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  1. Neutral Most of your answers are okay. Very brief, and it seems like a bit of a rushed application (minimum word requirements were not met for some questions). You seem to be very irritable for minor things, and that's something that can be worked on. (And yes, I am one to be irritable for minor things but that's besides the point.) You've been around for a fair bit now and seem to know somewhat of what you're doing, and you're fairly well known amongst the community. You have some time spent as a leader and that's good, but there's been a few situations where it somewhat concerns me about how you deal with things. Good luck though!
  2. HAH didn't stop you 21/12/2020 when I asked you 1 question, feel free to double check it
  3. +1, very mature when I am talking to him and very chilling, not monkey
  4. M4A1, US Army's weapon. It is actually really fucking good
  5. It's been disbanded and only staff have access to it for use of RP or event balancing. It is not being removed or changed at this point in time. Wait for the update though, things may be changed then.
  6. 中国人民解放军 People’s Liberation Army 为人民服务 Serve the People In Colossal Gaming, People's Liberation Army is China's responsive military to the current status of WW3. China has deployed it's most experienced and highly trained soldiers to the battle field to combat its enemies and assist its allies. PLA is planning to keep a somewhat balanced ground toward the current countries involved in WW3, without causing all-out nuclear warfare. Officers and Promotions: The current Officers of the PLA are: Acting PLA Emperor 1LT Ashcorp - Beijing SF General Info: As the leaders of the People’s Liberation Army we make sure we are well organised so that our men do not go without appropriate rewards for their efforts and work. To ensure our men are in top shape, ready for battle, we will do active training and reward the soldiers that attend. Said training can and will involve; Flashbang training, Combat training, RPG/Artillery Training, Special Tactics and more! We will also be inviting all the soldiers in a social bonding time, which will reward them further! We have chosen to keep promotion minimums known only to PLA and it's officers. However, if a soldier in GF or SF is on duty everyday they will reach a minimum of 2LT in a month from joining. PLA Task Force: [惡毒毒蛇] : “Vicious Vipers” An assault unit designed for explosive specialists and it's combative personnel. Originally made in July 1st 1966 as PLA's Rocket Force, Chairman Mao had decided recently to disperse its personnel and replace them with soldiers, sending them into battle with explosive training and to disable any opposing units, vehicles and operations bases. The extra personnel were placed back into other regiments of the PLA and the rockets are now under control by PLA's military and Chairman Mao [邊框螺栓] : “Border Bolts” This secretive unit has a history of sneak attacks and flanking, with its presence dating back to Sino-Soviet Border Conflict. It is the home of China's first flanking unit, established in 1969. They are equipped with black uniforms to work in urban and dark environments. Not much is known publicly to other countries and is generally kept dissociated from China, however it is very common to see them following and listening to PLA and its soldiers. [夜貓子] : “Night Owls". This reconnaissance unit is trained to complete missions on the ground, in the air and in water, as well as surviving in the wilderness alone or in small groups. The unit specializes in survival and long range tactics, specifically with snipers, while they stalk their opponents from a distance in any circumstance. [灼熱的鷹] : “Scorching Hawks” This specialist unit is specialized in target locating and indicating, airborne insertion, sabotage and work with allied airborne units and flying vehicles in any circumstance. These soldiers generally have a high confirmed kill count, and can hold themselves alone, either brute forcing things or playing it safe. The purpose of PLA task forces is to ensure members know what they should be doing and practising when on active duty. Members can choose a main task force to represent but can perform jobs from any four task forces when not under the direction of our officers. Foreigners in the PLA: The two regiments deployed to the region are unique compared to China’s home based regiments. We recruit and train foreigners with military or paramilitary background and reward them handsomely for their work. Our Marshal Asatru was once a foreigner but after decades of service has reached one of the highest ranks available. To celebrate the PLA’s Chinese heritage foreign soldiers take on a chinese name granted by Xi Jinping. Upon reaching 1LT soldiers are awarded citizenship. Important information: Do you want to fight for the right of communist freedom for all the people? Visit our base in the region and see if you have what it takes to pass our tryouts. It is a requirement that members of the PLA from Private all the way to Marshal follow through with these expectancies: Be proficient in both combat, training and development. Report for active duty at least every second-day or notify LOA. Remain respectful and professional. Follow the rules and direction of Officers. Ignoring officers will result in removal from the PLA. Lastly, soldiers are expected to bond well with each other. This means that we expect good activity in both Discord and in game. 为人民服务 Serve the People!
  7. what is the worst Sub-Faction Officer/HC model?
  8. What has the worst US officer models?
  9. What has the worst taliban chief models?
  10. I'd like to bump this, since there was no response and hasn't been touched for a while. I'd also like to add that even if I'm not Sec Ops anymore, this would still be a really good addition to Security Operations.
  11. I am prepared and willing to put in hard work for this regiment in order to run it well, including all of it's training and documents
  12. Suggestion Name: Sec Ops Class - Provost Marshals Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Give Sec Ops some spice and another class to work with. Role To act as bodyguards and Right Hand Men for High Command, and deal with corrupt Security Operations/Officers. Let's think about it. How often do Security Operations and Officers get called out for corruption and nothing is done about it? These units will be given additional training after Security Operations and can only be given this job by Sec Ops Officers and High Command with a rank restriction to avoid abuse. Their main goal will be to uphold and enforce RP, arrest corrupt personnel, follow HC orders and assist/lead trials. Equipment: PVT+ M92FS HK MP7A1 Metal Detector Cuffs SGT+ Riot Shield SFC+ Electric Grenade (can be changed) M4 Super 90 Models Open to change PVT-CPL Model: models/mw2/skin_03/MW2_Soldier_03.mdl SGT-SGM Model: models/mw2/skin_03/MW2_Soldier_03.mdl WO-2LT model: models/mw2/skin_03/MW2_Soldier_03.mdl
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