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  1. +1 Ex-Staff, well experienced, ex-RPO. If he wants to try and help EMs and their events, I'd say give him a shot.
  2. Post your favourite cg moments here in loving memory of our favourite discord channel
  3. Suggestion Name: Salute reaction Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): So I can salute respectfully to others (use discord salute) Screenshots (Optional):
  4. Considering you and other members abused your Q menu just recently by tying me to a can with cuffs and throwing me across the map right before an event when we were allies, I am highly against it. Was it you who actually spawned the can? Not sure, but you sure as hell didn't do shit to stop the Q menu abuse. You were the one who tied me to the can, and if you're gonna abuse your shit as a Chief then hell knows what you could do as an EM. (Note, I was UN at the time) -1
  5. Constantly disrespectful and I'm pretty sure he has no regard for rules. I'm personally saying -1 Not that it matters
  6. Ashcorp


    I met Isaiahh again on another server and he still talks about his regretful cheating. The amount of times he's attempted at rejoining the community with a serious and remorseful attitude on his previous mistakes, deserves him at least a chance at rejoining the server. Whether that be under special circumstances and rules or not, he deserves 1 more shot. +1
  7. I don't think I ever ended up making one of these when I joined the server. So uhm... Hi? Look, to put it simply, I was bored so I decided to make one of these. Well, if you're new and you're checking this out, welcome! My name is Ash, but I'm most commonly called Zamels on CG. I'm either an asshole, or a good mate so you can decide that out for yourself As far as I've noticed, there's 3 ways you will look at me. 1. A pain in the ass and annoying. Will I deny that? No, because you're not gonna like everyone on this server and I can't deny the truth. I learnt that quickly. 2. You don't know me much, so I'm neutral to you. OR you don't like, nor hate me. 3. A good friend of yours. Of course, I can still be a pain in the ass but for some reason, you can tolerate me and I thank you for that. What have I been on this server? Staff Ranks - Trial Event Master (I ended up leaving during my trial.) Sub-Faction Ranks: PLA - SGT Ground Force Medic RU - SGM VKS Medic UN - 1LT Peacekeepers Officer AUS - N/A Main-Faction Ranks: US - CWO Delta Force Heavy Taliban - DPL Al-Shabaab Doctor Uncommon Ranks: US - US Army Drill Sergeant x3 Medals/Squads: UNAM (United Nations Advance Medal) - UN This medal was designed to reward those who achieved well in combat. I don't know how but I got it! HEMR (Head Emergency Medical Responder) - US This squad was formed and carefully constructed by me with the lovely assistance of @Dr. No Pancreas (Thanks by the way) to train medics and those interested in MedRP on how to perform surgeries and basic medical responsive RP. How long have you spent on this server? 3 years now. I joined in 2019, June/July on FS2. I am sad to say that I've spent probably 3000 hours on this server. To sum it up, I've spent a lot of time on this server. Made a lot of friends, made a lot of enemies. And I will gladly accept any criticism in comments, so shoot away!
  8. Paying for an unban would be unfair on all the others who were banned and couldn't apply out of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that mature either but your maturity isn't great. This is especially proven hearing that you got permed 18 minutes after a lifted ban. However, when you were sensible and mature, like back in US, you were very responsible and fairly respectful, and you wouldn't normally make these irrational mistakes so, I would personally be willing to give you a chance. Good luck man.
  9. Massive +1. Not only has this man learned how to be responsible through being the RU HC, but he has already proven himself to me and multiple people that he can solve a lot of situations without a staff position. Giving him a staff position can provide extra tools and support to what he already half does. +1
  11. Farewell! Good luck on future endeavors. Sad to see you go, I remember you from FS2 before you became a big man. Take it easy, man.
  12. Good luck out there Sleepy, you will be missed. Take it easy, and i'm sure you're always welcome back.
  13. The AH-6 doesn't need a nerf. Reason being is it rewards skill. US has a better helicopter in many ways, but it can also be reversed. Majority of times, Al-Shabaab has good pilots while SAS lacks good pilots. Of course, this is neither sides fault and more so the player's preferences. While Taliban have multiple ways of being better than US, US also have multiple ways of being better than taliban. It is fairly balanced. I'd also like to mention that Al-Shabaab has 4 competent pilots, being Ashley, Pingas (Rocco Siffredi), Jakob and Russ. US have Carlen and Lucifer Morningstar. -1
  14. +1 Man's been head admin and has seen a lot of EMs come and go, as well as their events. Definitely deserves EM and doesn't even need training (probably). One of the few guys who's stayed in this community for a long time.
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