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  1. you realise this is for taliban chiefs? not US
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:45212997 In-game alias/rank:Unwanted US Trainee Who banned you?:Asatru Reason:Breaking the Rules/ban evasion Time Remaining: 1Week Why should we unban you: First of all I would like to state that I know I have been a nuisance and a problem for staff and I would like to apologise for that, Now for my reasons for being unbanned: Recently I have began talking to a bunch of my mates from colossal again and have been having a blast with them on different games, now being banned from then server limits me from playing with them and having fun. I would personally like to come back to the server and play and role play properly without the minging. I completely understand if you choose to deny my appeal due to my past behaviour and actions but I hope that you at least believe me when I say I actually want to play the server Properly. Evidence in your favour (Optional):
  3. +1 known him for a long time, was a good event master and has proven him self time and time again and overcoming all of the adversities in his path. I personally believe he would be not only a capable staff member but he would be a great staff member. best of luck fuckhead
  4. Neutral, as matrix stated event crafting is very generic and bland and your answers to the paragraph questions are indeed to short. As I dont play the server I dont have a say in if you are mature or not so I will leave it as a neutral and not a -1 or +1
  5. Unwanted


    get out of here nerd...
  6. Unwanted

    dign o

    Welcome back u fat cunt
  7. Thats debatable, so many staff have done it in the past sooooooooo 😉 and btw who tf is rex?
  8. hey dude u need to show how much time u have, that image doesnt show your time, might want to fix and maybe you could add a bit more to your scenarios, they seem a bit short but thats my opinion.
  9. wait a secccc, ur saying u got banned on colossal mil rp 5 years ago?
  10. Unwanted


    kinda hard to ask who banned you when you dont specicify who banned you 😕