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  1. Hypear is a changed man he'll never break any rules on colossal gaming ever again. +1
  2. DENIED he called my cat the nword
  3. +1 very nice, cool guy and he's a changed man he will never break a rule on colossal gaming military roleplay again
  4. +1 unban him server dead
  5. Discord ID (name#2003):big black cunt#4936 (alt acc) Discord alias/rank:VODKACAT#8245 forgot what rank i was What happened in your perspective?: i was spamming a photo of a nut with a troll face on it. Why should we unban you?: i am sorry for spamming, just wanna get my alt unbanned so i can get my main account unbanned and talk to friends. Evidence in your favor (Optional): none tbh
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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