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  1. This nigga out here rapping with a fat lisp and fat lips. Ma nigga revolutionizing the game... making all kinds of new disabilities and shit. Respekt.
  2. Well Well... It's been too long CG. A lot has changed, your CGX boys ain't the same no more... After that pussy ass gang war with the Fuckwit Swanstons & Mushram Fuckers your community's favourite gang choose to focus on their own 'business ventures' as gangland EMPIRE As the leader of the worlds most infamous gang (The CGX Gang) I decided to take all the money that our beloved fans (Tony & Dex) gave to us on our annual twitch stream where we broke 1,000,000 Concurrent Viewers eating Black Whoppies (Shoutout Brad) and put it into some investments (Becoming Land Lords & Selling Second Hand Fleshlights). Since then your boys have become Men (Sexy Ones). Not just any old men but rich ass niggas looking Men with a $25,000,000 HQ , so on behalf of the CGX gang I would like to present you with our new HQ! Boy I have to say it feels good to be a nice new modest home. We encourage any other gang to attempt to flex on us harder then this. Good Luck Poor ass niggas looking ass motherfucker ass eating ass ass < Click This Bitch To See It Better Love From MotherFucking BigDaddy
  3. +1 Old staff memeber of mine back in the day. Tony really knows what hes doing, hes one of the most calm and fair staff I have ever seen. He shows a great deal of fairness in his judgement and in his punishments. Great to see you getting back into the server Best of luck, Love From Big
  4. The only thing you can do is try and include yourself in something no one wants you in. roasted. Keep walking nerd. Oh and take your dead memes with you. *Drops Mic* *Please stop its cringe* *Take a hint xd* *lol*
  5. lol no. Just stop this is cringe. There are 3 gangs and thats it boyass. Take your dead memes to another part of the forum this is a gang war not a cringe war OOF
  6. Herro Mr Level-Teen I hope you are enjoying your under cover misson in VIET...NAM! I have just heard news from our international communications expert that you have completed your mission. We thank you for your service and we have organized a plane to wait for you in the rice fields tomorrow at 12 am to bring you back home and we will get some dim sum just in time for asian christmas /me salutes
  7. Actually thinking back on my post, I feel like I should have taken the shot back in 2004 when I had the chance. These IRRELEVANT Players are pest and need to be stopped. It was July 12th 2004, fuckboi feral charlson was doing his round at the Wat-acan rubbing his very moist lips on babys and disabled players on the server. He spotted a very VERY disabled young man in the crowd shouting "PLEESE GIBE ME ADTENTION I NED SUM CROULT, SOY BEOPLE RESPCT ME" The Fuckboi made his way over to the young man, as he approached him he screamed out at the top of his lungs, "HEY DUUUDE!" and lent in for the kiss. I was 2 rooftops over with my trusty L92 Sniper Rifle totally from black ops 1, I had the chance... The shot that couldnt have stopped this IRRELEVANT wave of players from starting. I could have gone down in history...
  8. So nice to see feral helping out the more 'challenged' members of the community Feral you truely are a saint, making these IRRELEVANT players that would normally fly under the radar as the next ghett of the community now have a place to stay and be cared for. Keep up the good work you are doing for the community Meanwhile US real gang members will stay on top and run the streets like we do.
  9. No shitty forum staff can keep me down. Try and shut me down and I will SHUT YOU UP... Fucking nerds. Bump this you nerd! /me 'gives the bird xd' this is the start of world war 3. I seen to many of these Feral Dream Team Lookin Ass'es on my Teamspeak Turf. The time has come to go to war again. I am an old man now but god help me if you fucking swan looking cunts come at me again your gonna have beak problem. This is the first and last warning for the Dream steam to backup off our turf. And the last warning for shitty mods to give me a warning lol (dont ever do that again.) love from daddy.
  10. Was doing my usual routes the other night on the edge of the CGX Gang territory right about where it meets the Ferals Fuckbois gay boy zone. We stumbled upon fuckboi Feral Charleston and his two goons, Clarence 'thecoon' Kentucky & Amin 'myunclesunderwear' Yashit trying to execute the leader of the mushroom fuckers, Bad-ger. As I got closer, I took out my GLOCK-9 and rolled up on them fouls. I got my favourite Gamer Dazza 'thecarrortcake' Gamer to film it. Here is a screenshot of the action. LET THIS BE A MESSAGE TO THE FERAL FUCKBOIS AND THE IFUCK MUSHROOMS. THIS LAND IS CGX AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE. CGX 4 LYFE! LEAVE A HEART IN SUPPORT OF THE CGX TAKE OVER AND THE REAL OWNERS OF CG Yours Truely. BIG MOTHERFUCKING DADDY, CGX GANG
  11. FAKE News, Deston the bitch isnt apart of CGX.... XD
  13. OOF sorry, i would edit but Destro 'THE FOURMS GOD' hasnt figured it out
  14. Hello Destro, hope you are enjoying your jeep. One day we 4 wheel drive wif CHristeper Ky lin ski? Talk soon, Uncle. X
  15. I also am new, i find it hard to socailize but its okay becasue my friend badger is teacher'ing me to be better. just joking he is a good. Look at him pulling my cousins at the same time...
  16. Damoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mate. good to have you on board.
  17. Hello Mr Razi, you are my friends son yes? I really enjoy the telephotos you put in fakebook. Really makes me happy to see simn's son doing so well! Talk soon, With Much love Uncle BigDad man
  18. Dont forget to Heart this post and Put an F in comments to pay respect for Tringee The X KFC Manger and the X CG OG CUCKHOLD xoxo
  19. Still very sad x died. This was a great photo of him when he just met Badger Gaming from the Colossal gaming military TeamspeakRP
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