server entertaining as possible. You deserve a chance for trial as you can use this role to help other people in the community when they seek assistance. I wish the best of luck on your app. You are a 10/10.
  10. Hey man, I have specated you before and gave you a few helis to fly when your chief is not around. You seem like a pretty cool dude. But as staff you need more than 60 hrs and you gotta work on your answer. Being staff is like being an investigator when there are problems, we solve them. I think you should improve your answers and get more well known in the community. I dont know why English is a big problem for other people on a app because I myself dont speak English very fluent, this is only a trial you are here to learn. As Asatru stated its the effort, but in my prespective if you are willing to help the community you can show your effort by showing simple bind commands or tell people how the rules work or by being useful overall. I hope we can hang out and be friends since you are a pretty good guy. I dont mind showing you around the server and meet new people on it . Anyways goodluck on your app and merry christmas!!!!
  11. Since Asatru being all local and stuff with his Kia Ora Selamat datang ke Colossal gaming, hey welcome to the server Vectr. I heard you pick the marines which is a good class with people like Yapopey and Soap leading the regiment and given their all to make every player have a statisfying and enjoyable experience in the Marines. I hope you enjoy the server with what it has to offer. and behalf of all the Malaysian players on the server, welcome .
  12. Zynix


    then we can ask the same question with each other xD.
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