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  1. thank you friend I too one day want to be a daddie
  2. I like to use Tucker the big Nan Fucker as mine. I have had him as my phone paper for long time, you should too
  3. Hey gamer, you look really good in this, Your very round and puffy mmmh
  4. WOw thank you, i dont know why but when i tried to save your number on my telepohneo device it came up as a contact already called 'pizzahut' Can you please expalin why when i call you I have a lady ask me what i want to order? I am confused and really want this connection to work?
  5. I have known you for a time. Really enjoy your postive attitude and ablitly to make friends fast. I very evnus of you. 1 day the CGX gang will rule dis forum xd. Press F to pay respects to Triengee... We miss you, like how you missed getting pheebs' ass xoxo
  6. Hello guy my name is BIGDADDY! Im 32 year old man with 3 kids all named steven (2 girl, 1 boi) I am the Colossal Military Man Tournament Winner of last season and its my greatest acheivement so far in my life. I hope to find new friends and maybe a lover on this beautiful new website and hope not to cucked like tringee did with online girls I too am new to this video gaming community. but I once did army cadets and think i know alot about everything and stuff todo with being an ARMY MAN. A BIT ABOUT ME! I once had my cadet commander stick his finger in my bum bum, ever since then i have found miltiaryRP to be my new safe space. Just a fun loving server full of people that try and stick their finger in my bum bum I welcome you all into my home, thanks for listening, Stay gOlden and R0ck! on! Love, Big 'fucking' Daddy P.S here are some quality memes
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