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  1. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62570860 In-game alias/rank: blobby | taliban intel Who banned you?: jakey Ban Reason: 12 x RDM during team deathmatch warmup Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 1 week Why should we unban you?: I didn't realise we weren't allowed to kill each other during the warm up stage because nothing was happening so I thought I would just have some fun. I don't think I hurt anyones feelings, people wanted me to stay, labelling me as the best taliban due to my performance in the previous TDM. I have been team killed multiple times and nothings happened so I assumed it was fine, I apologise and have learned that I can't do this, and I never will again. I also received a sub-par training session which is most likely why I didn't grasp all the rules entirely, however, after reviewing them I am more confident and keen to return to this great server and have some fun with my new taliban friends. I will accept redoing training and whatever else is needed to ensure my lesson is drilled in, I apologise for my behaviour; all in all no one was harmed in the process and it made no difference to the flow of gameplay, therefore, I think my ban is unnecessary. Thank you! Love, Blobby
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