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  1. +1, this man spitting straight facts
  2. Mate , if they are new to mil rp they shouldnt be playing on cg, cg is literally just a massive pvp fest, it has fuck all rp, and plus having someone good like Amin destroying you gives even more of an incentive to get better and play more unless you are a fucking 2 year old and throw a tantrum and quit over it, it is the dumbest decision that has been made in this community , and trust me there have been a lot of stupid decisions made over the past few years.. the nerf needs to be reverted
  3. Okay clowns, who deleted my response -1 stupid fucking idea, you get grenade launcher, don’t be stupid...
  4. +1 this shit is so fucking stupid. Honestly.....
  5. +1. epic lad, good app, sensible, will actually do his job without abusing powers like most staff. Best of luck chief
  6. +1 ex EM, have known him for veryyyy long time, has stopped being a fuckhead, was good EM.
  7. dude u can raid his fucking chink house, you get mad dogs from it bro
  8. make sure next time u come back you have better hacks Rippo catcha later
  9. Unwanted

    adios bb gril

    rip catcha ya later
  10. +1 used to be staff cant remember if he was admin or mod but my mans knows what he is doing, I have seen him as staff manager and shit on other servers and other high staff ranks and this mans is a god. If you deny him I might have to kill a few people in game....
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