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  1. wait a secccc, ur saying u got banned on colossal mil rp 5 years ago?
  2. Unwanted


    kinda hard to ask who banned you when you dont specicify who banned you 😕
  3. +1this man is a legend I remeber him as a 24th captain , he is trustworthy and deserves respected
  4. Unwanted

    dInGo's appeal

    yes razi i agree
  5. Unwanted

    i hack btw?

    not gonna lie chief, those clips are kinda shitty :3
  6. Unwanted


    cya kid, kinda sad to see ya go, good old 31st commander hox
  7. Unwanted

    dInGo's appeal

    +1 dingo is a banging lad and deserves another chance.
  8. +1 Razi was actually a really good admin, he did his duties as an admin. IMO it was a completely bullshit reason that he got demoted.
  9. Unwanted


    rawr xd feels bad, cya later maybe
  10. Unwanted

    BS Ban

    Well for the leaving to get armour part back, if u didn't realise when you kill yourself u get -3 points, so I wanted to avoid the -4 points i would of already had by the time the event started. And for 2 I apologise for being hostile, you can obv tell that I was pissed for being banned for that much of a dumb reason, And as I have already explained to you killing eleventeen was a complete accident And 3 I didn't think I would need a ticket considering the amount of staff that were around, there was at least 2-3 admins/mods around me that just watched him shoot me and did nothing about it sooooooooooo.
  11. Unwanted

    BS Ban

    SteamID:STEAM_0:0:45212997 In-game alias/rank: PVT: Unwanted Ban Reason:Rdm x2/leaving to avoid punishment Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining):3 days Why should we unban you?:Ok so lets start off, I killed one dude called Nab because he was non stop shooting me, I accidentally killed eleventeen in the process and left to get my armour back, As soon as I left I literally told dex that I was leaving to get my armour back and as soon as I try and rejoin I am banned for 3 days. Recently I have actually been getting back into the server and to get banned for something this bs really annoys me, As I stated I wish to be unbanned because I am starting to play the server again and this issue is really annoying. Evidence in your favor (Optional): Ask Dex, he literally heard me say that i'm leaving to get my armour back.